Here are ten reasons I ship George and Elliot.

10. You can't watch Oz and honestly tell me Meloni doesn't look better with men than women. You just can't. And then you look at Elliot and George, and Keller and Mukada... This ship is hot no matter what canon it's in.

9. They fight a lot. Like in Demons, when George pulls Elliot out (heh heh) to brief him and Elliot gets all pissed off. Remember the boys in fifth grade who would tug a girl's ponytail if they liked her? That's Elliot with George. Plus, the more they fight, the more make-up sex they can have...

8. George has said, multiple times, that many men who are closeted bisexuals or gays channel their energy and frustrations into having children, and often act homophobic. Who does that remind us of? I'll give you a hint: his first name starts with "E" and ends with "lliot".

7. The look on Elliot's face in Lead when George is attacked, and the way George cleans Elliot's stab wound in Cage, when Elliot gets stabbed with a pen trying to protect George. C'mon, Elliot bore the indignity of being attacked by a KID, and the pain of being stabbed (even if it's with a pen, it would hurt like hell) to protect George!

6. Charisma. Just, Charisma. That bit with George trying to get Elliot to open up? And Elliot getting in George's face when he's taken off the case? Yeah. George always looks after Elliot, but our poor closeted baby isn't adjusting very well. :(

5. In Scavenger, there's that scene where Elliot's interrogating Humphrey, and George calls to make sure he has a good strategy. At the end, Elliot says "Love you too" so he can pretend it was his wife. As an added bonus, he does NOT say it to Olivia. And then, in Ripped, Elliot actually ASKS George to come talk to the kid, and he reaches out to touch him when he arrives. Clearly Elliot's started to adjust to their relationship. :D

4. Fault was NOT all about E/O! The look on George's face when he says "Elliot" when Elliot is at his "too formal to be an apartment but too big and casual to be an office" place, and he can't comfort Elliot about choosing Olivia over the boy... It says a lot.

3. The look on George's face when he's shouting at Elliot for manipulating him into medicating Kevin Walker. That's not just anger, that's BETRAYAL. At the very least, it's pretty obvious by now that George is in love with Elliot. And then the little make-up scene, with Elliot being all "I'm not going to apologize to you, but I'm sorry" and George being all "One of these days, you're going to go too far, but for now I love you too much to be mad at you for long".

2. "Strangle me?" Nuff said.

1. Execution. Whooooo boy. We get Elliot and George going at it over the case, the scene in George's FBI office after Elliot gives Rule a victim's cell phone number, where Elliot says "I had to give it a shot" and George says "One of these days, you're going to realize what I'm doing". Then you get them working like two halves of the same person while interrogating Brodus, and Elliot pretending he hates shrinks...

But the wonderful, absolutely LOVELY writers for this episode didn't stop there. This ice cream sundae needed some toppings. Sprinkles and hot fudge and whipped cream and cherries and bananas and nuts, it was ALL THERE. And that was in the form of Brodus attacking George.

First, George warns Elliot to get up from the table, thus sacrificing his ability to get out of Brodus's way. Then Brodus slams George against the wall and he falls unconscious, and Elliot comes to save him. And THE LOOK ON ELLIOT'S FACE. That wasn't just a, "Fuck you, you're a despicable serial killer" look, that was a, "You just attacked someone I love and if you killed him you'll regret ever being born, and I am going to snap your fucking neck!" look.

George and Elliot are so in love. If only they would just, y'know, admit it onscreen.