Chapter 30

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The three of them went back to the apartment only for Kyouya to realize what time it was and that he had to go finish his business deal. He had told them yesterday that there was a family emergency and he had to push back the signing a few hours if that was alright. Luckily for him they happily agreed.
"Are you sure you'll be okay? I shouldn't be long I just need to sign some papers."
"I'm fine, really Kyouya. Besides, René is here so if I need something he can help me." He did feel his heart fluttering hearing Kyouya's concern for him though.
"Yea dad I'm here so father is in good hands." His father wasn't going to move a muscle while under his watch.

René read on the recliner while his father slept on the loveseat. He was asked to get a few things for dinner but wanted to wait until his dad got back so his father wouldn't be alone. Hearing a knock at the door he saw it was his dad. That was fast he was only gone for about an hour.
"Father needs me to run to the store for dinner."
"Do you need help?"
"Nope, I can handle it. Watch father for me okay?"
"I've got it covered." Knowing his father wouldn't be alone and taken good care he made sure he had the money his father gave him earlier for everything and left the apartment.

Tamaki could feel himself waking up from the wonderful nap and forced himself to want to open his eyes. Seeing someone who was clearly not René sitting across from him he quickly sat up as his body went on the defensive.
"Are you okay Tamaki, is something wrong?"
"No, sorry. I'm just not used to seeing you and was surprised to see you across from me that's all."
"I didn't mean to scare you. René went out so,"
"Yea I asked him. Look, Kyouya, I know what I told you yesterday is on your mind."
"Don't worry about it, I haven't dwelled on it."
Tamaki tried to smile at what a bad liar Kyouya had become over the years.
"Before I go into it do you want something? Tea or something? I'm making it for myself."

Curling his legs under him on the loveseat as he stared into his mug, he had to do this he knew that but he also knew things could never be the same after this.
"I didn't tell you the whole story at dinner the other night. I should have but I was having a great time and I was worried I would ruin it. I ruined it anyway by running out but; a part of me was hoping I could forget and move on. But, I can't, not when René wants to know why we can't be a family. He doesn't know this either and I don't want him to ever find out. I'm not proud of what I did. See, well, after René was born I moved to a part of the city that isn't the best, I guess you could call it the bad part of the city. I didn't really know that at the time I just knew I could afford it. The first year or so was rough because he needed things all the time. Well, one day I left my shift at the convenient store and was heading to pick him up at a friend's when it started raining. I walked into one of the buildings while it was pouring. I thought it was a hotel but later I found out it was the furthest thing from it. As I was waiting for the rain to slow down the owner came up to me and asked me if I was looking for a job. He said I had a body in great shape, a nice face, and seemed to have a friendly personality, everything he looked for in his employees. I should have known that something wasn't right when I learned that I could make at least a couple hundred a night. At that moment though all I knew was that it was just what I needed to help with my finances. All I had to do was entertain the guests for a few hours each night. I could do that, I mean I did it at the host club so I could do it now. A few days later I showed up to start my first day and realized just exactly what I was hired for. That first night I made around three hundred and that was great but I lost myself that night. I had sex with at least four people a night, girls, guys, it didn't matter. I hated that job, I hated what I reduced myself to, that wasn't me. I wasn't one to sell myself but I needed the money and that kept me going for as long as I stayed there. I remember I couldn't look at myself even after I decided to quit almost a year later. I quit after a year but kept in contact with one of my "clients" if you will. He offered to pay me and promised to not interfere with my life so Rene would never know and so I agreed, again my greed for money got the best of me. I started to work at the restaurant shortly after I quit the other place in hopes to have a normal life but this guy was a "side job". I didn't have feelings for him and we weren't really together during that time he just used me the way I was using him. We had this arrangement for years though. God, looking back Rene had to have been six or seven when I had had enough. He showed up at my place and he came when Rene was up and he was drunk and when he started getting physical and threatened Rene's safety I knew I had to get out of there. I refused to let my son get in harm's way because of my stupidity. After that I moved out of there and went as far as I could so he or any of the people I had been with could contact me. This is why I won't let anyone touch me, I am tarnished, stained, sinned. I cannot damage people the way I damaged myself. This is why I can't be with you and as soon as I can figure out a way to tell René I will."

