A/N: This is my first attempt at doing a reverse role story, inspired some by the partial draft of Midnight Sun(There will be some MS like references, I warn. Especially in this first chapter during the biology lesson) The names are the same for the most part as is the canon storyline with minor altercations(It wouldn't be fan fiction if it was a perfect replica of the original, neh?)

I will say this. I'm changing some lore around regarding Meyer's version of the typical vampire.

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"But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,

thou shalt not eat of it:

for in the day that thou eatest thereof

thou shalt surely die."

-Genesis 2:17

Humans call it napping. Sleeping on the job. Getting some shut-eye.

It's what I wished I could do, right about now. But alas, I could not. Even if I really wanted to. Instead, I had to listen to a tumult of voices crowding around in my head like fire ants, each one the same pitch of excitement.

There was only a few people that were an exception to my gift, but only because I wanted them to be. I ignored the buxom blonde Rosalie to my left, leaning all to comfortably into her black-haired giant hulking husband-Emmett. Today was special because they were celebrating their sixtieth anniversary. What better way to celebrate that by having another private ceremony after school ended today? Ick. Rosalie's mind was tumbling with visuals of the new bridal gown she had bought. Pretty soon this woman was going to have as many weddings as there were years in my existence on this planet.

To the same man, mind.

Or the same vampire, I should say.

Rosalie was beautiful in her own way, different from mine, as I was told. She thought herself statuesque with her golden locks trailing down her back and her petite body. She had large, prominent blue eyes that she only enhanced with makeup that really did her no good as she was already the 'fairest' of them all in this cafeteria.

Emmett was taller than Rosalie with a muscular build and curly dark hair. He had hands nearing the size of two trash can lids. Which was probably an exaggeration on my part. His mind was considerably less vain than Rosalie's usual ramblings.

Today, he was firing off anticipation for the football game that would be on later. After he had appeased Rose, of course.

There was also Alice and Jasper, directly across from me was Alice. She was monitoring her surroundings with much enthusiasm. Her short inky black hair was going to near disarray and her dark forest green eyes were going to shift to white if she didn't stop trying to give every passerby of our table one of her heart-breaking smiles. A play for the other students who might have looked our way. Which was pointless, considering almost no one bothered looking at the Cullens. Her thoughts were welcome and happy that everyone else was excited, or perhaps Jasper was keeping her that way.

He met my gaze evenly. I leaned back in my seat and crossed my legs along with my arms, giving him an accusatory glare. He stared back, defiant, running his fingers through his short honey-colored hair and fixing me a half-smile to show how devious he really was. Alice stepped up to be the first to throw her food away, walking like a dancer across the linoleum where she dumped the tray then glided back to us, giving my shoulder a squeeze before sitting back down.

Unlike my 'siblings', I was different from them. We all had our unique gifts, which usually came with our species as a whole.

Alice had the ability to see the future. Rather, she saw the future of the current road an individual was on. If they changed their mind, the whole future shifted and the vision changed as well.

Rosalie had her vanity. That wasn't a gift, she was just vain. More than she should have been.

Jasper was an empath. He could shift the emotions of anyone to his own desired emotion. You could be angry as a starving dog and he could make you docile with his presence. A useful ability but not without its drawbacks. Some people liked being angry.

Emmett had his brute strength. He wasn't that muscular or that big for show. Getting into a wrestling match with him and winning was as easy as stepping into the ring with four giant grizzly bears at once. You weren't going to win.

And then there was me. Isabella. Ever since I rose into immortality, I had the ability to read the minds of every human I had ever encountered. A useful ability considering as years went by, the human psyche changed as well. The lies of the spoken tongue piled up more proficiently and it was useful in finding the truth behind a crook's smile.

The kids here were all too intimidated by us. Our beauty, our general anti-social behavior and not to mention, we certainly acted the part of snooty rich kids.

I leaned forward and eyed the meal I had just purchased for three dollars and fifty cents with some disgust. I had grown past the time where I wanted to eat human food as part of the facade.

