AUTHORS NOTE: Hey People! Ok so this is a new story, I hope you guys like it:) I know that this story has Dean as a merman in it but it isn't related to my Tail verse at all, I promise you. I also know that I have three others stories to work on but I had this idea for a while and I just had to write it.

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Chapter 1. Why? Sams. Pov.

When I left my Dad to go to college I thought that, that was my ticket for a normal life. I was on the road to becoming a lawyer, I was with a woman I would die for, and I actually had friends that I could keep; but that all changed on November second.

Bobby came to my apartment a few days earlier saying that he needed help with something; I couldn't refuse. We went to Jericho and hunted a Woman in White, finding out that the only way to defeat her was to take her to her house. After that Bobby brought me back to Stanford, saying how proud he was of me for trying to be successful and to keep in touch. When I went back into the apartment I heard the shower running, so I automatically assumed that she was in the bathroom. I decided to relax on the bed and wait for her. I laid down with my eyes closed and a moment later I felt something wet drip onto my forehead. When I opened my eyes I saw Jess pined to the ceiling, her stomach slashed open and bleeding. As I yelled her name she lit on fire and I was too shocked to move and try to save her. I heard the door burst open and felt rough hands pull me off the bed and out of the apartment.

Bobby saved me that night, and ever since then we have been hunting together. Its been four months and my whole life has changed. I don't want to go back to college; I just want to kill the fucking bastard that killed my Mom, burned my four year old brother Dean alive, and killed the girl that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

"Why are we even doing this Bobby?" I ask, looking to the man I always thought of as a second father.

"When I called your Dad there was something wrong with his voice…" I cut him off.

"He probably got too friendly with Jack of Jose before you called." Bobby looks me in the eye, a serious expression on his face.

"I heard a pain filled moan in the background Sam, and it wasn't the TV." I narrow my eyes slightly.

"What?" He sighs, and looks back to the road.

"While you were at college your Daddy got a little….desperate for information involving yellow eyes." He drives onto the off ramp and turns right into Forman North Dakota.

"Desperate how?"

"He started to torture supernatural creatures."

"How is that a bad thing?" He stops at a four way stop; looking both ways quickly before going.

"Did John ever tell you about untouchables?" I shake my head no. "There are two types of supernatural creatures out there Sam; the ones we hunt and the ones we leave alone."

"Wait what do you mean by the ones we leave alone?" He groans in frustration.

"Ok let me rephrase this; what we hunt are considered monsters, but there are certain creatures that are harmless." The car is silent while I think this through. How can there be Supernatural creatures that we don't hunt?

"How can supernatural creatures be harmless?" I ask several minutes later.

"There are three different supernatural creatures that don't kill people; sometimes during desperate times they actually help hunters." Bobby explains, turning left onto a dirt road. "Elf's, Gargoyles, and Merpeople."

"Why haven't I ever heard of them?" He chuckles.

"Most of them, especially the merpeople, fear hunters and stay away from humans as much as possible." I nod.

"So you think dad is torturing one of these things now" he nods.

"He's done it before." He stops the car and kills the engine. "This is where you tracked his cell phone?"

"Yep." I point to the map and he nods. We both get out of the car and look at the building in front of us. The building is an abandoned barn, the red paint pretty much rubbed off and moss growing on the side.

"Ready?" he asks, grabbing his shotgun from the trunk.

"Do you really think you'll need that?" he gives me a pointed look.

"It's John Winchester we're talking about." I roll my eyes.

"Fi.." I'm cut off by a pain filled scream coming from the barn. I make eye contact with Bobby, he looks worried. "Shit!" We run to the barn and knock the door down; what I see stops my in my tracks.

A man with a dark purple tail and dirty cropped blonde hair is hanging from the ceiling by his wrists. His chest is red and bruised, blood and burns covering the front and sides of his body. His tail has a hole on the side where his right left thigh would be if he had legs, blood coming out of it. I look into his green eyes to see pure fear and pain in them, tears escaping.

"John what the hell are you doing!" Bobby asks, sounding shocked. I look over to the right to see my Dad, a red hot iron poker in his hand.

"He knows something Bobby." My dad answers, looking at the merman then back to Bobby. "The son of a bitch knows something, he just won't tell me no matter what I do."

"Dad…" I say, finally finding my voice. While I was growing up I hated the fact that all my Dad could think about was hunting, but at least back then he seemed like a moral hunter, but now its seems like it was all a lie.

"Sammy?" he drops the poker to the ground and looks at me with a dazed expression.

"Why would you do this?" he shakes his head and walks towards me. As he takes a step closer I take a step closer back.

"John, you know that this is wrong. This merman didn't do anything…" He's cut off.

"He knows something about the fucking yellow eyed bastard, it needs to die Bobby!" Dad grabs the poker again and walks back to the merman. The creature cries in fear as Dad brings his arm with the poker back.

"John" Bobby states, walking up to my Dad and pointing the shotgun at his head, "step away or I will shoot you." Dad chuckles and turns to face Bobby.

"You would really shoot your friend over a supernatural thing?" Bobby brings the shotgun to his chest.

"I don't know what happened to you John, but the Winchester I met years ago would never do this." Bobby brings the shotgun up and whacks him in the head with it, knocking him to the ground. I run over to him and look down at him. "I just knocked him out Sam." I nod then look up to the merman.

"Bobby we need to get him down." He looks up at the chains holding the hurt man in the air.

"Stay here to catch him ok?" I nod and Bobby runs to the side of the barn.

"Hey" I touch his purple tail lightly; he flinches at my touch and whimpers. "Hey its ok alright, we're getting you out of here." He looks me in the eye. "I promise we wont hurt you." he nods and closes his eyes as I grab onto his tail gently, ready to catch him when he starts to fall.

"Ready Sam?" Bobby asks, grabbing onto a switch.

"Ya." He flips it down and I take the weight of the merman in my arms, being careful with his injuries. "There you go." I say as I lay him onto the ground. He brings his arms down and winces as he does.

"Hey" Bobby says, crouching down next to him slowly. "Do you understand English?" the merman nods, coughing. "What's your name?"

"D-Dean." His raspy voice says, making me flinch slightly at the name.

"Well Dean, we're going to get you out of here and make you better ok." He coughs some more, rubbing his tail lightly with his fingers, not able to move his arms. "Lets get you free huh?" Bobby loosens the chains from around his wrists and pulls them off of him. He throws the chains away from us and grabs the flask of holy water from his pocket. "Do you want to drink this or have it poured on your tail?"

"T-tail." Bobby nods, opening the flask and pouring it slowly over the upper part of his dry, scaly tail. Dean breaths in deeply and closes his eyes. "That better?" he nods.

"Bobby we need to get him out of here." He stands up, grabbing his shot gun.

"I'll get the back seat ready with wet towels, can you carry him?" I nod. "Be quick." He runs out of the barn and I look back to Dean.

"Dean, I'm going to carry you out of here ok?" He nods. "If anything hurts let me know." I wrap my right arm around his back, and bring the other one under his tail. I bring him closer to my chest and he gasps in pain. "What's wrong?" he takes a deep breath and shakes his head. I stand up fully a moment later and watch his facial expression. "You ok?" he nods, resting his head tiredly on my shoulder. I start to walk out of the barn when I hear his voice.

"Thank you."

END OF CHAPTER 1. So what did you guys think? You like it? Hate it? Let me know!