A/N: I originally published this as a stand-alone story, and it is, but I've decided to turn it into a series of semi-related non-chronological one-shots concerning the more domestic (or not so domestic) side of 10.5 and Rose's lives together. I'm already working on a handful more one-shots to be added. I'll try to keep them consistent to each other, but each will also stand on its own, so feel free to read chapters out of order :P. I'm publishing them in order as written, not chronologically. "Not Domestic" is the series name. Individual story names will be the chapter headings. Enjoy!

The Doctor breathed out a deep sigh. His breath appeared before him in a cheery cloud before blowing away in the wind. Today was the day. He still could hardly believe this was happening.

Nervously, he rubbed his hand behind his ear for the billionth time, trying and failing to stop himself from pacing back and forth. He breathed the crisp winter air in deeply once more and tried to make himself appreciate the beautiful white world laid out before him. This, too, was in vain.

"You alright?" a familiar voice came from behind him. The Doctor wheeled around and tried to pretend like he was not startled. Peter Tyler leaned out of the door, fixing his tie with an eyebrow raised in question. "They told me you needed some air."

The Doctor gave a stiff nod and breathed in deeply once more. "I'm fine." He said, half to Pete and half to himself. He was. He was fine. He was exited. He wanted this. He wanted this more than anything else in the world. So why was this one of the most frightening things that he, the Doctor, had ever faced? He laughed stiffly at the memory of calling the 'domestic' boring, This was about as far from boring as he could possibly get. And yet it may or may not have been the most 'domestic' thing he would ever do. Or perhaps the least domestic adventure of his life. He didn't know anymore.

Pete continued to look on in question. He was not at all convinced, and in that he was right.

The Doctor brought both his hands to his face, slapping himself and breathing out hard once more. He fiddled with his bow tie and the edges of his suit jacket. He had to snap out of this. It was just so nerve wracking! He wanted this to be perfect. For her.

"It's almost time!" He could hear Jackie yell from inside.

"Come on." Pete held the door open for the Doctor.

He slipped inside and tried to be as inconspicuous as possible, which was hard, since he was half of the reason they were all there. He still donned his converse; black this time, and completed with a full suit, and that annoying bow tie. Oddly, it was almost exactly what he wore his first time in 'Pete's word'. That seemed like eons ago now. So much had changed. He had changed. He placed his hand on his chest in an attempt to slow his fiercely pounding heart. Just one heart. It was still new to him.

Pete patted him on the shoulder as he left the room, going down the hall to be with Rose.

Rose. Just the word made him feel warm inside. Rose Tyler. Soon to be Rose Tyler-Smith. Or was he to become John Tyler? He could never remember which way that worked. Either way, he was to be hers, and she was to be his. It was not new to him, really. His heart had belonged to her since long before he had only one heart.

At first, he had complained about the whole idea of a wedding. Why did they need to make 'official' what they both already knew was true? He had basically proposed on the first day of his new life, at Bad Wolf Bay. "I've only got one life, Rose Tyler. I could spend it with you if you want." And he meant it. He wanted to spend every moment of his one life with her. "I love you." He had whispered. After all that time, he was finally able to say it. After everything that happened, he moved into the Tyler manor, having basically nowhere else to go. And nowhere he would rather be.

His life on the slow path had been slower than he had ever imagined. But this time, he was alright with that. It was amazing what his new human nature taught him. With only one life to live, every split second mattered. Every beat of his heart. And every beat of hers.

After a while, The Doctor realized that although their love was already sworn, a real wedding would make Rose happy. And that's all he cared about. He was absolutely rubbish at weddings, especially his own. But this was different. This was for Rose. And also partially for Jackie, the Doctor realized with a laugh. He was sure that without her mother's very loud wishes, Rose would have settled for anything that made the Doctor happy. But this way everyone was happy, and no one was on Jackie's very dangerous bad side.

The music started in the other room.

"Ready Docta'?" Jake Simmons slapped a hand on his shoulder. With little social life outside of the new Torchwood, Jake and the remnants of the Preachers had become family friends of the Tylers, and Jake was The Doctor's best man.

"Ready as I'll ever be." The Doctor answered, fixing his tie one last time. The door opened in front of him.

Trying to look calm and confident, The Doctor walked forward into the small chapel sanctuary from the side door. He swallowed hard as he looked around the room. He did not know every face in the crowd, as some of them were Pete's business associates and Jackie's friends. He smiled at the faces he did know. Many of the Preachers and members of Torchwood were there. The current President, Harriet Jones, was also in attendance. The Doctor could think of so many others that he wished could be with him for this moment. But there were all locked in a different reality now. He tried not to think about it as the ceremony began.

For the most part, the proceedings were a blur. Several people walked down the aisle in an order he had not seen fit to memorize. Young Tony Tyler bore the rings, very proud that he was now old enough to be entrusted with such a task.

And then everyone else stood to their feet, and the Doctor's heart seemed to stop. There she was. His Rose Tyler. An enormous grin was spread across her face as she walked arm and arm with her father. Or step-father. No one really bothered with the technicalities now. Rose had never expected to able to walk down the aisle with her father, and now she had the chance. Perhaps some aspects of this parallel world were worth all of the pain.

