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Grey and Brown

How did it get this far?

She ran her fingers over the soft sheets that were rumpled on the bed. The black coloring provided more comfort to her now than it usually would have. The meaning of such a color varied with cultural context, but to Hermione it would always represent evil- and to say she had her fair share of the dark and wicked would be quite the understatement.

The patterns on the pillows were white square boxes that ran into each other perfectly- rows and columns, making shapes within shapes collide. The bureau in front of the bed held a wide-spread mirror. It reflected her lying image between the dark sheets, her peach thigh jutting out and contrasting against the shady background of it.

Her right hand rested behind the tangled roots of her hair as she swept a few of the strands off her bare shoulder. The slow, damp perspiration ran down the back of her neck and it surprised her that she felt so cold in the bedchamber.

The even breaths next to her lulled her mind a bit, making her think less of the past and how they had gotten to this point. All she wanted to remember was the smell of Firewhiskey and the feel of fire running down her stomach and between her thighs.

She sighed at the thought and took her hand out of her hair, moving it to her bottom lips. She whimpered at the sensitive feeling and turned her head to look at the man sleeping next to her, so content and sober looking. For the first time he didn't look so unapproachable and cold to the world. The soft tufts of his blond hair stuck to the front of his head in sweat and the strands in the back stuck straight up, making him look quite silly. Hermione couldn't help but smile.

"You bloody know what I'm talking about, Hermione!"

All the screaming and ranting. It was all just not going away and she closed her eyes tightly as she held on to the dish she had been eating on earlier that evening. The plate was hard underneath her soaked skin and the soapy duds from the sink ran down the length of her arm as she dropped it back in the sink and took out the fork.

Ron looked from the utensil to her expression and backed up slowly, hands still held in tight fists at his sides.

She opened her eyes, willing everything in her body to not give a damn about what Ronald thought. It wasn't working though. This was her best friend, her ex-lover. Someone who knew more about her than most. So the sudden urge to drive the fork through his cold heart surprised her more so than the argument they were having at the moment.

"What do you want me to say, Ronald? That I apologize for how I'm feeling?" She looked down at the way the water was now a murky, unclear color of brown and grey. The two were mixing so disgustingly in the dark sink, but with sudden fascination she saw that it was quite different and somewhat alluring. Together they created something of mere repulsion, but beneath it all there was this beauty of the unknown between the two.

"It's Malfoy! I'm sorry, but I don't seem to understand. Did you lose a part of your brain after the part where he watched you receive the Cruciatus Curse by his Aunt that last winter up until now?"

That's right, she thought as she watched the two colors swirl around some more. It had been a year since the tragic incident. The remaining effects of the curse had left her body shivering and aching for the rest of that week, dreams of the distant far away cries that erupted out of her mouth echoed in her head.

It was just last year, wasn't it?

She felt Ron move behind her, feeling the heated anger come off his skin and run down her back. She wanted nothing more than to turn around hug him. Make him understand where she was coming from with this.

"Is he..." The short pause was taken up by her slight intake in breath. His heavy breathing ran down the nape of her neck and across her shoulders. The soapy duds of the sink were becoming more interesting than before and she willed herself to not step further away from Ron. She didn't want him to know that he still affected her. "Is he blackmailing you?"

She turned around in the spot and looked up into his blue eyes and she stared hard as the smooth red freckles on the bridge of his nose moved slightly at his indignation. She soon felt his hands rise up and grab each of her arms.

No. This wasn't supposed to happen. She wasn't supposed to be having these feelings for Ronald anymore. That was the whole point. She was with Draco now!

She moved to the side, away from his warm embrace, and held on to the side of the counter behind her. "Y-you can't just do that to me, Ron."

He looked dumbfounded by her response and she held on tighter to the counter, looking down at her bare feet against the wooden floors of the Burrow.

"Do what, 'Mione?" The soft caress of his voice, the shushing lull of everything that was him, of everything that she loved.

