Leaning against the wall I embraced the chilling wind as my dress flapped uselessly around me. It was almost too quiet for my liking, a stark contrast to the blaring horns and drunken cursing I often heard outside my bedroom window in Seattle. Forcing back my tears I raised my cigarette to my lips again, my hand shaking.

"Did you have enough all that happiness crap too?"

The voice startled me causing my heart to stutter momentarily in my chest. Not turning around I took another drag of my cigarette knowing it would be one of the many clones that were almost positively on steroids who hung around with my sister's baboon of a husband. Even after the countless years I wondered what the hell my sister had gotten herself into?

"Obviously," I rolled my eyes as I flicked some ash on the ground, "which was why I walked far, far away to be alone. But I've figured out that's near impossible in La freekin Push. As you have just kindly demonstrated."

"Ooh touchy. Someone obviously forgot to take their medication this morning," his voice was low and it sent shivers down my spine. Scowling I lifted the cigarette deliberately slow to my lips as I ignored him.

"Smoking kills you know," his voice was closer to me, I could feel his warm breath on my bare skin but I still refused to turn around. I had learned throughout my approximately five hours in La Push that nobody in the surrounding area had any self preservation or any idea of physical space.

"So does drinking alcohol, bungee jumping and hitching lifts from strangers yet people still decide to do all of that," I shrugged, "and besides I only smoke when I'm emotionally challenged."

"Emotionally challenged?" the stranger's voice was coloured with amusement as he spoke, "is that what their calling bitchiness these days?"

"Last I heard they were blaming that on hormones," I rolled my eyes as spits of rain began to fall around me, "but I don't need an excuse today."

"And why's that?" His low voice betrayed his curiosity and I found myself shuffling closer to him. Throwing my cigarette to the ground I stamped it out with the heel of my shoe as I slumped further down the wall.

"I wouldn't want to offend you," I smirked tucking a loose strand of hair behind my hair still not looking at him.

"Believe me," I swallowed loudly as he placed his extremely warm hand on my arm, "I don't get offended easily." His outright sleaziness triggered my gag reflex and I bit down hard on my bottom lip as I edged away from him.

"Well your obviously friends with that gorilla of a groom since your also abnormally warm and have tried to hit on me within five minutes of meeting me as with all his other single, sleazy friends," I curled my hands into fists letting my black painted nails dig into the palm of my hand. I wanted nothing more than kick of my heels and walk home even it took me a whole week.

"Who the hell do you think you are talking-"

"I'm the blushing brides little sister," I scoffed, "and I don't know why she's settling for this crap, she could do so much better. And it sure as hell wasn't a bear that did that to my sisters face, she would never wander into the woods alone so that leaves only one prime subject," I spat watching from my vantage point as the waves crashed repeatedly off the cliffs. All the thoughts I had been accumulating in my brain seemed to verbally spill from my mouth. None of them had any idea what losing her meant to me, how much I needed her. They had stolen the one thing I ever cared about away from me and now I had nothing. Life sucked and then you died alone, I was beginning to be the prime example of that statement.

"You don't know anything," the strangers voice shook a little as he spoke and I found myself edging backwards, "how the hell did your parents produce Emily and then you?" I coughed out a bitter laugh.

"The likelihood is that our mother had an affair, but no one would ever admit to that. My father's probably behind bars. Emily was always the golden child, not too girly and not too bitchy." Digging into my bag I let out a muffled curse as I discovered the empty cigarette packet. The rain continued to fall heavily around us as my fingers twitched.

"Sam's not a bad man."

"Doesn't mean I have to like him though. Does it?" I muttered as I slipped out of my shoes, "now if you'll excuse me I would quite like to go get trashed right about now-"

"Wait," the voice growled. I didn't have time to react as he spun me round, I hissed through my teeth as he clutched onto my forearm tightly. I liked my personal space, why was that so hard for people to understand?

"I'll scream," I spat trying unsuccessfully not to admire the way the white shirt he wore stretched impressively over his imposing muscles. He was hot, and not just in the literal sense. My tongue darted out to lick my drying lips.

"Sam's not a bad man," he repeated almost like some sort of mantra. He really was a loyal friend, I could give him that much. Or maybe they were gay? That would sure be a valid argument to get Em to leave him, I stored that thought at the back of my mind for a later date. I was not below blackmail.

"I'm sure he's not," I laced my voice with sarcasm, "but considering he ditched my cousin for my sister, and then Em moved away to stay with him and cook like a maid… I mean bloody hell she couldn't even make anything in the microwave before she met him and now she's freekin Mary Popppins. And I haven't seen her in months," snapping my head up I glared into his eyes, "Months! She's supposed to be my big sister."

Glaring up at him I noticed his mouth was open slightly as if it's hinge had broken and his eyes were staring at me with so much intensity I thought I might drown in them. Another shiver ran down my spine as he continued to look at me. Anger engulfed his features but almost in the same second it became adoration. It was like someone had flipped a switch. My head thumped. I felt exposed under his intense gaze, like everything I had ever known had been stripped from around me. Unexpectedly my heart skipped a beat and I could feel my hands begin to sweat.

"Look whatever your name is.." I began.

"Paul," he sounded almost drunk although he had been fine only seconds earlier, "my names Paul." He took a small step towards me with his hand outstretched almost as if he ached to touch me. I scrunched my nose up in distaste. Who the hell did he think he was? I did not get involved with assholes, especially assholes who happened to be friends with my sister's dog of a husband.

"Well it was nice meeting you Paul," I smirked, "but now I'm going to raid the alcohol and get on everyone else's nerves because you are freaking me out right about now. So bye."

Before he had the chance to react I swirled around in my bare feet and followed the sound of voices. But I couldn't get Paul's bewildered expression out of my head. La Push was seriously messed up, and it was playing with my mind. I needed to get the hell out of La Push. Only twenty four hours and counting to go, surely I could last that long? Or I might have to commit murder. I have to admit the second thought was the most appealing. Skirting around the edge of the party I grabbed a cold beer from the keg and prepared to drown my sorrows. A deep cough interrupted me.


Thoughts? Should I continue?

Lets be honest this is the worst possible time for me to start another story considering I haven't updated my other ones in a while, which I promise to do soon but my exams are looming and I just had to write this story down so I could get it of my chest and concentrate on my schoolwork instead of daydreaming. Let me know what you think and whether I should continue this story during my study breaks, but don't worry exams are only a month away after which I will have a lot of free time to write.