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"Even from my point of view, the ending is sad..." He laughed softly, and let his gaze wander the grassy meadow that lay before them. His golden blond hair swayed along the wind, his clothes ruffled haphazardly, yet he remained rooted to his spot. He looked back, and grinned carelessly at his companion.

"Coming from you, that must be something, then." He tsked and sat down beside his friend.

"Tell me…don't you want to curse fate for subjecting you to this, Primo?" Said man turned his gaze up at the cloud littered sky, still beautiful and warm under the afternoon sun.

"It's ironic, isn't it? To want something you can never have. To long for something you could never attain, no matter how hard you try. Funny, isn't it, my friend?" Crimson eyes stared from his side and Giotto's friend sighed heavily.

"Funny, indeed, but don't you ever regret?" Giotto laid down on the grass, his arms spread wide, as if wanting to embrace the sky, that can never be of reach. Always so close yet so far.

"No...never..." Giotto paused, and smiled sadly. He reached his hand out, wanting to grab on to something above him, but nothing lay before them, just the vast sky from afar.

"If anything, I'm glad. That opportunity will never come in another lifetime, my dear friend." Ash black air danced around his face as the wind grew stronger, lifting newly bloomed blossoms from the field. He tucked his knees under his chin, hugging himself tight as he looked beyond, thinking and wondering.

"Even now…you're as confusing as hell, Primo." Giotto laughed aloud and sat up. It was almost time to work, and of course, meet that person. His eyes dimmed a bit just thinking about it. It was unfair for that person, if he continued being like this, but to force himself to forget, was as impossible as embracing the sky that covered the Earth.

"You are just getting senile. Hahaha..." Giotto's laughter floated across the meadows, and a smile lighted his dead panned features. He looked beside him, as his friend finally seemed like his usual self. Crimson eyes softened, and he turned his eyes back on the grassy meadows, that go beyond, seemingly unending.

"I am willing to grant you one thing, Primo." The blond's carefree features turned serious, and he stood from his perch on the ground. Giotto breathed in heavily, and turned back. He smiled one last time before proceeding towards the Vongola mansion—where his new life and future await. He stopped momentarily, before continuing on, moving forward, and living his life just as he promised—just as he decided to do.

"Come find me on my death bed and I will tell you, Talbot."

Red irises revealed themselves slowly, a sardonic smile formed on his lips. Talbot laughed loud, and amused, causing the occupants of the room to all turn to him. Aria turned to him questioningly, and he only grinned.

"Ho ho ho, you feel it, lady?" Her eyes lit up in understanding, and she nodded in reply. Aria smiled small, neither of them acknowledging the others' attention on them. These things they know were not for them to find out until much later.

"Yes…the wheels have started turning, Talbot." The old man bellowed in laughter, his hands on his sceptre before him, his gaze on the screens before him. Aria only smiled as she stood gracefully off her seat. She inclined her head towards him, before turning away. There was something yet to be done. With sure steps, she walked towards him—the lightning Guardian. Every pair of eyes followed her movement, yet she paid them no heed.

Instead, she kneeled before the sleeping teen, her eyes gentle. Slowly, she laid a hand on his head—careful not to wake him—and another on her pacifier. Her hands glowed orange, her eyes closing in concentration. Gokudera stood just as quickly, his anger flaring. Exactly, what was that suspicious woman doing?

"What the hell are you doing?" He demanded, only to hear Talbot's laughter in the room, once again.

"Be still, child. The lady is trying to communicate with Decimo." Perifot-colored eyes widened, before narrowing into slits. Communicating with Juudaime?

"What the hell does that mean?" Talbot only grinned, as the creaking of a chair a few feet away from them was heard.

"It means that you just need to shut up, Gokudera." Said man turned to him. Everyone stayed still. Though they were itching to move about, they weren't stupid enough to make the hitman angry, especially when he was the one agitated the most with the current situation.

"But Reborn-san!" Gokudera stepped back when a glare was thrown at him, the hitman's gun cocked and pointed at him.

"To question Aria is defying me, and defying me is disobeying Dame-Tsuna—your boss. Is that you want, Gokudera Hayato?" Reborn stated emotionlessly, yet every word weighed on him like tons of bricks, waiting to crush him to death. He felt his spirits deflate. Walking towards the corner, he started to mumble to himself. The rest of the Guardians, and the Varia stared a bit impressed. A low blow, but it got the explosive Guardian down in a heartbeat.

Talbot just smiled through it all. How entertaining Decimo's family were, so much like his. It has been so long, has it not, Primo? His mind was set on one thing. It's been a long long while, since he was haunted by that memory. He closed his eyes, reclining back on his seat. It only meant one thing. The end was starting to make itself known.

Very soon now…in the meantime, however, he'll just enjoy the show. Entertainment this great was too hard to miss, and for someone as old as him, this comes so rarely. Besides, he would be the one, who will be closing this chapter sooner or later. Whether they want to or not.

What will you do, Decimo?

"Giotto…" He didn't need Asari to voice his concerns. Giotto already knew that the search turned out fruitless. No one, not even the members of the Vastil Famiglia were able to come up with any clues for the whereabouts of the missing brunet. His fists clenched slowly as light faded from his eyes.