She closed her eyes again and saw him behind her dark lids. The lean figure, the straight back, black robes- the blond hair that was always so neatly placed against his pale head. The grey irises that would look at her every morning when she'd go down to the Great Hall for breakfast- the way they watched her steadily. She could feel it now. And she missed it terribly. It made her forget things that needed to be forgotten.

"I'm with Malfoy. And..." She drew in a deep breath, shuddering at the sound of her own weak voice as she made the statement clear. "You can't tell me who I should and should not date, Ronald. I let you go so that you could get back with Lavender for the reason that you are my friend- first most and always. So," she stood up straight and took her hands off the counter. "Respect my choices."

She left the kitchen and walked slowly for the stairs. She stopped climbing it when she reached the top, making sure that he wasn't following her. After a few waited seconds, she held in her breath and squeezed the temples of her forehead with shaky hands.

All because Draco had to send her a blasted Christmas present in front of the entire Weasley family and Harry. All because it had to be a silver chain that had his initials engraved on the charm of a roaring lion. All because she smiled when she saw it once she took it out of the box while she had been sitting next to Ronald.

All because she was actually happy with the idea of him.

"You worry too much."

No shit.

She rolled her eyes at him and took a seat the bureau in his room. The wide mirror was really quite the enchanting piece of furniture. Why the Head Boy would ever need such luxuries, she wasn't too sure, but she who was she to complain? The way they had certain furnitures set up in the Slytherin dorms was really beyond her knowledge and she wasn't too sure if she cared all too much either.

Wrapping the knotty tendrils of her hair around her hand and lifting it up from off her shoulders, she grabbed her hair tie and restrained the puffy beast into a less hostile bun. "I just don't think your course of action for giving me the present went all too well."

She heard him groan as the springs of the bed squeaked, "I don't see why you would open it in front of the Weasel anyways. You knew it was from me-"

"Yes, well...it would have looked too suspicious if I had gone off and opened it elsewhere, don't you think? Next time-"

"Next time…bloody-you won't be going to the Burrow for Christmas break Granger, or Christmas for that matter. If anything, since we'll be done with Hogwarts in six months time, I propose holidays be spent at my place." His footsteps pounded loudly as she heard him search for his robes. He tied it around his bare figure and moved to stand behind her as she spelled away the morning puffiness around her eyes with her wand.

His pale hands rested on her tanned shoulder, tracing imaginary lines around her skin. Chills ran down her spine and gooseflesh erupted without warning as she locked her gaze with his- brown and grey.

"You've got yourself a flat?"

He nodded and continued his slow ministrations around the base of her neck, working his way up through her knotted hair, massaging the scalp then going back down to the base of her neck once more.

Hermione was sure he could feel the beat of her heart racing underneath her skin. She sure felt it all over her, especially in between her legs.

She clenched it together and sighed as he bent his body forwards and ran his lips across the place where his hands had been. She bent her head back subconsciously as she dropped her wand on the wooden table of the bureau.

He hummed against her moist skin and licked a dangerously smooth path from one shoulder to the other, kissing down the length of her spine on the way there. "Bought it after the war."

She muttered, "In Muggle London?" moaning when he nipped the shell of her ear. Hot breath of air blowing in, causing her to raise idle hands behind her- grabbing the soft hair of his head. She wanted him closer to her. The feeling was too much for her to not want to have.

The soft chuckle from his mouth shivered down her throat and she felt the heated whisper of his kiss on the side of her mouth, turning her head slightly to touch her lips to his. Only brushing against this rosy mouth.

"Muggle France, love."


"What of the Manor then?"

He growled as he attacked her lips with his, cutting the flowery attempt of obtaining them. His hurried motions against her mouth earned him a few covered moans from her mouth. He didn't stop until she was breathless and wanting more. He pulled back and stared into her eyes with want. "That place brings back memories that are better left in the past. I prefer to not live there, Granger." He leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on her lips again. "You understand that, don't you?"

She looked into his eyes, the crinkles of worry surrounding them.