I glanced over my shoulder and caught my own reflection off the glare on a freckled girl's glasses. My eyes were shining with cold obsidian, and dark circles were forming underneath my eyes like bruises. I still looked stunning. It wasn't hard to guess that I'd always have that. My full red lips, my intoxicatingly dark brown eyes. My pale skin(slightly olive toned right now because of my lack of nutrition) which mirrored my siblings, paler than normal but flawless nonetheless. My body was about as slender as Rosalie's, athletic and tall but not too tall. Emmett still towered over me. But the signs around my eyes were a clear indication.

I was thirsty.

Already my gaze had melted from one of controlled boredom to blind thirst and I was eying the girl's exposed neck. What a perfect place to stop and have a chat while debating where to sit down. I zeroed in on the tracery of the veins at her throat, mesmerized at how the pulsed when she moved her head while talking. It would be so easy. There was a dry ache starting in my throat. All the muscles in my body tightened for the spring I could so easily conduct. Venom flowed in my mouth, nearly suffocating me.

Alice kicked me underneath the table with surprising force. My knee actually ached for a moment when I broke out of my stupor and looked back to her.

I saw that, Bella. She said, her voice mirroring disapproval in my head.

"I didn't," I answered out loud with a lick of my lips while my thirst began to die. Rosalie also broke out of her train of thought and ogling of Emmett to glare between us. She hated this about Alice and me, our silent conversations. It made her feel very left out. Like what more could be more interesting than how fabulous Rosalie looks today?

The girl had noticed nothing in the few minutes she and her companion were standing there. Not noticing at all that she had a near encounter with death today. They giggled as they passed my chair and I swallowed the stinging venom with a burn in my throat more pronounced than ever before.

You should have hunted with Rosalie and Emmett yesterday, chastised Alice.

"Yeah, right," I muttered with a sneer. Really? With those two? Did she not realized what they did when they were on a hunt together? It didn't matter if there was a third party or not. The two of them...ugh, it was gross.

Then you should have hunted with Jasper and I the day before.


It's just going to get harder as the day progresses and you know it.


I'd done a lot worse in my day. My grand score was going a full five months without feeding. We needed blood to survive, not to live. Though the five month trial was well over forty years ago. With Carlisle, my maker and adoptive "father" having methods of dieting, feeding off the blood of animals was to be done weekly to keep us well-fed and nourished so we wouldn't do or think what I was thinking right now.

I turned my mind to other things, letting the stream of internal chatter that everyone was going through invade my mind once more. Which was never comforting. But at least I got rid of having to see Alice's repeated vision in my head of me mangling a girl in front of the whole A lunch crew. If that was her idea of warning me...

The school was so small, that a new kid was a big deal, whether it was for underclassmen or upper. Like the whole school was an elaborate gang and everyone had to know everyone.

The new boy was nothing special except that his hair was actually a peculiar shade of bronze and slightly untidy in its shape. He had large green eyes much like Alice's and pale skin. I hadn't seen him directly but now I could get a clear view of him at what was supposed to be the popular Juniors' table. His name was Edward Swan and he was the police chief's only son. His pride and joy. There was the generically popular Jessica Stanley with her wild, curly dark hair that reminded me of Emmett's.

There was her counter part, sandy haired Mike Newton. Ah, Mike. He had classes with both Rosalie and I and hadn't decided which of us he liked better. He fantasized about both of us. Rosalie, who was used to getting those open-mouthed stares, didn't mind. But I did, especially since I could see what was in his head when he thought them. Rosalie loved the attention that she got, and while I was mostly used to it, sometimes the things humans thought about us disturbed me.

Right now he was leaning down on the new kid, sitting inappropriately on the cafeteria table while he explained the girls of the junior year to him.

Course he's lookin' at the Cullens.

My surname caught me. I looked over without shame to find the boys of the table looking our way. The new one in particular. I met his gaze with a somber, calculating expression. Strange, I hadn't heard him mention anything about us internally. I raised a perfect eyebrow at him before turning my attention back to the family when Edward Swan proceeded to speak aloud about us.

