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Warnings: Violence, Swearing and later Lemons.

Chapter 1

Konohagakure No Sato

Uzumaki Naruto was excited. Today was the day he would start at the ninja academy and take the first step towards his goal of becoming Hokage. Sarutobi Hizuren the current Hokage of Konoha had filled his forms and signed as his guardian as Naruto was an orphan. Naruto was truly thankful that his Ojii-san had allowed him entry into the academy. For as long as he could remember the villagers seemed to treat him with indifference, contempt and sometimes hatred. He couldn't understand what he had done to warrant such behaviour towards himself. He had stayed up many a night thinking about his life and wondering if it would eventually get better. Shaking his head of his morose thoughts he got ready to go the academy.

He was the first one to arrive at the academy and walking towards the end of the class, took a seat near the window. People began to come in, a few threw curious glances at him but Naruto was busy staring out the window. Soon the teacher came in and asked the class to settle down. He began to take roll call. . .

"Uzumaki . . .Naruto" the teacher finished calling his name with a sneer plastered on his face.

'Great, another one. . .' Thought Naruto.

"Here" he replied in a monotone.

Throughout the rest of the day Naruto noticed the trend continue with each and every teacher of the class. He was getting totally frustrated by the attitude of the teachers. But he knew that he could do nothing about it.

'This is going to be a long 5 years. . .' he mused.

Time Skip – 6 Months

Over the past six months Naruto had tried very hard to work hard and excel in his studies, he would complete the assigned work, would try to answer questions in class , but the teachers always said that he had failed. He couldn't understand why he was treated thus. He had hoped that by working hard he would be able to earn the respect of his teachers and be treated fairly at the very least.

Although he was sure that he got every question right on the exam he had barely scraped through and the Rookie Of the Year title had gone to Uchiha Sasuke.

After another day at the academy Naruto was walking towards his apartment. He passed the village park on his way and gazed longingly at the happily smiling kids playing with their friends, parents encouraging their kids to ride a slide or a swing. He felt his throat constrict and averted his gaze and walked resolutely away from the park. It was not good to get upset over things that cannto be changed, he told himself. But, he truly longed for a friend.

He had gone to see the Hokage after a week of classes, but when he arrived at the tower he saw that there were several ninja in his office and there was someone shouting. His Ojii-san truly looked tired and Naruto didn't have the heart to pile up his problems with is own. He was truly considering withdrawing from the academy. The treatment at the hands of his teachers hadn't improved and he wasn't able to make any friends. Sure there were some acquaintances but he couldn't call them friends.

Another odd problem that he had been having lately was his dreams. They always started with his standing in a long hallway surrounded with pipes and ended at a massive cage that had the Kanji for Seal on it. He could always hear someone call out his name from behind the cage, but whenever he used to approach the cage the whole area would glow a pulsing white and he would wake up in a cold sweat. He always thought that he could hear someone sobbing whenever he woke up, it tore at his heart that he was causing someone pain, someone that seemed to care for him, but he unable to do anything about it.

Time Skip - That Night

After having a few cups of instant Ramen as dinner. Naruto took out a scroll that he had acquired from the library in which only 3rd Year academy students were allowed to enter. It was a scroll that detailed the method that Ninjas used to unlock their chakra for access. Chakra, Naruto realized was the most important thing for a Ninja, without it they were simple Martial Artists. Chakra allowed Ninjas to perform feats that were beyond imagination. Predictably, Naruto couldn't wait to access his. Naruto read through the scroll twice before making sure that he had the facts right.

He sat down on his bed and began to meditate, he quickly got bored doing it and let his mind wander. He remembered the cold, hateful stares. The vindictive eyes cursing him, shouting at him silently. He remembered the silent sobbing that he would hear when he woke up from one of his weird dreams.

Naruto was suddenly filled with determination, determination to change the way people saw him, to earn their respect to prove to them that he was worthy of their respect, but even this determination paled in comparison to the need he felt to find out who was the person who cared enough to weep for him.

Naruto returned to the exercise with a new wind. He closed his eyes and concentrated. Searching for the feeling described in the book, it said that it would be near the navel, a feeling of power and lightedness. He concentrated hard, his eyes were closed so he never noticed the complex seal structure that suddenly appeared on his stomach. Naruto suddenly felt a power, a huge power that was within his grasp, all that he had to do was reach for it. He extended a mental hand towards it and sighed as he opened his eyes. What he saw in front of him shocked him to the very core.

Chakra. . . his own Chakra surrounded him, black streams of energy going outwards from his body. . . Chakra that could be seen with the naked eye. Naruto tilted his head in confusion, the scroll never mentioned such a thing happening. He however liked the feeling of it and tried his best to bring out as much of it as possible. A huge shockwave of chakra exploded out of him utterly destroying his bedroom. Naruto saw the destruction around him, amazed that he could do such a thing.

"Heh . . . looks like I overdid it . . . a . . . bit" he said and promptly passed out.