Yes. She understood, indeed.

A letter from Harry and Ron had reached her room after her class with Professor Flitwick. She dropped her bags onto the bed and went over to the window to see Harry's new owl flying around frantically.

How long had it been out there?

She frowned at the little creature and let it in, making sure to avoid getting bit when she took the parchment out of its sharp beak.

Turning it over and unfolding every part of it, she looked down at the scrawled handwriting and began to read it:


Harry (and Ron!) here. Just wanted to let you know that we'll be heading over to Hogsmeade Village for Valentine's Day and we wanted to know if you could come along and join us around then. I know that since you're Head Girl you can probably persuade Professor McGonagall to let you head down there for the time being, but could you put in a word for Ginny?

Yes, yes. I know you don't like to abuse your position like this, but it really would mean a lot to me (and Ron!) if I had time to spend Valentine's Day with my two favorite girls. I hope you won't be busy then.

Unless you have other plans...

We only plan to spend the day there. And then the night is yours.

Please Hermione! It would mean so much to me (And Ron!)


Harry and Ronald

"Oh!" Ginny's blush soon matched the red hair on her head as she read the letter over once more."Well then, have you talked to McGonagall?"

Hermione took the letter from her and neatly stuffed it in her bag, turning in her seat to go back to her dinner. "I'm going to see if I can try to at least persuade some part of her. Valentine's Day is only three weeks away and it will be on a Saturday as well. Won't interfere with our schedules or anything of the sort. I don't see a problem with it."

Hermione took a spoonful of peas and ate silently as she thought of how she would tell the Headmistress, but soon a soft touch brought her out of that state of mind. "What about Malfoy, then?"

"What of him?"

Ginny was silent as she stared harder into her brown eyes. "Well. You're with him, aren't you? Won't he be a little put off that you're going to Hogsmeade on Valentine's Day to not only see Harry, but Ron as well?"

She frowned at the thought and put her spoon down. "I don't know..."

"I think you should let him know in advance."

Nodding her head, she turned her head and looked at him as he sat amongst Blaise and Pansy at the Slytherin table. His cool features were light today. Something about the way he was smirking when Blaise told him something, the way he laughed as Pansy concurred across the two. He looked so happy. And she couldn't help but feel a swell of something ferociously emotional growing within her.

He doesn't have to know. It was just a lunch with Harry, Ginny, and Ron.


She gulped down the thought of spending a romantic holiday with her ex-lover. The penetrating blue eyes she often dreamed about when she wasn't in bed with Draco. The way he would hold his spoon so incorrectly that she'd be tempted into fixing it for him. The audacious chewing noise and the way he smiled at her when he knew she found it annoying.

Draco didn't have to know a thing...

"So, we can only spend Valentine's evening together, then?"

She nodded quietly, staring cautiously into his eyes.

He shifted on the bed and brought her in closer. Her legs were draped across his pale thighs, the covers barely concealing his privates or her bottom. "Alright. Although I don't understand why Potter would want you to intrude between him and the Weasel-girl."

She buried her face into his smooth chest and breathed against it harshly. It was so hard to lie to him and she didn't like the feeling at all. "Harry and I have always been close, he won't mind." She felt him stiffen at the confession. "And besides, Draco. I can't let Ginny just parade around Hogsmeade with her boyfriend. I have to chaperone." This part was true. She had talked to McGonagall about it and was assigned to "babysit" her friends as they spent the day there.

He chuckled and the warmth of his laughter caused her to smile. "I see." He raised her chin up to look into her eyes. "What about the Weasel?"


Hermione took her eyes off of him and turned to look at a spot on the wall near the door of the bathroom. "He will be with Lavender, I'm guessing."

His scoff was loud and clear and she was brought to look into his eyes again. "Why he would leave you for that swot is beyond me, Granger." He drawled her last name and bent his head forward, sealing his words with a burning kiss.