"Who are they?" The boy had asked. His voice was very soft and a bit more hesitant than Mike's. I suppose that came from being new and the biggest eye candy for the rest of the school. Naturally the only table that showed no interest in you would suddenly become fascinating.

I tried to brush his mind purposely then without actually looking at him, just stretching out. I could feel Mike all too clearly and his cold, possessive response.

You don't stand a chance, bro. None of us do.

"Those are the Cullens. The hot blonde ones name is Rosalie," I could do without the mental picture of Rosalie wearing her black short shorts in gym and white tee, both about two sizes two small for her. " The one with the short black hair is Alice. And the dudes are Emmett and Jasper. Emmett and Jasper are Rosalie and Alice's boyfriends. They're all like...together."

"Except for...?" Edward was asking, and I could feel his gaze on me.

I chose this moment to address Rosalie. " We're being watched. Why don't you two stop acting like you're going to suck eachother's faces off at any moment?"

Rosalie tore her gaze from her husband to glower. "Get stuffed, Bella. Go eat a rabbit or something and stop making the rest of us miserable."

Emmett just laughed and reached across Rose to pat my shoulder which would have sent me head first into the table had I been human. "You're no fun, kid."

Jasper smiled at me across the table. He was actually our newest, and I warranted the way I was feeling was how he did on a daily basis. I had a desire to throw my tray at him, but instead I stood up and threw my untouched food to its correct place within the trash.

"She doesn't date," Mike was concluding out loud when I tuned back into that conversation. I did look at Edward again then. It was meant to be a curious look, but his bright green eyes widened and he purposely took a heavy sip of his chocolate milk. I could tell he was surprised by just what I was wearing which wasn't normal high school clothing. I was wearing a tight black dress that didn't quite reach my knees and high heels. The only thing stopping my dress from leaving little to the imagination was the black jean jacket I had donned to give off the look that I was shielding from the rain.

A lot of other students were following my lead, as lunch was about to be over in five minutes anyway. Rosalie and Emmett were having a mini food fight on their way to the trash, throwing bits of strawberry at one another while she giggled loudly.

"She's very pretty," was all Edward had to say on the matter. While I pretended to wait for Jasper to come back from dumping his tray at our table, I tried to tune out everyone else in the cafeteria for a moment. A difficult feat, but one I had mastered quite well. Edward's voice was quite distinct from everyone else who was obsessing over what they wanted to do next with him. Some girls were thinking up random excuses to walk with him to his next class even if it wasn't the same as theirs. It was easy to tune it all out...I tried to pick up on his voice in the midst...

But I couldn't. Not a sound.

That wasn't good. That was definitely not good. That never happened. Maybe he wasn't thinking at all. But how was that possible? Maybe I was losing my touch.

"Shall we then?" Alice was saying, lacing her arm through mine. A curious notion on her part. We were playing the part of juniors though, so we parted from Rosalie, Jasper and Emmett quickly, heading in the opposite exit then us.

She was about head the other direction of the hall that I was going to which would lead me to the boringness of Biology.

"Bella," She said out loud, unlacing her arm and looking dead into my eyes. I stared back, raising an eyebrow. I waited for her to speak, but she only looked at me. The bell rang over head and she abruptly turned away, heading down the hall without a backward look at me.

I suppose this was Alice's way of conveying her worry for my lack of feeding. Woman was so annoying sometimes.

I entered Biology and took my usual place at the empty lab table. Everywhere else there was two to a seat. Since people generally stayed away from the Cullens, this wasn't abnormal.

Mike had tried to switch partners with pimple-skinned Eric Yorkie a few times to get a seat with me, but I had told the teacher, Mister Banner, I didn't want a new partner and I preferred to do the labs by myself anyway. Banner had said that in the event that they received a new student, I wouldn't have this privilege anymore. I considered this very unlikely and enjoyed my privacy.

However, Edward Swan entered the classroom along with new buddy Mike Newton. He was laughing about something and I could hear him quite clearly. I looked over my shoulder and watched as he walked the aisle between desks towards the teachers desk. Ah, so I was going to get a partner now. How interesting. Especially since at the moment, it seemed Edward was thinking nothing.