He could feel it—his composure was slowly dissolving into nothing. This wasn't what he wanted. This wasn't what he had planned when he brought Tsuna along this mission of theirs. He hoped to be able to protect him, and now…he closed his eyes. It was too late regretting now. There was no use for such frivolous thoughts. Not when Tsuna was still out there, still missing and could be in imminent danger.

"Keep searching the town. Look for Tsuna at every place possible." His guardians nodded their assent before running off in hopes of finding their missing charge. Where could he be? Giotto turned around, wanting to look for him on his own. One way or another, he would be able to find that petite brunet, they have all come to care for.

He wasn't any different. If anything, he felt closer to him, more than anyone else had in his entire life. That subtle connection he never understood until now. Flickering, uncertain, and definitely unstable, it felt strange to say the least. It unsettled him greatly.

He could feel his heart racing uncomfortably against his chest, his heartbeat galloping so loudly against his ears. He was scared, more so than worried for if anything would happen to him…Don't think about it. He shook his head haphazardly. No, it won't be too late. If his suspicions – his instincts – were correct, then, Tsuna would be able to hold his own until he could find a way to save him.

It was laughable actually. To think of such positive thoughts when anything could have happened in the span of hours. He was only making himself feel better when in fact it was ridiculous, not to mention pathetic. Giotto sighed, his shoulders heavy. He looked up only to be momentarily surprised, he appeared to have travelled quite far.

He was overlooking the ocean from where he stood, and he took a moment to admire its beauty. He breathed in deeply. For some reason, nature had always been a sort of solace for him. A place where he could be just himself in moments where his doubts were consuming his chosen beliefs. The very being of his existence was being threatened at the direst times that he wondered if there would ever be a time he could be actually free.

Giotto sadly smiled, his dignified countenance that inspired many now seemed weak and fragile. He looked down and flexed his hands slowly before his flames flickered in his hands. Their purity always amazed him to the point that he would find himself mesmerized by their movement as if dancing before his very eyes. Orange flames, luminous and bright in his eyes, danced before him when a small sparkle from the side caught his attention. His eyes narrowed before closing his hands, extinguishing his Sky flames as he did.

The blond walked with agile steps, his eyes intent on only one thing. That glittering object so out of place amidst the many grains of sand surrounding him. It wasn't long before he was standing in front of its source and without hesitation did he pluck it off the ground, only to be stunned. It was a wooden whistle, carefully carved into a small trinket to be easily held. He only knew of one person who could make intricate accessories just like the one he was holding.

"Asari…this must be Tsuna's then…" His expression grew grim, and not a single doubt lingered in his mind that his little charge was kidnapped here. He stared at the whistle intently, his instincts going haywire at the sight of the soft glow emanating from the trinket. He closed his fist before pocketing the whistle, and running off to the village in search of his guardians.

If his hunch was correct, something bad was going to happen. His discovery of the small fact that the glow coming off the whistle was a tell-tale sign of an upcoming confrontation. To think that another man possesses that flame. A flame only existing among few and that same flame he also wields.

"Sky flames are rare and to have that person wielding them…" Giotto gritted his teeth. He could only think the worse. As was known in the mafia, sky flames were rare, much rarer than the most expensive gems. From what he knew, only three were known to possess them, and he was one of them. The other two were allied families of the Vongola.

They wouldn't dare trifle with an allied family. Therefore, this kidnapper was no ordinary man. To have taken Tsuna and have those flames, that unknown man obviously wanted to cause a riot, and go against his family. And for the life of him, he would never let it happen. Not in a million years.

Giotto wasn't stupid and he could hardly ever be fooled. He already knew that those pirates were involved in this incident, and it could very well be the mastermind of those attacks prior to their arrival. That same unknown strategist he applauded briefly for his intelligent network and path of thinking.

Now, he hated that person whoever he was for taking a member of his family, most especially the one he swore to protect at all costs. Before it's too late, he needed to get Tsuna back, and he had the most foreboding feeling that those barbaric natives would be leaving soon. If such an event happens, the possibility of finding Tsuna would be close to zero, and that probability wasn't part of his calculations.

He'll find Tsuna, no matter what, and once he did, he'll make sure this time that they never separate from each other. You better be ready when I find you Tsuna. Once he did, there was no turning back…neither for him nor for Tsuna. His eyes narrowed, his sky blue eyes darkening. No one dared to cross against him, especially when it came to the ones he promised—no, he shook his head at this—he swore to protect.

Tsuna wasn't an exception, that's why he had an inkling feeling that he needed to inform G as soon as possible. Because the fact remains, no matter where Tsuna was, he'll bring him back, even if it meant going as far as travelling to half the globe. Giotto really didn't understand what these burning emotions were.

For now, he'll just content himself with the fact that if any of his Guardians were in the same position as Tsuna, he'll do the same. It wasn't any different. It was what he hoped to think, and he will do so, until he could resolve these conflicting feelings and confusion he held for that small brunet. It would do for now. Well, he hoped so, and he could only wish that it would turn out for the better, for his sake and for his famiglia's sake as well.

"Tsuna-san…Tsuna-san…" That small and gentle voice…whose is it? Tsuna groaned audibly. He didn't want to wake up. It was too warm—too warm to be disturbed like this, he just wanted to rest.