"The training is tough as it is, Ron. Don't make me look like a pansy in front of my girlfriend." Harry scowled, but Hermione saw the hidden smile behind his green eyes.

They were in Madam Puddiefoot's, enjoying a nice cup of tea with some sandwiches. Ron had arrived later than the rest, saying he had to help George with some of the toys that were wrecking havoc around the shop. Ginny was currently snuggling in closer to Harry and Hermione was looking forlornly between the two, thoughts of Draco drifting in.

"Right, mate. Don't want to ruin your image. I get it." Ron laughed and leaned back in his chair next Hermione. His scent wafted in through her nose and she closed her eyes at the memories of grass, parchment, and peppermint toothpaste when he wrapped his arms along the back of her seat.

"How are things over at school though, Hermione? Not getting into any trouble with trolls in the bathrooms now, are you?" His smirk reminded her oddly of someone else and she shook the thought out of her head to answer him.

"No, but Moaning Myrtle does miss the both of you." His smile slipped and she couldn't help but giggle.

"Not funny..."

"Oh, but it is, Ron!" Harry's voice boomed over the table. "In fact, I remember when Myrtle had been there during our transformations into Crabbe and Goyle in second year...caught her taking a peek at you, mate" He winked and laughed as Ginny smiled widely at Ron's red face.

"Yeah. Well. I'm not the one who took a bath with her in Fourth."

His voice was low, but it did cause Ginny to look wearily at Harry, before turning her eyes back to Hermione and Ron.

"Oi! Mate. Not helping much." Harry scowled.

"Neither are you!"

"You have no one to impress at the dire moment now, do you?" Harry pointed to the empty seat next to Ron and Ginny burst out laughing.

"Yes. Ronald is with his imaginary date, Lucinda. Didn't you know, Harry?" Hermione smirked.

Harry's eyes rose with glee and he turned in his chair to the empty one, "Oh well. Please to meet you, Lucinda. Lucy, for short. I'm sure."

Ron grumbled under the heat of the moment, cheeks reddening from the embarrassment. Hermione laughed quietly and his eyes met hers before he smiled sheepishly and winked.

"How was it?"

"Fine. Tiring though. All that walking!" She dragged herself into his room, putting down her knitted bag and taking off her robes. She undid the knot in her hair and shook it free, running her fingers through it. "Harry swears that Auror training isn't as bad as some people make it out to be, but the stories that he and Ron were-"


She stopped fixing her hair and closed her eyes tightly at the slip of tongue. She stood still and waited quietly for the moment to pass, but she knew it wouldn't. It never did.

"Granger." His voice was leveled and cool.

She opened her eyes and looked into his as he laid back into the pillows of his bed. She let go of her hair and let her arms hang idly to her sides. "Draco," she walked closer to him and sat down near his still form. His back was up against the headboard, a book in his pale hands. "I-I didn't-"

He snapped the book shut and she shrieked lowly in throat from the surprise. "You didn't tell me. In fact..." He placed the book on the night stand near the bed, eyes kept on her. "I'm going to take a hunch here and say that you lied to me."

She bent her head down and looked at her shaking fingers as she fidgeted around with the hanging thread near the hem of her skirt. "I knew you would be upset if I had told you..."

"No. I wouldn't have."

She looked up at him dubiously and frowned. "Don't lie to me."

"But it's okay for you to lie to me."

She shook her head and felt the burning tears of anger rim the edges of her eyes, hair billowing around her like a hurricane. "I did it to-"

"If you say 'to protect me', Granger, I swear to Merlin that I'll shove you out of this room."

She closed her mouth and bit the tips of her bottom lip nervously. The tears weren't willing to cascade down her hot cheeks or go away. She reached out her shaking hands to touch his, but he flinched back and kept his grey eyes on her. "Don't."

Gasping at his coldness, she shrunk back and got off his bed, hands cradled around her torso. "Nothing happnened, Draco. It wasn't like that."