All of that changed when he passed my desk.

Everything changed then.

A blast of heat burst through all my senses. The sweetest blood I could have ever hoped to be near in my life.

The human facade I had been encased in shattered like glass. If I was in a dangerous place in the lunch room, it was nothing compared to how I was now. My predator instincts overshadowed all of my basic human ones that had kept me from embracing the killer I had once been so long ago.

All gone now.

Venom filled my mouth and my muscles tightened. My feet were already on the ledges of the stool, my body automatically reacting beyond my normal control to leap off the desk and take him in my arms. His protests would be weak, weak as caressing fingers on my iron grip.

There hadn't even be a second between us while I thought of all this. He was now at the teacher's desk showing his schedule to Banner. I couldn't allow Mister Banner or the twenty odd students in this classroom live with what I was planning to do. The bell had rung and all who were supposed to be here were here. I had to kill them all if I wanted to drain the damned human in peace.

Damned, I could have laughed aloud at that if I was capable of rational thought at that moment.

Mister Banner was pointing to the seat next to me. When Edward turned to me, I felt my shoulders raise and my body sort of cave in on itself. He gave me a tentative smile while I closed my eyes, sure that the dark onyx of them had melted into dark red, a natural reaction to fresh blood. Except Edward Swan was not bleeding and he had already slid into the stool beside me. I couldn't look at him, yet he was looking at me, curious at my frozen position.

Curious. All he was was curious. Haha.

Mister Banner was already launching into an explanation about an overview of Cellular Mitosis which I neither cared for nor acknowledged.

Instead I turned to meet his gaze and saw him flinch in shock at me. I didn't know what he saw there until I saw it reflected back in those piercing green eyes. It was me, my face contorted with hunger and bloodlust, my mouth open and my teeth bared. My eyes were no longer red, but black with utter revulsion and hatred. He was staring fixedly at the teacher, I knew. He wasn't the type to blatantly ask why someone was glaring at them. He wasn't that rude.

Because I did hate him that much right now. He had done nothing verbally, nothing physically. Yet I hated him more than I hated anything in my life.

Deep down, I knew my hatred for him was not true. Not just. The one I really loathed was myself.

I inhaled deeply, when his scent washed over me in a haze of crimson. The overpowering desire to sink my teeth into his throat was eminent. I could see the veins in his neck, much more prominent then the girl in the cafeteria. It made my breathing hitch and if my heart was beating, it'd be racing, pumping adrenaline like acid.

I stopped breathing altogether, which was beautiful. Truly beautiful. The murderous act I was on the verge of committing went to the back of my mind...For the moment. His scent still lingered in my mouth as if I had already tasted him.

No, I couldn't do this. So close. So close. So close.

My adoptive mother, Esme, her face shined in my line of vision when I closed my eyes, determinedly moving my head back to the front. She was so kind, ever so loving. I had always tried to be independent even while staying under Carlisle's fair tutelage. Now, I never craved comfort more than I did right now. The love of my mother gently numbing away the grating desire to kill.

I hadn't killed for so long. For over eighty years, my record was slowly but surely cleansing.

And in the span of one second, one Biology hour...I could see my nearly forgotten past come crashing down on me. Wrought with all the horrors I had invested time in creating, all the blood I had spilled...

When Rosalie had been changed shortly after me, she had gone wild with her anguish at what she had become. She wanted revenge first, for what had happened to her. The prospect of losing her human life did have all the drawbacks Rosalie cared for, however. Like babies and growing old with the one she loved.

I never had those setbacks because I did not care for any of those type of misgivings. In my human life, all that mattered to me was taking care of my family. I had to do that since the day I could walk. They contracted the Spanish Influenza before I did.

My mother begged Carlisle to save my life before she died. And so he did. In such blind fury for not being able to save my own family, the family I had come to take care of for all my life, I left Carlisle and Esme. In 1928, I had my rebellion period where I targeted the worst scum of society to appease my thirst for human blood.