"Tsuna-san!" Caramel-colored eyes snapped open, his body lurched forward, his heart pumping harshly against his ears. He really hated being woken so abruptly. Tsuna breathed in and out, in rapid succession, trying valiantly to calm his galloping heartbeat. With his right arm over his chest, he frantically searched everywhere. What was going on?

"Where…." His gaze landed on her form and his breath was caught in his throat. What the? It just couldn't be, it was…tears gathered in his eyes before flowing down his face.

"Long time no see, Tsuna-san…" She smiled so genuinely that he couldn't help but feel all the guiltier. His hands shook uncontrollably as he stood staggering, his eyes wide, disbelief still lingering in his mind. How…?

"Yuni…" He whispered breathlessly. She smiled once again, her eyes closing in contentment. She reached for his hand, beckoning him to come near her, and he did. Tentatively, he sat down beside her, his cheeks still stained with his tears. Yuni laughed softly, gently wiping his face before leaning back and gazing around her. Tsuna followed along, his once chaotic heart now beating steadily, strongly.

"I missed you, Yuni…" She turned to him, her eyes shining in joy. He couldn't help but smile in return. His guilt dissipating slowly because in her eyes, not a trace of anger or resentment was present.

"I did too, Tsuna-san…but…everything's fine now. You shouldn't feel guilty about what happened. It was meant to happen. Besides…" Yuni paused and took hold of his hand. He looked at her curiously but remained silent. Right now, all trace of her previous carefree nature disappeared.

"….you have many more things to do, Tsuna-san. Do not let yourself be dragged by the past. He's waiting for you." Tsuna stared at her confused. Waiting? Who? Yuni smiled secretively as if knowing what he was thinking of.

"Soon, Tsuna-san…" Her eyes softened once again yet this time, sadness remained in those irises. "…it will be harder. There would come a time when you must decide, but…" She smiled once again, this time brighter, and Tsuna could only look at her silently, trying to analyse every word yet failed to do so. "…it will be alright, just like always, Tsuna-san…" Chocolate irises widened, his hands reaching out instinctively.

"Yuni!" Her figure was disappearing before his eyes, her ever present smile still lingering in her lips. He felt tears at the back of his eyes. Just like before… His hands reached out to her, yet she only shook her head. Her lips were moving, she was saying something but what was it? The last of her faded and with it, was her last words, clear as day, resounding in this peaceful world he was in.

"There is someone who wants to meet you, Tsuna-san…." Her smile was the last he saw along with her lips mouthing the words softly, carried by the wind and into his sensitive ears. Tsuna dropped to his knees. What was going on? Another figure was blurrily appearing before him and he could only stare wide-eyed as that form became clearer to him. With shaky legs, he stood and uttered breathlessly.

"Lambo…" Tears sprung up from the child's eyes, and Tsuna felt his constricting at the mere sight of the crystalline tears flowing down freely. Even after all these years, that weak and sensitive part of Lambo had not faded, more so now that they could reunite so unexpectedly like this.

In the midst of dreams and reality, the brunet knew he would make the most out of it. Tsuna smiled small, his heart warming when the cow child ran towards him at full sprint, crying loudly all the way.

"Tsuna-nii! Lambo is sorry for what he did! I didn't mean it an-" More cries and mumbled words spew from his mouth and Tsuna could only smile contentedly. Hugging Lambo tenderly against him embrace, he shushed him.

"Shh…it's ok…you weren't at fault. It was all an accident, Lambo so don't cry." As gently as he could, Tsuna rubbed circles against Lambo's back—soothing him as best as he could. Even from his position, he knew that his Lightning Guardian had been suffering. His Hyper Intuition wasn't even needed to know how the child felt.

How he cried, and how those small arms clutched him tightly were more than clear indications of what Lambo truly felt. He felt his own tears soaking his pale cheeks. He didn't want this—to have his family members feeling this way, most especially for the young ones, and Lambo wasn't an exception.

Tsuna didn't know how long Lambo cried, he also didn't how long he cried along with him, but when the sobs have stopped, and only small hiccups could be heard, he pulled back. The child's tears hadn't dried and snot could be seen dripping down his nose. The brunet laughed softly. His Lightning Guardian still was a child after all, no matter what Reborn or the others would say.

If only…if only he could leave the children and the girls out of the mafia, he definitely would. They deserved to lead happy and peaceful lives, not a chaotic and unstable lifestyle like the one they're living in now. With his bare hands, he wiped off as much tears as he could from the child's face before smiling softly.

"Have you calmed down now?" Lambo nodded in response. For once, strangely docile before him, it pained him to see the cow child like this, and never did he want to see Lambo like this again.

"Lambo…listen to me, and listen to me well, ok?" Lambo sniffed but nodded nonetheless. His eyes sparkling the way they used to before the sudden incident of Tsuna being transported into the past happened. It had been so long, so agonizingly long since he saw his brother figure. It hurt so much to know that the reason why Tsuna was missing was because of his mistake.

He didn't mean it, but it was no excuse, especially when he could do nothing to contribute to his big brother's rescue. Added with the other Guardian's blame and hate, he was at a loss in what to do. He all but wanted to disappear, but his worry and longing to see Tsuna again prevented him from running away. Now that he could see him, he didn't know how to feel.