He turned around and flung his legs over the edge of the bed. He stood up and walked closer to her, breathing down her heated face with anger. Eyes inflamed with remnants of cool indifference and shame. She cringed at the sight of him, at the feel of him being so close. He looked far too intimidating and for once she was a bit wary of his body so dangerously close to hers.

"You and I started something together, just for the sake of your feelings because of the git."

She groaned and closed her eyes. "I know this, Draco. But listen-"

He grabbed her arm with his right hand and brought her closer to him. "No. You listen, Granger." She opened her eyes and looked into his face. "The whole reason this started was because you were distraught over him choosing Lavender instead of you. My need to comfort you in some way triumphed over my petty, childish antics of wanting to see you suffer. I've held my attraction towards you for far too long to let the opportunity to make you feel better slide. I've had to watch-" His voice broke and he looked down at his feet, breathing in slowly. "I've had to watch you get tortured by my Aunt, in my own home. Hear your voice shriek with unimaginable pain. It had felt like I was being cursed too." He looked back up to her and frowned. "Then I found out that more time was going to be spent with you here, at Hogwarts, because of our position. I took the opportunity to actually push aside the naivety, the silly names. And I wanted to make you understand that I could be-" He paused briefly and slowly took her in and she felt the slight shake in his hands as he still held unto her arm. "I've told you time and time again that I wanted you to forget about him…"

She flinched at the pain his grip had on her arm. She didn't push him away though, but instead brought him closer.

His stare faltered and she wrapped her free arm around his back.

"I know that, Draco. And..." She looked away from his stormy eyes and down at his clothed chest. "I'm so grateful. So grateful for your comfort. I cherish it more than you think-"

"Not enough to tell me the truth it seems."

She shook her head vehemently and held on tighter to him. "You don't understand. It's...it's going to take time, Draco. You have to understand that." She buried her face into his shirt and smelled the soap that he often showered in. So soft. And so him. "I've loved him for four years...it's just going to take sometime..."

His hold on her didn't falter and his breathing seemed a bit raspy and unclear. The soft, even breaths she was so used to when she'd watch him sleep or rub her fingers through his hair was enough to make her feel free and light again. But this wasn't what she liked.

"You need to stop pulling yourself into him."

She closed her eyes tighter and broke out into a sob, tears that were as hot as fire ran fiercely down her face. "I-I know. And Mer-erlin knows...knows I want t-to st-top." Was it supposed to hurt this terribly? The feeling of pushing aside the one you love so that you could be happier with someone who cared more about you? She wasn't sure why her heart was feeling like it was literally tearing at the seams, but the only thing she could understand, or feel, at the moment was his arms picking her light body up and moving to the bed to lay her down.

She snuggled into his warm body and she continued sobbing on his shirt. The tears didn't seem to want to subside, the shudders in her body didn't want to go away, and the thought of Ron moving away from her, while she was at a distance still holding on made her groan in pain. She wanted to let go. She needed to.

And it wasn't until the crying died down that she realized she spent Valentine's Day night with her boyfriend, crying in his arms because of a former lost love.

"Are you daft? You can't just hold the broom like that! Merlin, no wonder you had to write a paper on Quidditch in first year."

She growled at him and watched as he smirked at her from the other side of the hovering broom she was sitting on. "A little more positive criticism would be appreciated, Draco."

He eyed her quickly and nodded. "Alright. Sure." He tapped his fingers to his sharp chin and she looked forlornly at him as he pursed his lips, analyzing and looking over her. "Alright then. I must admit, Granger. You're breasts are looking quite lovely in that top of yours today."

She blushed and moved her hands, "I suppose that will have to suffice."

"Are you ready to fly then, Granger? Got the logistics of it and everything?" She rolled her eyes and he laughed. "Alright then. Just lean forward and command it with your mind to take off. It's that simple re-"

She felt the broom jerk forward and zoom across the grassy field in front of her. She screamed at the sudden movement and grabbed the head of the broom up to tighten her hold. Instead she felt her body lift higher off the ground and soon she was flying haphazardly at an unprecedented speed.

