Chapter 6

Joe's POV

There was no way that this had happened to my daughter. After I ran outside with my father and my brother Hoss, because of the shots by the barn. When we got outside, I saw my brother Adam lifting Jane into his arms and he started towards the house. "What happened, Adam?"

As Adam laid Jane on the settee and started to take off her shirt so he could get a better look at the wound. He said. "We were just coming inside after putting the horses up, and then out of nowhere Jane got shot. I tried to get the person who did it, but there were already gone."

I nodded my head and turned to Hoss who was already at the door "I'll get the Doc, Joe." He said as he headed out the door.

I sat down next to Jane on the floor and just held on to her handed and silently starting to pray that God wouldn't take her away from us.

Hoss's POV

I rode as fast as I could to Virginia City and went straight to the Doctor's office and said "Doc, you've got to come out to the house right now. Jane has been shot." We then headed to the house, hoping that we were going to get there in time.