The previous excitement he felt every day and the joy of playing together with I-pin dissolved slowly as the days passed that the fact of Tsuna missing made itself a concrete fact in his life. Lambo wanted so much to see and say sorry to his brother figure, and now that he could see him while smiling so warmly like he had always been doing, he felt content and warm. It was just how he felt when with his Mama all those years ago.

"You didn't do anything wrong, and whatever Reborn and the others are saying, it is not your fault." Lambo sniffed again and Tsuna could only smile. He ruffled the child's somewhat tamed hair. He could already see his Guardian's form becoming translucent, and he knew their time to talk to each other will be coming to an end soon.

"I'm not mad at you, so don't be sad, ok? Besides…" His eyes softened and one last time, he hugged the cow child in his arms, holding him tight before Lambo's form disappeared fully.

"Tsuna-niisan loves you…and I'll be here for you." Lambo sniffed again, and a new batch of tears made its way down his already drenched face. He held his brother tight before mumbling.

"Promise?" The brunet nodded into the child's fluffy mane, his eyes closed in contentment.

"Ah. I promise."

His eyes opened slowly, his state of consciousness a consequence of the end of his reunion with his Lightning Guardian. He looked around him cautiously as his eyes were greeted with the unfamiliar surroundings.

Wooden ceilings and silent creaking floorboards, walls painted light blue, and the canopy of the bed he was lying on curtained with black cloth. He felt the softness of the coverlet beneath his form, and everything was just unfamiliar to him. Where am I?

"You're awake, I see…'' That same voice…the last one he had heard before that sharp pain at the back of his neck, knocked him out. Tsuna's form tensed, now, he remembered. He was…kidnapped. Well, that much was obvious, actually. His eyes narrowed and his lips thinned. It was that mysterious blue-haired man.

The same man that reminded him so much of his best friend, Enma. The solemnity, vulnerability, and calmness so alike to his friend, yet at the same time…so different, contrasting in ways and so similar in many others. At the same time, Enma wasn't as closed off as this man before him. Tsuna could feel the calculating stare and wariness that radiated off him like fumes wafting into his senses.

With heaviness clinging to every pore of his body, the brunet tried to get up when the clanging of metals stopped him from sitting upright. Only now did he feel the added weight around his wrists. Tsuna's suspicions were confirmed when he felt the coldness seeping into his frail wrists. The irony of this situation made him feel nostalgic somehow.

Reborn used to do this to him—a form of training he says. Right, and I'm an idiot to actually believe that. Tsuna thought sarcastically. The man stepped towards him and the brunet bristled in alarm, his glare growing colder by the second. He swore that one wrong move from this man and he will be unconscious on the floor in a heartbeat.

Well maybe…Tsuna couldn't even feel the smallest amount of flames within him. He tried moving his wrists, only to feel the same chains binding them. The chains must have the capability to nullify his flames. Damn it. Reborn would just love to know this happened and have him tortured for being careless.

"By now, you should know…" The unknown man spoke slowly, dragging out every word as if to taunt him. "…getting free from those chains wouldn't be possible." Cholocolate brown eyes followed along the blue-haired man's every move before rolling in dismay.

"I figured." Tsuna mumbled sarcastically. He shouldn't even be feeling irritated, instead, he should be thinking of ways how to escape. To his defence, he didn't wake up in the best of moods as waking up in this kind of predicament could hardly make you feel as bright as the sun.

"What do you want?" His stare clashed with his captor's, steady and brave. He wasn't afraid of him, not when none of Giotto's family was involved, and only he was caught in the crossfire. None of them spoke, silence serving as their only means of communication. The blue-haired man turned away from him, so it seems their staring off was fruitless, not that it proved anything.

Tsuna could only try to breathe in deeply, hoping to level in his breathing and take in air normally. His captor definitely wouldn't be easy. As his icy blue eyes pierced his brown irises, he felt himself being sliced inch per inch, as every passing second, his stare intensified. What did this man want from him? Footsteps neared him once again and Tsuna stiffened.

Right now, he was powerless that this unknown enemy of his could kill him with just a measly knife. What more for flames? Especially one that was known to be only a myth among the mafia. Seriously, what was up with these metal chains holding them down? Tsuna could feel it. Not only were the metal bindings nullifying his flames, they were draining his energy too. If his abnormal exhaustion and heavy eyelids were any indication, then, there's no doubt that he was right.

"Little sky…" A vein twitched in irritation. Tsuna scoffed silently to himself. The man smiled small, and Tsuna realized then and there that his captor was doing it on purpose. Bastard.

"Just state what you want." Tsuna growled out, his patience was already thinning. Waking up on the wrong side of the bed always made him cranky, and his guardians tend to avoid him as much as they could when he was. Through the years, working with paperwork day in, day out had made him realize how sacred sleep was.

Anybody who did disturb him was always on the receiving end of his destructive anger. Not that this man knew that though, and so he just contented himself with glaring at his captor to seven hells deep. The man stared at the chained sky flame user on his bed before laughing softly to himself.

