LAST AUTHORS NOTE IN CAPTURED!: You guys didn't really think I would give this a sad ending did you?

P.S. I know nothing about boats so if I say something wrong about a specific detail about a boat then please forgive me.

Epilogue. Johns Pov. One Year Later.

"How the hell did you get this boat Bobby?" Sam asks as he leans over the railing.

"I helped out this rich guy and his wife a few years back. He said he wanted to repay me somehow and when I told him that we needed a boat he was more than happy to get it." I chuckle.

"A boat? This is more like a fucking mini cruise ship dude." Bobby laughs and I look out onto the horizon.

It's been a year since I've seen my Son and I cant wait to be reunited, the Winchester family finally being able to be together again. We bought an old fixer upper house by the ocean in Cedar Key Florida and we decided to become like Bobby, having a job and a permanent home while still going on occasional hunts. Bobby was able to get me a social security card and birth certificate so I could have a clean slate and I start my job at the garage on Tuesday. While I'm working Sam will be going to college at the local university on a full scholarship, finally getting to fulfill his dream of becoming a lawyer

"Is this it?" I ask as Bobby slows the boat.

"Dean said that he lived here." He says as he makes the boat come to a full stop. We all walk out onto the deck and look out onto the blue ocean water. "

"DEAN!" Sam shouts, walking to the edge of the deck. He sits down so his legs are in the water and he continues to shout Deans name.

"What if we don't find him Bobby? What if he migrated or something?"

"Well then we'd…" He cut off by Sam screaming in shock and being pulled into the water.

"SAM!" I run to the edge of the deck and look into the water. A moment later a hand shoots out of the water and grabs onto my ankle, making me loose my balance and fall into the water. I open my eyes in the water and am met by bright green eyes and my breath is caught in my throat; Dean. I swim up to the surface and watch as Dean and Sam surface a few seconds later.

"Dad!" Dean exclaims, and I pull him into my arms. "I never thought I'd see you again." I kiss the top of his head and pull away.

"You cant get rid of a Winchester that easily Son." Arms wrap around Dean from behind and he is pulled into Sams embrace.

"Sammy!" Dean laughs.

"God I missed you Dean." Sam states as he squeezes Deans body.

"Let your brother go ya idjit and let me see my nephew!" Bobby hollers then jumps into the water, surfacing a moment later.

"Bobby!" Deans pulls himself away from Sam and swims over to Bobby, being pulled into his arms instantly.

"Good to see you Son." Dean pulls away a moment later and looks at me again.

"What are you guys doing here?"

"We're living on the coast now, we wanted to be a family again." His eyes widen.

"But why…" Sam cuts him off.

"We've been apart for most of our lives Dean, we cant loose each other again."

"You guys…" I see the trace of tears in his eyes and I know deep down that I did the right thing. Sam splashes him and laughs.

"Look who's the girl now Deana." Dean mock glares and splashes Sam with his purple tail.

"Oh it is so on human!" Dean lunges towards a laughing Sam and they start to wrestle.

"They defiantly are brothers." Bobby says with an amused look on his face. I watch them for a while before answering.

"Yeah, they are." My sons continue to splash each other and I cant help but smile.

My family is back together again; all is right with the world.