Naruto's Mindscape

Naruto regained consciousness and looked around at his surroundings, he was in the same hallway that he saw when he used to fall asleep. There was a difference now however, the walls seemed to be pulsing with the same shade of black that he had seen earlier. He walked the now familiar path towards where the cage was. He arrived at the hallway leading to the cage and the previously muted sounds that he could hear were heard clearly by him.


The voice that he heard was distinctly female and was laced with an underlying of unimaginable power.

Naruto hurried his footsteps and came upon a sight that filled him with awe. There behind the cage with the Seal on it was the biggest fox that he had ever seen. A fox with nine tails. Behind the cage was the famed Kyuubi No Kitsune.

"Please don't be afraid of me Naruto-kun" Kyuubi said.

"You're the . . . Kyuubi . . .aren't you?" Naruto asked in a shaky voice.

"Yes, I am" Kyuubi replied.

"Everyone believes that you were defeated by the Yondaime Hokage approximately sev. . .en . . . years . . . ago" Naruto said trailing off at the end, gaining confidence as he saw that Kyuubi didn't immediately attack him.

Naruto had a weird expression on his face, as if he was trying to figure out something. . . connecting dots with the information that he had received. He paced in front of the cage, muttering so low that even Kyuubi with her enhanced hearing could not hear. Kyuubi's luminous red eyes followed Naruto's path, darting from one place to another.

Finally he stopped and stared at the Kyuubi. His gaze unnerved Kyuubi to no end. Those eyes of his were far too intelligent, too mature to belong to a child. But looking back at his life, she was not surprised.

"He sealed you within me" Naruto declared.

Kyuubi was astonished, he was able to glean that from just meeting her. Hell, she had barely spoken two sentences to him and he figured all that out just by staring at her.

"Got it in one Naruto-kun"

"You aren't as evil as most demons are said to be. . ." Naruto was back to staring at her.

"Were you the one who used to call out to me in my dreams? Were you the one I heard . . . crying. . . for me?" Naruto said softly. Kyuubi had to strain herself to hear the last part.

"Please come inside the cage Naruto-kun. I promise that I won't harm you."Kyuubi said her voice cracking slightly barely able to hold back her tears.

Naruto nodded his head slightly. But as he began moving towards the cage he realized that it would be physically impossible for him to fit in the cage that already housed the humongous Kyuubi No Kitsune. He paused right outside the cage bars. Kyuubi sensing his problem quickly transformed into her human form.

When the flash associated with her transformation died down. There, in place of the Kyuubi was a girl of around Naruto's age. Her eyes remained the same a beautiful shade of red. She was a tad bit shorter than Naruto, had red hair that went up to her mid back. Her hair was tied in a ponytail of sorts with what seemed to be a gold ornament. She was wearing a red kimono and Geta sandals.

"You can come in now Naruto-kun" Kyuubi said, her voice laced with emotion.

Naruto entered the cage and walked up to Kyuubi. She patted the floor next to her and Naruto sat down beside her.

"There are a lot of things you don't know Naruto-kun. It would be best if I tell you how exactly how I was sealed into you. . ."

Saying that Kyuubi started her tale . She told him how she was sealed within his mother Kushina Uzumaki before him, how she had been forcefully extracted from Kushina when she went into labour. How Uchiha Madara, one of the founders of Konoha had taken control over her using his Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. How she was forced to attack him when his parents had tried to seal her within him. How she had broken through the effects of the Sharingan just before she was going to impale Naruto's parents that had been ready to sacrifice their lives to save him. How Madara, angry that the Kyuubi was no longer under his control had killed Kushina and forced the Yondaime to fight him. How the Yondaime had managed to drive off Madara with assistance from Kyuubi. How he had performed the Shiki Fuin, sacrificed his soul to the Shinigami and asked Kyuubi to always be there for his son, to train him and make him into a formidable ninja.

By the time that the tale had reached its conclusion both Naruto and Kyuubi had tears streaming down their faces and were leaning on each other for physical as well as emotional support.

"Please believe me Naruto-kun. . . I tried my best to fight him but he was too elusive and I was severely weakened after fighting the whole of Konoha" Kyuubi said with her head hanging down in shame.

"It wasn't you fault Kyuubi-chan" Naruto said holding her chin in his hand and lifting her face up to meet his.

Kyuubi blushed faintly at the endearment and gazed into his eyes to search for his true feelings. She saw only honesty, sympathy and determination shining through.

"Can you please tell me about my parents. . ."Naruto asked with longing clear on his face.

Kyuubi couldn't resist and told him everything that she knew about Kushina and for the time that she had known him Minato Namikaze.

After a few hours of storytelling Naruto asked Kyuubi if she was going to train him to be a great Ninja just like his parents.

"Of course Naruto-kun, I will do everything that is within my power to make sure that you will be the strongest Ninja in the Elemental Nations. You need to gain power fast in order to survive in the Ninja world after all." Kyuubi said nodding her head emphatically.

