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Chapter 1: Doubt Me Not!

I can see it, he may be fully covered but underneath those clothes... he is completely one hundred percent... naked...

Okay ya ya everyone is naked under there clothes... but no one looks as great naked as he does, well at least in my mind anyway,see I haven't actually seen my boss naked * cue blush * but I have thought about it so much, that I feel like I have... his long shoulder length hair in a low pony tail, his bright blue eyes almost electric, his square jaw, that little bit of stubble that drives me crazy, his body is fit, and strong, without being overly big, he is the perfect man for me, and so totally unattainable... I guess maybe I should start with my name...

Hi I'm Isabella Swan, but my friends call me Bella... actually everyone calls me Bella.. except for my swoon worthy Boss, James Masters... or Mr. Masters... only people that call him James in this office, are the ones who get fired 3 seconds afterward... because not only is my boss the most attractive man on this whole earth, he is also cruel, and judgmental too. I hear a lot of crap from him, how inadequate I am for this job... which is seriously a crock... I'm an over qualified secretary, and the only reason I haven't told him to shove it is because... well come on if you don't already know read above! and the money isn't bad too! anyway, so here I am typing out Mr. Masters daily schedule.

It is already set up on the computer, which he can transfer over to his blackberry, that he never removes from his hip... but he really loves to make things difficult, and he seems to think the three dozen columns I have to read through, and categorize, before it goes to him, is just not enough... "beautiful bastard" I grumble under my breath, as I see him screaming on the phone through the window to his office. Did I mention the man likes to yell.. a lot.

I quickly print two copies one for myself, and ones for Mr. Masters, then very quietly, and steadily walk into the lions den. His door was open, so I knew it was safe to enter... at least that's what I figured till I planted his schedule on his desk and look up. His eyes were locked and narrowed directly on me. I kept my face stone and started to back out... until he abruptly put his hand up, in a -stop now or I will eat you whole and spit out your bones- move. So I stopped, since I did enjoy breathing, and my bones very much.

"This conversation is over, if you can't handle the truth, then go work somewhere else... actually I insist on it, your fired Victoria, come and pack your shit, before I have it thrown in the dumpster out back."

Uh oh this was gonna be a bad day, but inside I was thrilled. Victoria was a column writer... not a very good one... and she was also an ongoing fling with James- Mr. Masters, at least that was the story around the office, I wanted to believe it wasn't true, but the woman was gorgeous, with fiery red hair, bright green eyes, a gorgeous smile, and a body to die for... hell if I was a lesbian and not so damn shy I'd wanna do her too. James shh don't tell him I use his name... was giving me the stink eye still, and I had no idea what his beef was, I was about to ask him how I could help, but he thankfully, finally spoke up. "Isabella, I understand that you don't believe in boundaries, but when I am in the middle of a conversation the polite thing to do is to stay the FUCK out till I'm done." Oh boy this was gonna be a rough one.

"Yes Mr. Masters, I apologize." I said quietly... because even though my inner monologue is brave, and judgmental, and witty and powerful, I'm not like that on the outside... I've been referred to as a kitten way more times than I would ever like to admit... and I really hated confrontation. I could feel my cheeks heating as James stared me down. He had always told me if the door is open come on in, but if its closed stay out, buzz him if its important... but today was gonna be one of those, I'm never satisfied days... I just wanted to crawl under a rock and watch from a distance.

"Hold all my calls, and if Victoria is not here by noon today I want her shit packed up, and thrown in the garbage bin out back... do you understand?" He asks. I nod, even though I really don't want to touch her shit, it would give her another excuse to freak on me... she always waned to rail on me, like a damn high school classroom, where the teacher is late. "Good, now get out of my office and out of my face." With that, I beat feet and speed walked to my desk... where I can watch, from a distance, just the way I liked it.


12:02 the clock on my desk blinked, and I groaned for the fifth time in the past two minutes, Victoria had not come to collect, which means, I should be packing her shit up right now... instead I ducked my head and started to read another column, which I finished too quickly.

12:09 oh no if I didn't get my ass up and do it soon James was gonna... "Damn it Isabella, what did I tell you to do by noon if she wasn't here to grab her shit." Yelled James from his office, obviously he had been watching to see if she would show. I didn't even bother to apologize, I just got up and jerkily threw all of her stuff in a box. Which wasn't much, a couple pictures, some candy, a couple unused condoms, and lube... what in the hell was she doing during work hours. I could feel my face heating as I quickly threw them in the box like they burned me. I looked around to see if anyone was watching, but thankfully no one was, they were all keeping there heads down and mouths shut, in fear they would be next most likely.

I quickly walked to the elevator and pushed the down button, it was only the tenth floor up, so it didn't take too long to get to the bottom, and I hurried along, hoping I would not run into the red headed bitch, but as soon as the outer door closed behind me, I knew I was not that lucky. There she was exiting the vehicle and when she spotted me with her stuff, her smug look turned down right viscous. "What in the fuck, are you doing with my stuff?" She snarled, ripping it from my hands. I took several steps back, feeling a little scared for my safety.