"Worry not, I do not intend to harm you…that is until… you give me a reason to." A shiver racked his frame. Tsuna met his icy blue eyes, analysing him cautiously from where he lay. What he just said wasn't a threat. Threats were just superfluous words compacted into a sentence to induce fear in a person and serve their purpose.

Warnings however were just that. This unknown man was warning him and warnings are said to inform someone of their impending doom. Tsuna gritted his teeth, like hell he would follow his rules.

"The Vongola will make you pay for this." Tsuna uttered resignedly. Truth be told, he didn't want to get Primo's family involved with his abduction. He just hoped that he could escape quickly enough before the First Vongola Famiglia does something reckless. Come to think of it, will they actually do something? He was just some stray they decided to take in. They couldn't possibly…his mood soured even more.

"Vongola?" The man shook his head. "On the contrary, I could care less about what they would do." What? The brunet on his bed stared at him confused, and for some reason, he felt obliged to answer his unspoken question.

"Little sky…" Tsuna glared yet his captor didn't seem the least bit fazed. He really does deserve his flames. Snow flames…cold and unyielding—just like he was.

"I took you, not because of the Vongola. You are here for I am in need of your flames." Tsuna flinched back, as if scalded by boiling water, when he felt fingers tilting his chin up. Cold, blue eyes clashed with his, and he felt his body paralyzed by the sheer force of the bloodlust behind those hooded eyes.

"Until I have no use for you…until I have gained victory…you are to stay here." His captive stared at him with wide eyes, causing him to pull back, and turn away. It was time to sail. He and his men have already overstayed their welcome. Five hours of preparation were more than enough time to secure their resources.

He also had the faintest hunch that those Vongola Mafiosi had already found out of their location. He looked back momentarily before removing his gaze from the brunet still on his bed. He can't let them take him away. His key to victory was in his captive's hands, after all.

"I advise you not to do anything stupid, little sky." He looked over his shoulder, uttering his ultimatum.

"If you do…" His eyes narrowed. "…I cannot guarantee your safety." The door slammed shut, leaving him heaving on the bed. The silent pressure had him choking on his breath for those miniscule moments he was staring at him. It felt like an eternity before he was released from those dreadful eyes.

Out of everyone he had met, it was the first time…first time he had felt such killing intent that it took his breath away literally. His cloud, mist, and orchid's killing intent were flimsy compared to his. Why is that? Tsuna's eyes closed slowly, the drooping of his eyelids now too powerful to resist. For now, he would have to rest. It wasn't as if he could do anything else.

In the deepest recesses of his mind, he wondered why his chest felt heavy. The sudden tightening of his chest, alarming his senses, but too weak to fight off his exhaustion. For now, he'll rest, hoping that when he wakes again, he escape plan he had been trying to formulate would be concrete soon. He needed to escape as soon as possible for his sake, and Primo's as well.

G glared at nothing in particular, his shackles rising, and his anger surmounting to immeasurable degrees. The nerve of those intruders, to just barge in their mansion, and roam the place as if they owned it, they were really the bane of his existence as of the moment. Not much as Daemon though, that could be attributed to one thing. It was frustrating to say the least, especially when one of them, has taken to sleeping soundly in his study. Fucked up barbarians.

The redhead glared at the sleeping blond on his couch. For how long was that man going to be snoring away like his life depended on it? It was increasingly grating on his nerves, especially when faced with multiple stacks of paperwork, he had to, unfortunately, finish. Giotto was in for loads of lecturing and work when he comes back.

Well, to his defence, at least that sly and fox-faced bastard wasn't around. He didn't like him, absolutely. He just reeked of a stench he hated so much. Being in the mafia, he was already accustomed to many many things. Death was one of them, and that white-haired man, he could definitely feel it. He smelled so much of death, and thus, he was certain of one thing.

With his hands, he had killed many people single-handedly. How he knew, he didn't know, but clear signs were easy to pick up. As someone considered a prodigy, he took it to heart. The simplest of things he knew and understood faster than most people. It was so easy for someone like him to see the bloodlust hovering behind those pale irises.

The air and aura of death surrounded that deceitful bastard, and he was sure as hell, he was dangerous. More than dangerous. Byakuran, that's what they called him, was a very dangerous man, he surmised. He was powerful, yes; however, he was not someone to be messed with. Just the mere thought of him had him blanching in disgust. He hadn't felt like this before, even with Daemon.

At least that man was just as annoying as hell, Byakuran on the other hand…It felt as if every time he talked to him, cold air would brush your skin, slowly progressing, until you are unable to move, as if frozen and have absolutely no means of escaping.

It was as if a blade was constantly pressed against his throat, whenever his eyes landed on him. It wasn't a feeling he would want haunting him. G sighed and leaned back on his chair, his shoulders sagging, letting all of his weight to rest on his seat. Why did it feel like he had aged twenty years?

Seriously, once Giotto retires from being the boss, he'd go and travel the world or just rest to his heart's content. The redhead sighed, letting his head rest gently on his chair. Yeah, that would be a good idea. He closed his eyes resignedly, seemingly unaware of his surroundings. Giotto had been away for more than a week now, almost ending two weeks, meaning these intruders had been here for four days.