Taking a sharp turn left she swung herself around and felt her lower body losing hold on the broom itself. Her legs were numb and her stomached turned at the sight below her. The height was difficult for her to get a hold of, but she closed her eyes and wished for the best as she tried to tighten her legs around the broom.

No such luck was presented for the Head Girl and soon she found herself losing grip on the wood and falling off once the broom had reached a stable level above the ground.

Shutting her eyes at the inevitable impact of the earth against her body, she sucked in a breath of air when she landed into soft arms instead.

"Are you nuts, Granger?" She heard him hiss.

His voice was shaking and loud, but she held on tight as her breathing regulated itself. "You didn't teach me how to stop, you dolt!"

A pause. Then laughter. "You're impossible. What if I hadn't been there to catch you?" His face was serious then as he set her down.

She smiled against his shirt and looked up into his face, "Well, thank goodness that you were."

Merlin, he felt so good.

She watched as the sweat from his brow fell down the valley between her moistened breasts. Her toes curled as he grunted something unintelligible, hoisting her legs higher up his waist. Her tight hold around him brought him in deeper and she moaned at the feel of his soft, abrupt grinds as he rammed in and out of her.

Watching his hooded eyes haze over, she drew her arms up and wrapped them around his neck. Her hands tightened in hair, around his sweated locks, and she ran her nails through his scalp as he plowed deeper.

"Holy...fuck!" He groaned and grinded into her again and she lifted up her hips in response, feeling a fizzing tingle in her lower abdomen. "You're doing something to my sanity, Hermione."

He only really said her name freely during these moments, but she gladly accepted it. Smiling, she brought his head down to hers and allowed for her lips to brush against his. "You were never sane to begin with..." She moaned as the hand that had been in her hair roamed down her body and to the little bundle of nerves that had her keening for more. "Oh! So close..."

"Good," he growled out as he rubbed her nub quicker, pounding into her harder. "I'm close as well..." He buried his face into her curls, bringing his lips to her ear. "I want to hear you scream my name."

She nodded her head and grinded her hips against his hand and his hips, plowing deeper, harder, faster. "Only your name, Draco." She moaned and wrapped her legs tighter around his.

Soon she felt him slow down, right before she felt the tight knot in her come undone and she whimpered. "Draco?"

He hushed her and plowed slower into her, grinding every time his hips came into contact with hers. The knotted feeling in her lower belly got tighter once more and the hitch in her voice as she moaned out his name caused his breath to shudder against hers. "I want to do this slow..." He went deeper once more. Nuzzling his face into her neck, he groaned against her skin and sighed. "Merlin, Hemione. I lo-"

She froze against his moving body and took in a deep breath before whispering, "What?"

He froze above her and raised his head slowly from her neck, looking into her brown eyes. Shaking his head, he murmured, "N-nothing."

He went back to thrusting deep inside her, but she didn't stop inquiring. "No." He plowed deeper. She halted his movements with her legs, keeping him close to her. She ran her hands around his hair and breathed deeply. "Tell me."

Thrusting once more into her. Twice. Three times. His movements became shaky and his eyes closed as he lowered his forehead to hers. Hot breath against her cheek. "I love you, Hermione. Not sure why yet..." He opened his eyes and smirked. "But we'll find out soon, won't we?"

She gasped as his slow thrusts rocked her into submission and she moaned with him as he unraveled in his carnal ecstasy. Unloading into her his deepest emotions, feelings, his own self. She felt all of him. And she held on tighter as she was brought to her own climax.

Stars behind her eyes, uneasy breathing, and a tingle of sorts running all over her lower parts and into her spine. The smell of parchment, grass, and a dusty, cold manor was all she could gather from the experience. And as she opened her eyes to look into his, the hazy grey irises met her brown ones- so disgustingly beautiful together, she thought. And she smiled.

The way grey and brown mixed together was different, but as she held on to him tighter and kissed his lips lazily she realized she loved it more than she thought she ever could.

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