Chapter 7

Joe's POV

As I sat at beside my daughter's bed, waiting for Hoss and the doctor to come, I prayed to God that he would spare Jane's life and let her live.

After I sat there with tears silently coming down my cheeks, I then felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and saw Adam by my side. "I'm sorry that I let this happen to her, little brother. If I could turn back time, I would. In order to make sure that this didn't happen to Jane again."

I looked up at him and said. "What happened to Jane was and is not your fault. I want you to get that out of your head right now. It was something that we couldn't prevent."

Adam looked at Jane and said "I know that Joe. But that still doesn't change the fact that Jane has been shot."

Just then we heard the sound of a wagon in the front of the house. I started to go down the stairs with Adam right behind me, but I when I looked behind me, Adam wasn't there.

When I got to the door, Hoss and the doctor were about to walk in. "Thank you for coming, Doctor." I said as I led him up the stairs and into Jane's room.

"No problem, Joe. As soon as Hoss told me what was going on, I knew that I had to get out here as soon as I could, so naturally I went right away." The doctor said as he started to examine Jane. "The bullet is going to have to come out right now, otherwise she won't last the night."

As soon as I heard that, I left the room leaving the doctor and my two brothers to attend to my daughter.

Pa noticed that I left the room and followed me into mine. "Joe, she's a strong girl. She's going to pull through this."

I let Pa pull me into a hug and we sat on my bed waiting for the doctor to get finished with Jane.