Summary: Gaea is getting stronger, and so is Apophis. Both the demigods and the Egyptian magicians know they can't defeat their enemies alone, but together? Well now, that's a whole other story… Read on as Camp Halfblood unites with the House of Life, revealing a long and dark history behind the two forces.




When you just get back home from some weird creepy place where a God magically sends you, you'd think you'd get some slack, right? Wrong. Just after I get back from Camp SPQR, and I find out about Gaea waking (figures. Kill the evil kid, and then crazy mom comes after you). Also, I found out that there were three new halfbloods. Well, two new halfbloods, and one from Camp SPQR.

I had been told that I had been exchanged for Jason, and for some reason, he couldn't get back yet. The first day I got back was hysterical. I had just escaped a hell hound - too bad it wasn't like Mrs. O' Leary – and run into the Camp's border. I walked down the hill, and saw that strangely enough, there was nobody about. Let me tell you, Camp is never - and when I say never, I do mean never – empty, so yeah… I got this sixth sense tingly feeling at the back of my head.

For some reason, I didn't walk straight up into the Big House. Instead, I headed off towards the beach. I saw that there was a huge ship docked there, with a huge bronze dragon's head on the mast. I saw that there were several people working on it, and not all of them were from Cabin 9. As I got closer, I saw two people I didn't expect working on the boat - Travis and Conner Stoll.

The Stoll brothers didn't usually do much work, besides toilet raids, and practical jokes on the other cabins. Here a huge BOOM anywhere, you immediately wonder what the Stoll's are up to. So, yeah... watching them work seriously was seriously weird, to say the least.

Nobody had noticed me yet, so I silently crept up behind them, tapped them on their shoulders, and said 'Hey guys!'

It was seriously funny when they jumped high, and turned around.

'Percy?' Travis asked doubtfully.

'Yea, bro,' I said, smiling.

'Percy!' he yelled an gave me a guy hug.

All the commotion we were creating alerted the others, and they looked around to see what was going on. When they realized I was here, they immediately came to greet me, and say hi.

After I spoke to what seemed like EVERYBODY, I headed off to the Big House. The Big House was pretty much the same as it had been when I had left. Mr. D and Chiron (in wheel chair form) were playing pinochle.

'Ah,' Mr. D said. 'Peter Johnson. I am very glad you're back.' Funny, he didn't look glad to me.

'Percy,' Chiron said, smiling hugely. 'Thank the Gods you're back. Annabeth will be so pleased.'

'Hey Chiron,' I said. 'What's up?'

'Percy, we have much to discuss. As I am sure you are aware by now, Gaea is wakening. She is not a force to be reckoned with; and thanks to you and Jason, Camp SPQR are willing to help us.'

'Jason?' I asked. 'He's here? All his friends are looking for him. Dakota, Gwendolyn, Bobby, Hazel. Reyna is sick with worry. She told me that if I found him here, I should kick his butt and send him home.' I laughed. Reyna was a daughter of Mars through and through. She reminded me a lot of Clarisse.

'Jason has gone on a quest with Annabeth, Piper and Leo. They are two new demigods who arrived here. A daughter of Aphrodite and a son of Hephaestus. Which reminds me, did you remember everything when you went to SPQR?'

'Of course I did, Chiron,' I said, surprised. Had he honestly thought I would forget them?

'Hmm,' Chiron said frowning. 'That is peculiar.' He looked up at me and said 'Jaosn seems to have no memory of SPQR at all.'

'Really? That's strange.'

'Indeed,' Chiron said. His face cleared after a moment, and he said 'Percy, there is something else that you must know, but I think it is perhaps better if we wait until Annabeth returns before I tell you.'

I nodded. I missed Annabeth a lot. I couldn't wait to see her again, though I was sure she was going to beat me up for worrying her so much. I smiled at that thought. I had the best girlfriend ever.

I headed off, taking in as much of camp as possible, and not feeling tired at all. I was so happy to be home. Little did I know that I was back for too short a time, and that I would be leaving again, sooner than I expected.