Eventually, shame overcame me. Eternity was a long time to think cruelty was just...and it became quite apparent that my methods was not so just. I returned to Carlisle's way of life.

This way of life.

And this boy...This stupid boy, was wrecking havoc on my very existence.

Carlisle would probably forgive me. He thought me better than this, even if I did kill Chief Swan's only son. We'd run away, start over...

And I'd be left wishing I'd have been ripped apart.

When the bell rang, Edward's life was saved. I rushed out of the classroom in a blur, not daring to breathe still. I didn't want to see that boy. I didn't want to see that boy ever again if I could help it. I found my feet automatically taking me to the ladies room where I passed Jessica Stanley. She looked appalled when she saw me.

Isabella Cullen...What's wrong with her face? She looks like she's about to have hysterics.

Did I? I waited for her to leave with her thoughts before I gripped both edges of a porcelain sink and took in my expression.

She was right.

I looked like I might spontaneously combust at any moment. I was breathing in an out too-fast pace, taking in the clean, bleached air in blatant desperation. My eyes were still bruised and puffy from lack of feeding. Of all the days. Of all the days, seriously. Dry sobs racked my body and I saw my face crack. No tears ran, but how I wished they could. Anything from seeing the murderous parasite in the mirror who had so nearly killed a human life or several a few moments before. I couldn't do this again. There was no way in hell...My control was wavering on the edge of a blade, very nearly teetering off. I could not see this boy, ever again. The mystery of his lack of thoughts was all but gone now. The scent of his blood was still a memory that had been burned into my brain for all eternity. It burst my throat into flames just thinking about it.

I cupped my throat then, still crying. It occurred to me, though...that if I did not want to see him. I could simply change classes. Yes. I could test out! Of course! I rushed out of the bathroom to the front office where the elder secretary was behind the large counter printing something out.

When she saw me, she smiled.

Isabella Cullen? Doesn't she have Spanish this period?

Trust a small school like this to have the secretary know everyone's schedule personally.

"Can I help you with something, Miss Cullen? Don't you have class this period?" She asked.

"I need some help changing my schedule," I rearranged my features so my eyes were smoldering into hers. Mrs. Cope may not have been interested in women, but that wasn't a problem. I was a sweet, innocent, straight-A student and Cope liked that.

"Of course, Isabella," Mrs. Cope replied, conceding to my intent. "How can I help?"

"I was wondering if I could drop biology," I stated.

" Is there something wrong with Mister Banner?" She inquired.

"No, I'd just like to test out. I know the material already,"

Of course you do."Actually, Isabella, it's the middle of the year and I'm afraid the date to sign up for test-outs has passed already," Mrs. Cope told me sadly.

The door opened behind me and with it a fresh wave of air. The person who entered had unusually silent thoughts. I kept focusing on Mrs. Cope, anxious to make this work.

"Then can I just drop Biology?" I asked, reverting back to my initial request. " I could use the period for study hall."

"Drop the class?" She repeated, looking shocked I'd even suggest it. "You won't have enough credits..."

"I can always take zero hour. You know the hour before school starts? Or maybe an seventh period class after hours?" I asked.

"You should talk to your parents about that, Isabella,"

I inhaled some fresh air to speak with.

Big mistake. The silently thinking stranger was Edward. He was here for God knows what. I peered over my shoulder, straight at him.

He wore a puzzled frown that clearly told me he hadn't forgotten too soon my glower in Biology. He raised an eyebrow and those bright green eyes widened. I wondered what expression I wore.

His smell was back like a demon from hell back to laugh in my face, saturating my veins as if I had already tasted him. I almost moaned from the dizzying scent that would plague me in my dreams if I could dream at all. So sweet...The vicinity was so much smaller than the bulky classroom and aside from Mrs. Cope, there was only a few witnesses here that I'd have to kill as opposed to the twenty before.

Oh, it would have been so easy, right then...

And so wrong. I opened my eyes, not realizing I was lost in a second of my own visionary slaughter of Edward.

Focusing back on Mrs. Cope, I all but growled at her. "Never mind. I can see that it's impossible. I'll just have to endure."