G leaned back, and contemplated. Two weeks would come around and it won't be long before the others arrive from their mission. By then, he hoped that whatever confrontation would take place wouldn't do the mansion in. G was no idiot, and he could see the clear signs of Giotto's protectiveness for Tsuna, that it was bordering on possessiveness.

If that were to happen, he could only wish the brunet good luck. His childhood friend was known to be very selfish at times, and having someone be the apple of his eye, would mean that Tsuna will never be allowed to be out of his sight. It wasn't him to pity others, but the petite brunet deserved all the pity he could get.

G sighed loudly before his form straightened quickly. Something was approaching, and the cocking of a gun on his left signalled him, that the intruder sleeping just moments ago, was wide awake, and ready for whatever it was approaching them. The red haired guardian stood from his seat, and walked towards the open window.

His eyes narrowed as soon as he recognized the small animal flying towards them. It was the sparrow Asari was fond of taking care of. Its name was lost to him. He never cared for animals anyway. It neared him, flapping its small wings, easily carrying the white parchment enclosed within its talons. G didn't like the implication of this small sparrow appearing before him. They usually used messengers. The bird landed on his windowsill before he carefully untied the letter tied at its feet. Without further delay, he ripped the envelope open, his eyes browsing through the contents quickly.

With every word, and sentence he read, his heart beat accelerated with apprehension. It seems his guess was right, after all. His hands shook for a minute before they dropped to his sides. Colonello watched the fiery haired man from his place on the couch. It seems that he would be hearing bad news soon.

"So? What is it, kora?" G turned to him, his teeth clenched and his glare prominent once again. An eyebrow rose in question, and the blond could only wonder what had the Storm Guardian so angry again.

"Giotto…" G tsked before ruffling his hair hard, his frustration growing at every passing moment. He hated this. He really really hated this. He didn't want to give out more information than what Daemon had already given. For some reason though, he knew a disaster would strike upon them if within two weeks, Tsuna still has not arrived at the mansion.

"…has informed me that a glitch in the mission would delay their arrival." Colonello stared at him, silently waiting for him to elaborate further. G sighed and covered a part of his face.

"Their day of arrival is still unknown."

"And the reason for it?" G sighed, crumpling the parchment in his hand, as he leaned against the windowsill for support.

"They still need to search for someone who went missing." The blond stood from his seat, he was slowly getting agitated with the brief responses.

"And who went missing, kora?" The red haired man's expression grew grim, murmuring the one name that had his body stiffening, and his eyes widening in alarm.


His lashes fluttered against his cheeks as he woke up slowly. Lambo looked around him, a bit dazed before looking in front of him and greeted with the lady from before, smiling at him. He stared at her confusedly, and she only ruffled his hair.

"Did you have a good dream, Lambo?" She asked softly. His wide green eyes stared at her in shock before unprecedented tears spilled from his eyes. He wailed loudly in her arms.

"Uwaaaah! Lambo saw Tsuna-nii! He said everything's going to be okay!" He cried in between sobs, soliciting the pity and regret from some of the occupants of the room. They watched, unable to move as the Lightning Guardian poured his heart out in Aria's embrace, truly pained for what happened to their boss.

Gokudera turned away, his guilt eating at him for his aggressive attitude against him. It's true that Lambo was partly the reason for his Juudaime's disappearance, but for every single one of them to add salt to his wounds when in fact all of them were at fault….it was unfair.

Ryohei closed his eyes and clenched his fists before standing and walking towards the huddled pair by the corner. They didn't mean for this to happen, and the boxer knew that the others were also feeling guilty for what they did. He doubted Hibari and Mukuro felt that way though, nevertheless, they knew that Lambo shouldn't be blamed entirely for this.

"Na… Lambo… stop crying, it's not your fault, ok?" Lambo leaned back, his hold on Aria loosening as he stared at Ryohei nearing him. The Sky Arcobaleno moved out of the way, letting the Sun Guardian hold Lambo instead. She stared at them as the child finally ceased his cries, and lay tiredly against Ryohei's embrace. Aria turned to the others, her gaze firm.

"Right now, all of you should be resting and replenishing your strength. Please refrain from blaming each other and wasting more energy than necessary." She reprimanded them like a mother would to her children. Some looked affronted, and other just could care less, but she knew they would be listening to her. She needed to make them understand that they needed each other to complete this mission of theirs.

They couldn't possibly break now, not when the most crucial part of this thorn-filled journey would commence soon. Aria could feel it. Though a small ray of hope seemed to shine due to her and Talbot's interference, their bond with each other was slowly disintegrating. She closed her eyes and sighed before letting her cerulean orbs settle on them once again.

"The time will come when you will see your Sky again. For now, I ask all of you to be patient because soon…" She paused, her eyes now intent on the pink device a few ways from her. "….Tsuna would need your strength, trust, and all of you to return here. Do I make myself clear?"

A set of nods greeted her, and she could only smile in satisfaction. At least now, this is the only thing she could do. Nothing more can be done. It is all in Tsuna's hands for now. When the time has come, and the situation was right, she would intervene once again. Her along with her beloved daughter. Her eyes slid over to his hunched form. Talbot would do the same as well.

