Author: FuziPenguin
Word Count: 559
Summary: Cassie's clothing choices have always shown a great deal of variety, if nothing else.
A/N: No real spoilers, but it helps if you've read all the books so far.
Disclaimer: It all belongs to Karen Chance; I'm not making any profit off this work. This is a piece of fiction, written merely for the sake of entertainment

Pritkin has seen a great deal of the Pythia. And he doesn't mean her company.

He has seen Cassie in many different forms of attire. He has seen her evening gown ensemble, clothed in jeans and a T-shirt, and of course, wearing some of the skimpy costumes that she borrowed while sneaking around Dante's. He prefers her to be covered as much as possible; every time her flesh is exposed it somehow ends up bruised, scraped, or burned. Each injury, no matter how small, hurts him in some niggling way that he doesn't want to examine too closely.

But this. This is the worst yet.

"What do you think you're doing?" John asked flatly, stepping in front of Cassie as she attempted to open the door to their adjourning suites.

Cassie blinked up at him in surprise and then a look of irritation crossed her face. "I'm going swimming. It's a beautiful day, most vampires are tucked away safely in their beds, and I want to get some sun!"

Pritkin had to admit privately that the seer had been becoming a little pale lately. But still. "Not like that you're not."

Cassie looked down at herself, the sunglasses perched on top of her head sliding forward precariously. "What's wrong?" She asked, examining the swimsuit and flipflops she was wearing.

"It's... you..." Pritkin sputtered a bit, blushing as he inadvertantly followed her gaze, "it's indecent!"

The blonde looked down once more, and then back up at her partner. "You're kidding, right? This is pretty modest actually," she informed him.

"Modest?" The two piece bathing suit, or rather scraps of cloth as Pritkin perferred, was a medium blue swirled with black that rather brought out her eyes. But the halter top just barely covered the swell of her breasts, and the low-slung bottoms were tied at the sides with little tassels, exposing both of Cassie's hipbones. "For a street walker, perhaps!"

Cassie folded her arms across her chest, and Pritkin had to fight to keep his eyes on her face as the action pushed her breasts higher. "Pritkin. Will I be safe outside by the pool?"

John cocked his head and considered his words. "Probably. But such attire is... unseemly... for your position, and may invite unwelcome attention."

Cassie's mouth opened, and he thought that this would be the start of another one of their arguements. But then she closed it again and looked at him searchingly. Finally she sighed.

"All right. I'm going to change. Then we'll go downstairs together to the shop, and I will pick out a suit that fits your criteria for modesty. But I am going swimming today!" She said with a pointed finger at his face. She then whirled around and stalked back across the sitting room to her bedroom door.

Pritkin watched her go, eyes drawn to the slender column of her neck, the prominent shoulderblades and the dip of the small of her back. And also lower, but he resolutely brought his gaze upwards before lingering more than a moment. Perhaps the desire to keep her skin covered also had a bit of a selfish drive behind it as well, he realized. The only eyes who should ever see that much of Cassie should be his.