I spun around and very nearly slammed into Edward's shoulder on my way out. I careened past people in the hall easily as I made for the exit. The parking lot was empty because the bell had only rung exactly two minutes ago. I slipped inside of my silver Volvo waiting for the other four to come. Alice came first, her arm linked with Jasper's. I couldn't discern her expression yet I was surprised she hadn't come running to find me. How many different futures had she seen in the last two hours? Or was she even looking in my future? How very perfect.

Rosalie and Emmett had climbed in too, Rosalie on the passenger side of me.

"Bella?" Emmett asked when I reversed out of the parking lot. He could see I wasn't my normal, broody self. There was tension coming off me in waves and you didn't need to be Jasper Hale to figure that out.

She looks angry, Rosalie was thinking.

Most interesting, Jasper got the full front of the deal and he could tell the tenor of my emotions were ranging from insane to completely out of control. He was wondering how exactly I was still able to drive without trying to flip the car.

Maybe I was.

"What's your deal, woman? You look like you caved and had a buffet," Rosalie teased. I cast her a dark look before spinning the car past Tyler Crowley's stupid blue van and getting on the main road where I pushed past fifty. I could tell I definitely didn't look like I caved into anything. I glanced into the mirror and could see my complexion was still much worse than any of the other four.

"Shut up," I muttered, easily avoiding incoming cars.

"Bella," Alice said from the back.


"You don't have to go," She said, puzzling me. But nothing could bring me out of the delusional stupor. The mere ghost of Edward's scent was lingering, like a strong perfume that had been sprayed on me. No amount of washing, whether in rain or soap was going to get rid of it.

"Go where," I retorted.

"Anywhere," She said, and for a second I considered delving further into her mind to figure what exactly she meant. But I didn't have to. A vision of me, still considerably underfed, in the snowy mountains of Northern Canada came to mind. I don't know what I was doing there. Getting away, perhaps? Sounded like a good idea.

I sighed in response.

Once we reached the house, Carlisle was waiting at the door, presumably to greet us all. I wondered if he had off today. Perfect for me. I scrambled out of my seat belt first to meet him.

"Bella," He said when I entered, then he eyed my expression and his medical concern came in fast. He took my face between his hands. "Your turning green, Bella. Why haven't you fed?"

"Because she's an idiot," Rosalie explained as she was passing by.

"Carlisle, she very nearly killed a human today. I saw it," said Alice when she had stepped inside, throwing off her white jacket. So Alice did see something. And she didn't come to me...That was comforting.

I shrugged off Carlisle's hold, unable to face him.

"You should go out and hunt with me. Right now. I'll take Esme along with us. We'll-"

"I can't," I stated, overriding him. My throat, my head and my every inch wanted some sustenance that he was offering. It was draining my willpower to deny my father this. I sunk into the piano chair. " I have to go for a while."

"Go...Go where?" Carlisle asked while Rosalie and Emmett disinterestingly went into the kitchen to greet Esme, who was watching a cooking show. Jasper stayed near me, hoping to control the atmosphere with his ability. I was very quick to dispel this by determinedly holding onto my current state.

What are you so afraid of? I've never seen you so...

"Weak?" I chuckled darkly.

"I wasn't going to say that," Carlisle amended. "Conflicted, Bella. What's wrong?"

My eyes flickered to his concerned expression then away. He only cared and wanted what was best for me, but I couldn't look him in the face while telling him what I felt today. Thank God our abilities weren't reversed. But what I would give just to have his compassion right now. If I had his compassion, the idea of killing Edward would have barely grazed my mind.

But I didn't want him to see this.


"You have no idea how hard this is for me," I finally stated in answer. I stood up. "Tell Esme for me, will you?"

I didn't want to think about my adopted Mother's pain at seeing me leave.

He stared at me for a long moment and I tried to keep the agony from my face. Slowly, he nodded in understanding. "All right. Don't be too long, Bella. But please come back home to us soon."

No promises there. And I didn't make one. I just nodded in return before exhaling deeply and re-entering the rain.