"James- I mean Mr. Masters asked me to throw it out." I stuttered out, feeling utterly mortified that I used his first name... and of course Victoria missed nothing

She laughed at me, her eyes narrowed. "Still following James around like a lost puppy are we." She chortled as she looked me up and down. "Get over it Isabella, he will never see you as more than a nuisance that he cant fire because your too damn goody and he cant find a reason without getting sued." I clenched my teeth together, and could feel my eyes water... dammit I hated confrontation. Instead of saying anything back, which I couldn't even if I wanted to with the golf ball sized lump in my throat, I turned and quickly walked back into the office building, and slammed the button with the up arrow a dozen times before the doors finally whined open. The elevator was a little off the past month, and no one had come to look at it yet, stupid elevator stupid people... "Stupid Victoria." I screamed, kicking the wall closest to me, her name ringing back into my ears, making my head pound.

What if she was right, what if he only kept me around because he couldn't find a reason to fire me... what if I was just some kind of shitty burden, and everyone around me knew but me. The doors dinged open and I jumped, so lost in thought that I hadn't realized I was at my floor. I got out and kept my head down. Making sure to steer clear from everyone.

Then I sat down at my desk, and... I just sat there, my brain running circles around me... the words 'not good enough', flashing in my head like a neon freaking sign. I had at least ten columns left to read, but I just couldn't pick them up. I had been at this job for three years, slaving away, doing everything he asks, accepting insult after insult, never being praised, even when I knew I should, all because of what, because my boss was attractive... OK no that was not the only reason, I wanted to work my way up, I wanted to write a column, not read other peoples, or hell I could even do both, but both times I had asked, James had told me I just didn't have what it takes... and to get him more coffee.

So I would work harder, and read others, but still nothing, I had even slipped a couple of mine in there, but never got any feedback.

Was this it for me, forcing my boss to keep me on, even though he despises me, all because I am punctual, because I act like a puppy dog and fetch and stay and lay down when he tells me to.

I put my face in my hands, feeling more sick than I ever had before, I couldn't just quit, I needed the money, my little house I rent is not the cheapest, and I have insurance, and bills. But staying at a job where I'm not wanted, how can I do that.

I knew I needed to talk to him, to ask him... but asking him anything was damn near impossible especially for me. The pile of columns on my desk were still sitting there, and I still... I just couldn't touch them.

I hate that that red headed devil has made me doubt myself so much, that I can barely function. "Isabella, my office, now." Came James' voice, directly in front of me. I hadn't even realized that he had come over. I quickly jumped up an followed him in, waiting for a tongue lashing and not the good kind. "Take a seat." He said his voice rough. I did as he asked... like a good little puppy my mind taunted. "Is there a reason your have been sitting at your desk for the past hour, without doing a single thing?" James asked, now sitting across from me, his large cherry wood desk separating us.

I felt like a kid in a principles office, and for the first time in a long time, I was angry, angry and confused. "Yes there is." I said boldly, raising my chin, even as I could feel my tears fighting for dominance... "I had a confrontation with Victoria in the parking lot, because you asked me to dispose of her stuff." My voice was more sure than it had ever been before when talking to him.

"Is that so, and what did Victoria say that has disrupted your life so much?" He questioned with a hmmm at the end.

I wanted to storm out, at that moment I actually wanted him to fire me, to put me out of my misery, and so that is why I let the next words fall from my mouth. "If you don't feel that I am an asset to this company, and if you feel that I am some poor puppy you cant get rid of, I would appreciate it, if you told me now." I slammed my mouth shut, and watched as James' eyes narrowed to slits. But there was no way I could take that back now... and if I was being honest, I didn't want to... that was freaking liberating.

"Well Isabella, look who's trying to find there back bone." James gave a sly smile and sat back in his chair, I was fuming mad, my anger was trying to boil over, and I had no idea whether I was going to lash out, or cry my face off... "But it is true I'm afraid, you are somewhat of a hindrance, for me as my secretary." Cry definitely cry... abort, abort, before you make a fool... "Which is why I no longer want you as my secretary." This was it, knife through my heart, twist left, twist right... lump in my throat. "From now on you are taking over Victoria's column, and hopefully you can always make your pieces as good as the ones you slip to me once in awhile." Woah back up.

"Did you just promote me?" I croaked out, my throat tight. James just nodded once, then dismissed me, like he hadn't just given me the best freaking thrill of my life. I bolted to the bathroom, and let he tears that were on backup, fall. But those tears were tears of joy dammit, I was now a column writer.

I cleared out my old desk, and people were looking at me like I was psychotic, probably because I was grinning, and they probably thought I was fired... until I moved all my stuff to the devils old desk, then I heard a clap, and two, and three.. I looked up and the whole office was staring at me, grinning, there were a couple whoops and congrats. I laughed out loud, the joy bursting from me.

Until James came out, and told everyone to get back to work... but if I wasn't mistaken, he seemed a little less edgy... or it was just cause I was so damn happy.

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