"Could you repeat what you just said?" Pietro tried not to flinch back at the Primo's cold tone, that, and his piercing glare as well. Now, he knew why he was so wary of the Vongola in the first place. The intimidating aura this man was emanating was one of the many reasons why. Honestly, he never has been afraid for his life until now, that is.

"We have been informed that a ship had set sail about an hour ago." Giotto stepped forward and Pietro tried not to step back. Where was that calm persona he presented them a few hours ago? It all but vanished within an instant they found out that Tsuna was missing. He was concerned, yes, but not livid like the boss of the Vongola was.

"A number of ships were docked along the port. We were unaware that among them was the pirates' ship we had been searching for. Belgro was among them. Forgive us, Primo, we were unaware of his treachery." The blond remained still, unable to process everything piece of information being presented to them. Just as the representative of the Vastil Famiglia had stated, the woodsman from their meeting was a pirate too. They found out through the piece of crumpled paper strewn in Belgro's room when he was being searched for, hours before.

"Is there anyone who knows where that ship will be headed to?" Pietro looked away, unable to look the man in the eye, already ashamed at his lack of knowledge about his subordinates. Truthfully, this unfortunate event had been his fault. If only he had been more careful, and took wiser precautionary measures. He was a fool for not inspecting the ships docked along the port. He had been utterly stupid.

"We are not versed with the ways of the ships around here, Primo." Giotto nodded. He should have expected just as much. Each ship had its own destination, and each was not thoroughly checked. Their leniency became their downfall. He turned around and gazed at the many ships docked. Outside, his composure was still intact. He had to maintain the reputation of the Vongola, after all. Inside, however, was a completely different matter. He felt as if his insides were churning and clashing against each other. How will they be able to find Tsuna now?

"U-Uh…dear sirs…" An elderly woman spoke from their side, and both he and Pietro turned to her quickly. She stood there unsurely and Giotto walked to her carefully, before asking in kind.

"Is there anything wrong, Madame?" She looked up at him, her eyes darting from one place to another. She was nervous and utterly worried about something he didn't know of.

"Men… many moved among the shadows. They were all whispering among each other…" She took in a deep breath, her stout form quivering slightly. "…a lot of boxes were boarded…in a hurry, they were!" She suddenly exclaimed. Giotto placed a hand on her shoulder, silently assuring her. It seemed to have the desired effect when her wild eyes softened a bit.

"A young man passed me by holding an unconscious man. His eyes were cold as looked at me before boarding the ship." His eyes widened, and before he could stop himself, his hands were already on her shoulders, staring her in the eyes.

"Did the unconscious man have long, brown hair?" The woman nodded and a sense of relief washed over him. Please…she must know.

"Madame, do you know where their ship is headed to?" Giotto waited with bathed breath, as the woman's eyes glazed for a second, trying to remember.

"Ah yes yes, young sir! The woodsman had said they would be sailing for the land of nobles." Land of nobles? There were nobles everywhere! His anxiety and lack of rest were already taking a toll on his tired body and weary mind. He tried not to let his anger get the best of him.

"Anything else?" He asked impatiently. The old lady's eyes sparkled for a moment, as if remembering another detail. He just hoped it was the one he was hoping for.

"The palace, good sir! England where the queen reigns!" Giotto stepped back, his once dead eyes brightening by the second. He now had his lead. He bowed slightly at her, showing his gratitude.

"Thank you, Madame." He turned around, his cape billowing around him as his gaze landed on him.

"Pietro…" Said man nodded. He didn't need any more instructions. It was now his time to be of help to the Vongola, and he would help with anything that he could.

"We would set sail within the day." Pietro ran towards the opposite direction, making the necessary preparations, leaving him standing alone along the dock.

"Are you sure about this, Giotto?" Asari spoke from behind him, having just arrived from the town. Knuckle followed behind him, his face expressionless, lacking the usual enthusiasm he always seems to have.

"I promised, Asari…" Giotto spoke quietly amidst the roaring waves and the seagulls flying across the skies. He turned around and smiled, his eyes distant, and both his guardians knew what their boss was thinking.

"Will you stop me?" Asari sighed before smiling to himself, defeated. Knuckle kept quiet at his side.

"No…Tsuna's also a part of our family, besides, we follow you and no one else." Hearing his friend's words, he felt his burdened shoulders lightened somehow. He needed this. To have some sort of assurance that what he was doing wasn't wrong.

"We extremely await your orders, Giotto." Giotto smiled, his eyes closing for a second, thankful that he was blessed as he was now. He breathed in deeply before facing them, his solemn mask in place.

"Asari, send G the details of our departure. Knuckle, run another inspection of the town. We leave for England within the day so be prepared." They nodded firm and ready before going their separate ways.

Giotto stood, staring after their disappearing figures. He turned around, his eyes set on the ocean and what could possibly lie beyond its vast surface. The sun was setting, begetting a new day, and for them, a new journey. He closed his eyes, and deep in his heart he promised. Just wait for us, Tsuna. We will save you. I promise.

Tsuna stared at his offered food with suspicion. His captor sat on a chair beside the bed, staring at him intently.

"There's no poison in there, if that's what you are worried about, little sky." Every word that rolled off his tongue sounds like a taunt to his ears. He glared at him minutely, before focusing his gaze again on his humble but healthy meal, consisting of a bowl of salad, an apple, soup, and a roll of French bread.