The Doctor knew full well that more than a few aspects of this world were worth it. Rose was worth it. Her happiness in this new life, with her family and with him, no matter how domestic, was worth it. It was worth all of his regenerations and the rest of his life.

She was beautiful. Her flowing white dress made her look exactly like the princess she was, and her golden hair showered her in stunning beauty. But most importantly, she was happy. When she finally reached him at the end of the aisle, The Doctor had to fight with every fiber of his being to not take her in his arms and kiss her then and there.

After much other hullabaloo and happiness, most of which was ceremonial and unneeded in the eyes of the Doctor, and during which all he could do was bask in the loveliness of the woman beside him and think over all of their shared fond memories, they finally came down to their pledges and vows.

The Doctor turned and held Rose's hands in his own.

"John Noble Smith," The minister began in a thick Scottish accent. The Doctor and Rose both smiled at the name, knowing that it was of their own creation. Rose had had a great deal of fun introducing the Doctor into domestic life, starting with giving him a proper name. "Do you pledge to take Rose Marion Tyler as your lawful wedded wife, and in the presence of these witnesses do you vow that you will do everything in your power to make your love for her a growing part of your life? Will you love, honor, comfort, and keep her in sickness and in health, in prosperity and adversity, forsaking all others and keeping yourself only for her as long as you both shall live?"

"I do." The Doctor said confidently, a large smile upon his face.

"And Rose Marion Tyler, Do you pledge to take John Noble Smith as your lawful wedded husband, and in the presence of these witnesses do you vow that you will do everything in your power to make your love for him a growing part of your life? Will you love, honor, comfort, and keep him in sickness and in health, in prosperity and adversity, forsaking all others and keeping yourself only for him as long as you both shall live?"

"I do!" Answered Rose, equally as excited as the Doctor.

After this, both of them repeated a very long passage that the minister read that amounted to their mutual confirmation and vow to love, hold, and cherish each other for better, worse, richer, poorer, sickness and health, and ended with "'Till death do us part." As the vow went on, The Doctor could not help but think over the better and worse day that he and Rose had already shared. It was truly a wonder that they were together at last.

At last, he took her wedding ring in his hand and addressed her with words of his own.

"Rose Tyler." He began, reminding himself not to cry. "The first day that we met, you saved my life and I saved yours. It seems that fate has tied us together ever since. Through all of time, space, and the void itself, you have held my hand when I needed it most. Through two regenerations and two dimensions, through the best adventures and the worst trials, you've stood by my side. And if it ever needed saying, I will say it again now. I love you. I have always loved you, and I always will. I was born to love you." He said with a smile. He knew he must have been confusing half of the people in the room, but he did not care. "I may only have one heart, but I give all of it to you." His single heart was beating violently, passionately inside his chest. And for once, it felt right. "I give you this ring as a symbol of our love and our vows, and with all that I am, and all that I have, I honor you. With this ring, I thee wed." He told her, slipping the carefully chosen ring onto what he hoped was the correct finger. He could see the tears flooding her eyes, and was pretty sure that his own were about to fall. She would always be a miracle to him.

"John…" Rose stared, and then corrected herself. "Doctor." She said fondly. He smiled, even as the minister's brow tightened in question. "From the moment I met you, you have amazed me. You've shown me the wonders of all of time and space, and the truest form of love I've ever known. You once told me that more than anything else in life, everyone needed a hand to hold." She said, grasping his hand tightly. "I will always be there to hold your hand, and you will always be there to hold mine. Forever. They keep trying to split us up, but they never ever will." She said with a smile. This time he believed it with all his heart. "I love you. And I give you this ring as a symbol of our love and our vows, and with all that I am, and all that I have, I honor you. With this ring, I thee wed." She said, slipping a golden band onto his hand.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife." The minister told them happily. "You may now kiss your bride."

And he did. With all the love in his heart, and with all of the joy in the world. Tears flowed freely from both of their eyes now. Neither of them could quite bring themselves to believe that all of this was happening. But it was. They held each other close for what seemed to be an eternity and only a moment, all at once. Both felt that if they let go they might be separated again. But when the moment was over, they both realized that their life together had only just begun.

"It is now my privilege to introduce to you for the first time, Mr...er ..Doctor… and Mrs. Smith!" The minister tried to make up for his earlier confusion. The Doctor and Rose laughed, both absorbed in thoughts of each other. Apparently she was to be Mrs. Smith after all, and he was not to be Mr. Tyler. He had no idea why this was, especially since his name was not Smith, but it no longer mattered.

With a meaningful smile, Rose held out her hand. The Doctor grasped it just as he had on the day that they first met.

"Merry Christmas!" He yelled as they practically ran out the doors of the church, hand in hand.

(Just another note: I've only ever attended one wedding in my life, and I was 8 years old... So sorry if I've just butchered the whole thing, this was all based on stuff from Google searches :P)