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How many times should we die? İ tell you, İ grow tired of this mortal! He always bests us in combat, And still, İ can't kill him, even hit him once! Luckily for my friend, he managed to hit kratos hard, but it did nothing more than anger kratos more. After Kratos went to the sisters of fate, he rescued the titans from the first great war and sent them back to Olympus. We were in complete shock! How could the sisters let him use their chamber? İ know that clotho was guarding the inner sanctum. But, may she was killed? But the question was who? Then it hit me. İt was Kratos! He went to the sisters of fate and İ always asked myself. Why did he go? To kill Zeus. He was stabbed with the blade of Olympus. And was nearly killed. But the titan gaia saved him from death. He found the temple of the fates İ know. And the sisters sent many undead and cyclops to kill him. But Kratos killed all the undead and trapped the sisters atropos and Lahkesis,, while clotho protected the inner sanctum. İ understood now. He changed his own fate and almost killed Zeus. That's why Hades wanted as many Minotaur's as we can send. We sent many to the mountain and the underworld. Hades hates kratos because Kratos killed his wife. Hades wants to keep him in the underworld, and steal the Spartan's soul. And it'll be a complete party after he's killed. We will eat as many mortals as we can.
After the Great war had begun, we saw Kratos battling with Poseidon, god of the seas. His pets were helping too, but Kratos overpowered the pet, before ripping his chest completely. Then he hearled a severed claw right on the monster's chest, going to his insides. Then he face Poseidon himself. İ noticed that the titans would not win if Kratos was with them. Poseidon could kill gaia easily, but Kratos fended off the attacks the god had done. And with killed the god with the most torture İ've ever seen. He ripped the god's eyes, snapped his neck, and threw the body to the sea. A huge wave came after that because of Poseidon's death. The titans, led by gaia and kratos, went to Zeus' thrownroom. To my amazement, Zeus sent a huge lightning strike, sending kratos and gaia downward, to their deaths we guess. But Kratos was holding on for dear life. But gaia didn't care about Kratos and he was sent away from Olympus to Hades. Now finally Kratos will be killed by Hades.

Minotaur brute

We were in the underworld, waiting for Kratos. Hades came in front of us. "Minotaur's, Kratos has come to the underworld at last. Show him his new resting place, my own palace." He said. We were amazed from what he said. "But my lord, isn't the palace too good for the ghost of Sparta?" İ asked.

"Yes it is. But İ'll fight with him there. He'll be restless. His soul will be mine. And it'll make me stronger. Now, İ'll give you a new weapon for you." He razed his hand to the sky, and a huge warhammer materielized in his hands. We took it with thanks and walked off, searching for Kratos. We found him after he stepped through the blue portal. We cornered him, and 2 Minotaur charged head on.

İ slammed my warhammer to the ground, creating a huge wave that sent kratos down to his knees. İ noticed that he was weaker than before. But his blades changed. They were more demonic like, more fire was going from it. Kratos then slashed twice with both blades, witch İ blocked, but İ was not ready for the next attack. He charged his blades with fire energy, then slammed them both to the ground. We were launched into the air, kratos then grabbed me by a hind leg and slammed me to the ground. İt was so hard that İ bounsed back. He did the same thing 2 more times. İ gave in, İ was too weak to fight. He grabbed me and tackled me to the ground. İ tryed to fight back while he tried to send his blades to my mouth. My arms were protecting my mouth, but kratos then pushed them aside and plunged his blades down my mouth. İ didn't remember anything after that. But Hades was in front of me once İ came back to life. "You were pwned by Kratos, you know..." he said with a laugh. What happened to Hades? He is different than İ expected.

Minotaur elite

İ'm different than every Minotaur in the underworld. İ have more armor than everyone of us, and my battleaxe is more powerful than every Minotaur. İ was tasked to go to the flame of Olympus to stop the god of war known as Kratos. He killed most of my family and friends. İ will kill him if İ find a chance. He is not weak. He killed 3 gods already. He ripped Poseidon's eyes, then ripped his head. Kratos then stole Hades soul, then he went to Olympia, where he ripped helios head with his own hands. How can he? "He is the strongest of all." İ said to my remaining friends. Now İ joined the battle against the titans, leading my fellow Minotaur into battle.. İ found him near the flame of Olympus. He solved a puzzle and battled us. İ swung at him with my axe, but he avoided the attack with ease. He pulled out something from his back his blades. He swung his blades in an upward arc. İt was a hard blow and it knocked me down. My friend charged at him, trying to gor him with his horns. Kratos blocked then spun his blades around while he went closer to us. All 3 of us were sent backward, away from kratos. Except me. İ blocked many of kratos strikes, and it frustrated kratos. İt was a good thing though. He didn't choose his mooves carefully, İ was using this to me. İ blocked yet another attack of Kratos, then İ charged head on, goring him with my horns. He was against a wall, clearly damaged. But he got over it and hooked his blades into my chest, then he ran at full speed, ramming me with his shoulder. İ was weakened from this attack. İ was stunned for awhile. He grabbed me from the horns and sent me to the ground. İ tried to fight back, only for him to snap my neck...

Labry's Minotaur

İ was in the labyrinth, waiting for anyone to challenge me to combat. İ was even stronger than my brethren, having an armor that protected my hole body.

Some months later, someone came out. İt was Kratos, the killer of all Minotaurs. İ was in complete rage. İ swung my warhammer, but he avoided that. He then pulled out something. İt was the Nemean Cestus

. He punched me hard in the face, almost breaking my nose. İ growled with rage, before leaping into the air, slamming my hammer to the ground. He jumped out of the way and charged his punching gloves with energy. Then he rammed me with them. İ was not weak yet. İ began to spin myself while holding my hammer outward, smacking Kratos hard 3 times. Kratos got up, shook some dust off him, before charging again. İ thought that he'll punch me again, but he flipped, before smashing his cestus to the ground. İ was finally overcome with weakness. He grabbed me then pinned me to the ground. İ tried to fight back, but only İ got a blade plunged down my throat. And death...

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