"It's not the food, all-knowing one." His lips twitched up at the malice in the brunet's voice.

"Then pray tell, little sky. What's the matter now?" Tsuna glared at him. He was definitely playing with him. He raised his hands, bound together, the metal chains clanking loudly.

"How am I supposed to eat with my hands bound like this?" His captor shrugged, completely uncaring about his current condition.

"By plunging your face in?" The blue-haired man offered off-handedly, causing his silent grudge, he had been building, ever since he met the man to grow once again. Tsuna's glare turned harsher. causing the unknown man to sigh, and shake his in defeat.

"Alright, then. If you promise not to do anything but eat, I will release you, understand?" The brunet stared at him expressionlessly before nodding slowly.

"One wrong move and I'll chain your whole body down." Tsuna felt himself cringe at just the mere thought of these horrible chains trying him down. If these chains already exhausted him to the point of unconsciousness by just enclosing his wrists, what more is his whole body was bound? Tsuna sighed; it's not as if he had any other choice.

"Alright, I promise. Now, will you just release me so I can eat in peace?" He stared at his captive before leaning towards him. Lighting his flames, the chains melted slowly before disappearing quickly. He looked up, meeting the brunet's gaze.

"Now, eat. I need you healthy and strong." Tsuna can't help but think he was some animal being ordered by his owner to feed himself. It was off putting. If he had his strength now, he would be wiping the floor with this guy. With shaking hands, he took hold of the spoon, and began the long and torturous journey of feeding himself, with little to almost no energy. The spoon kept slipping off his hand, due to the mere fact, that he couldn't hold it properly with the level of strength he had.

Tsuna almost felt like he was a new-born babe, eating on his own for the first time. Through it all, the unknown man was silent, watching him eat quietly. It was unnerving, and the uncomfortable silence wasn't helping any. The brunet bit his lower lip in hesitation, before putting his spoon down, already too tired to continue stuffing himself.

"Tell me…what do you need me for exactly?" It wouldn't hurt to ask, and his curiosity had been gnawing at him. What did this man want from him exactly?

"Hmm,,,it's simple, little sky." He answered after a moment's lapse of silence. Tsuna chanced a gaze towards his direction, only to see him staring outside the window.

"I need your flames to help me destroy my family." He stated those words simply as if he was only informing him of the weather. His eyes widened. What? He stared at the man in surprise, and watched as his captor stood, before removing the tray from his lap. He stared down at him from the bed.

"I'll come back in a few hours. I expect you to stay put and rest." He turned to leave, saying nothing more about their previous topic. Tsuna could feel that he didn't want him to know more than he already does, and he wouldn't push his luck. He was, after all, at this man's mercy. The brunet watched as the man opened the door, and before he could stop himself, he blurted out.

"I'm Tsuna, and you are?" Icy blue eyes met his before the owner of said eyes uttered one simple name.


G stared at the door of his study warily. It had been over an hour since the news of Tsuna's disappearance reached them, and within that time frame, Tsuna's 'supposed' family had been silent. All three of them discussing in his study. He was unceremoniously kicked out of his own office when the other two came. It angered him but he had no other choice.

Besides, he still hated that white-haired bastard still smiling so cheekily at him, as if he owned the world. Amidst his contemplation, the door to his study opened, and out came the trio all wearing their cloaks, and bearing their bags. G stared at them, wondering if they're about to do what he thinks they would do.

"Where are you going?" One of the cloaked men turned to him, only half of his face shown, a wide grin on his face as he spoke.

"Isn't it obvious? We're going to find Tsuna, kora!" G stared at them as if they had grown another head.

"How do you suppose you'll do that?"

"Kufufu. It isn't any of your business to know, since your boss was stupid enough to let Tsunayoshi be taken away." G glared in response, his form going on the defensive naturally, in retaliation to the insult against his friend.

"What did y-"

"It's just like Mukuro-kun said, G-san. You were all stupid to let this happen. It's up to us now to secure the damages you have caused through your stupidity."

"Why y-"

"We'll hear you shout another day, kora! Oi we're heading out!" His bird landed on his right shoulder and G could only stare after them, his aura flaring dangerously. Were they stupid? They had absolutely no means in finding Tsuna and they only knew were the pirates were heading to.

"How could you be sure that you could find Tsuna? You have no clue where to find him!" Colonello looked back, fire burning in his eyes. Not that the Storm Guardian could see it.

"So? There are many other ways to find, Tsuna, kora! We'll definitely find him!" The man answered with utter conviction that G felt stumped before he sighed heavily. He closed his eyes, and though it was unlike himself, he bowed slightly.

"Then…please bring him back." Pleading like this wound his pride, but he had no other choice. Though he hated to admit it, with these three bastards helping to find the young brunet, there could still be hope yet.

"Kufufu, We will find him, there is no doubt about that." They turned around, walking away from him, before disappearing completely. G stood upright, as he stood along the hallway.

He had no qualms that Giotto could find Tsuna, but with the many raids and the plans of the Estancia Famiglia, every place is dangerous. He could only hope now that nothing happens while his boss was away. He could only hold things off his own for so long, after all.

"Now then, what to do next?"

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