#40 – Solitary

"It's like a game of chess", this thing with Moriarty as Sherlock had once tried to explain to Lestrade after they found the warehouse, the cocaine, and the birthday cake, "except more like Chinese checkers and a bit of Poker," he had finished, frowning at the still burning, dripping candles on the cake.

#41 – Nowhere

John wishes they had a different address (sometimes) because it would be easier to hide in a closet in the library then in Sherlock's at the moment, and Sherlock has been stepping and re-stepping on his toes for the past five minutes.

#42 – Neutral

Sherlock thinks his brother is passive, Switzerland, the very last resort, but he often doesn't see things just in front of him that happen to be cadavers.

#43 – Nuance

John can't seem to get the vision of Sherlock's smile out of his mind, nor Moriarty's twisted frown: it is these things that keep him awake, because he still doesn't know this subtle language of cloak and dagger.

#45 – Virtuous

Molly is never noticed, never not polite, and perhaps that is why she kills him in the end with her bare hands: so that she might be noticed, for once.

#46 – Victory

Sherlock thought it would taste sweeter than this, in the dark and cold as they bag the bodies up and the blood is washed away.

#47 – Defeat

"They will never really die, those two," says Lestrade with a small smile.