"Before I get into you training schedule, I need to ask you something. . . Do you know what a Bloodline Limit is?" Kyuubi asked.

Naruto tilted his head slightly and began wracking his head for all the information that he had come across regarding Bloodlines.

"They have something to do with special powers and characteristics of a person . . . usually clans isn't it?" Naruto asked.

Kyuubi was again impressed by Naruto's knowledge.

"You surprise me with your knowledge Naruto-kun. You are indeed correct, Bloodlines basically are Clan specific techniques that cannot be performed by another person outside the clan. Now, Bloodlines are of three types. . . Chakra type which alters your chakra such that you will be able to perform techniques that cannot be replicated without utilizing the special type of chakra. The First Hokage had a Chakra type bloodline. Second is the Body type, in which the bloodline alters the physical body of the wielder itself, it may be either a transformation or a passive one such as regeneration. The Akimichi clan of Konoha are a prime example of this. The last type is a Bloodline that alters the eyes and gives the user powers based on the type of Doujutsu that they have. The Uchiha and the Hyuuga clan of Konoha have their respective Eyes called as the Sharingan and the Byakugan. Do you understand so far Naruto-kun?"

". . . Yeah"

"Besides Bloodline Limits certain Bijuu. . . that's me. . . also can provide their containers with some powers that others view as a Bloodline. Now Naruto-kun your situation is something that hasn't ever occurred in the Elemental Nations. You Naruto-kun are going to be the first Ninja ever to have all three types of Bloodlines within you. . ." Kyuubi said smirking slightly at the awed expression on Naruto's face.

"But . . .But . . . how is that possible?"Naruto asked with a confused expression on his face.

"You have inherited two bloodlines from your parents. Your father had a bloodline that was related to the body. . . you will have to ask the Hokage about it as I am not too sure abut what it did exactly, but it allowed him tremendous stamina and exceptional muscle density. Thankfully I know all about your mother's Bloodline. It was called as the Soul Blade. It was a chakra based Bloodline that allowed her to manifest a sword that was a reflection of her soul. In addition to that, her chakra being more dense than normal allowed her to perform techniques that hadn't been seen for thousands of years. I remember the training that she had gone through and we will begin doing that as soon as you talk to the Hokage." Kyuubi said.

"But I still don't have a Doujutsu. . ." Naruto pointed out.

"This is where I come in. . .you see, unlike your mother, who had already spent some time as a ninja before she was able to contact me, your chakra coils are just now developing, you will be receiving MY form of the Sharingan. I will be able to implant it into your body using my Chakra." Kyuubi said looking quite proud of herself.

"What do you mean your Sharingan?" Naruto asked.

"It was me who had given the Sharingan to the human Ninjas in the first place, most of the Bloodlines found today are due to Demons. . . so in a way I am responsible for the death of your parents . . .Madara abused his power to manipulate me and I ended up struck down by my own blade. . . twice"

Kyuubi seemed to shrink down on herself, brought her knees closer to her body and hung her head. Naruto didn't like to see her act in such a way, he truly believed that there was no reason for her to feel guilty over something that was clearly not her fault. He placed all the blame of the events that transpired that night on Uchiha Madara. He decided then and there that he would have justice and make Madara pay for all the crimes that he had committed against Konoha and his family.

Kyuubi was startled out of her morose thoughts when she felt a hand trying to pry her hand apart. She looked up to see that Naruto was kneeling down in front of her, his eyes filled with determination.

"None of it was your fault Kyuubi-chan, and for what it's worth I don't blame you even a tiny little bit for that night"

Kyuubi stared into his eyes, searching for a tiny bit of deception any hint that this was not how he truly felt. The only thing shining in his eyes were compassion and honesty. Kyuubi couldn't handle it anymore , she flung herself at him and began crying hysterically onto his shoulder. To his credit, Naruto just held her close and let her cry , his own tears soon joined in.

They held onto each other for a long time, drawing comfort from each other. Naruto was happy that he finally found someone that he could call a friend. Someone that would acknowledge him, support him and be there for him in general.

Kyuubi was happy that she had finally gotten through to Kushina's son. She had promised herself long ago that she would be there for him , what her role was supposed to be in his life she didn't know but she knew that she needed to teach him to protect himself. She was appalled at his treatment by the hands of the villagers. She had vowed that she would make them pay, whether directly or indirectly.

"So what do we do now Kyuubi-chan?" Naruto said while brushing off her tears.

"First I will have to implant the Sharingan and after that we begin your training." Kyuubi replied blushing at the contact.

"It would be best if you went to sleep for the implant Naruto-kun, it will hurt for a while. After all it's not just the eyes that need to change, I am going to alter your forming chakra pathways so that you can use the Sharingan to it's full capacity." Kyuubi said as she closed her eyes and sent out her chakra in short bursts into the still forming Chakra Pathways and into the walls surrounding them.

Naruto got up and walked away from the cage, with one last look at her Naruto fell into a deep sleep.