After he stopped he waited knowing what was coming next. Kyouya would walk out disgusted. Or, he would yell at how he could bring that into their son's home, he may even take René away from him. Maybe that would be for the best though. René shouldn't be around someone so littered with sins.
"I don't care if you did have sex with others for money, all I want is to be with you and be the only person you sleep with now. I love you Tamaki, I'll always love you no matter what you did before."
"Kyouya I…" His heart was skipping beats; did he just hear him right? Did Kyouya really, truly want to be with him? "I don't know." He knew what he did in that time, in his mind what he became wasn't something he could forgive.
"Tamaki, why are you fighting me still, is there a reason why you can't see that I'm lying? Are you, did you get something?"
"No, it's nothing like that. We were always checked for something and I did on my own a few times. I left also for that reason for fear of pushing my luck, but, no. I'm not sick and that's why I don't want to be with you. I don't know why I can't let myself be taken back by you." Neither said a word as the door opened and René came back.
"Father you're up, I got everything you asked for."
"That's great!"

The three of them went into the kitchen to start dinner though they would have to eat in the living room since they wouldn't fit at the table. René was so happy the three of them got to eat all together, like a real family. They hadn't done this before. Hopefully one day this would be an everyday thing. Even if it did he would make sure it was always cherished. After they had eaten they talked and watched TV. Before they realized it the clock was reading eleven.
"Well I should go, it's getting late and you need rest Tamaki, and you René probably should have been in bed hours ago I figure."
Tamaki stood with Kyouya to see him out.
"If you have to leave, I feel good though so don't worry about me. So you're staying for New Years. René found a location near here and wants us to all go there on Sunday."
"Okay, well, I'm sure I'll see you tomorrow. Good-night Tamaki. Good-night René."
"Night dad."
Before Tamaki realized it he felt Kyouya's lips on his own. A part of him wanted to pull away but the part of him that missed this took over and accepted it. Feeling his defenses fall he closed his eyes and kissed him back. Neither had been kissed with such love in so long they had almost forgotten what it was like. When Kyouya pulled away Tamaki stood there dazed, his body unsure how to handle the swirling emotion.
"Good night Kyouya," escaped his still tingling lips as he saw him start to walk away.

As he tried to fall asleep Tamaki felt his body surging with energy. The kiss still lingered on his lips. This feeling was almost identical to what he felt when he kissed Kyouya for the very first time. Was this what he needed, to feel that Kyouya still loved him instead of just hearing those words? At this moment he felt that he could pack up everything and leave with him when he went back to Japan. He was certain now that they both loved each other and Kyouya could look past all the horrible thing he did in the past.

The next morning Tamaki noticed René was doing a sort of hovering thing, like when he was younger. He knew it wasn't healthy for him to be so clingy. And he hadn't done this in months.
"René, I'm fine I swear. Why not go and be with your friends?"
"But I want to stay, the doctor told you to take it easy father."
"You are your dad's son you know that right?" Pulling René closer they collapsed on the loveseat together. He loved being able to do this with him, seeing him talking to him again. Being able to feel close to his son was always nice. "I worried you a lot didn't I? I'm sorry I didn't mean to."
René wanted to tell him that while he had been worried that wasn't the only reason, it was that he was sorry he was reason his father lived the way he did now. He was the reason his parents weren't together anymore. Since he couldn't work or help with money all he could do was help around the house and give his father less to do.
"How about this, if your dad comes then you go out and hang out with your friends for a while. I don't want to be the reason you stay here all day."
Pulling away he got up to go into his room. How did he apologize to his father? He needed to, that much was certain.
"René? Is something wrong?"
"I need to finish my homework." He had to think of something.
"René? Do you need help?" He could tell something was bothering him but he didn't know what. He really wished he would talk to him again. If something was up he wanted to know about it.
"I've got it father."
"Is something wrong?"
As René walked into the bedroom Tamaki heard a knock at the door that was probably Kyouya. He debated between what to do, letting Kyouya in first he would talk to René in a second.

"Hello, Tamaki, how do you feel?"
"Fine, come here I need to talk to you." Grabbing Kyouya's arm he pulled him into the living room to sit him down. "Has René seemed upset about something lately?"
"I don't know, I haven't really been around him much too really tell. I know that we were joking around and then he seemed upset all of a sudden the night I slept over, why?"
"What is going on with him? I'm starting to get really worried."
"I bet it's nothing, remember Tamaki a lot has happened to him this week."
"You're probably right."
"Father I can go hangout with Michael right?" Both stopped and turned towards the bedroom door hearing René.
"Yea, go ahead. Have fun, just call if you're not coming home for dinner."
"Sure thing father, bye dad." With that he was out the door. Kyouya looked from the door to Tamaki who thought nothing of it.
"Did you throw our son out for the day?"
"No, his friend came over before and I told him to go. I didn't want him cooped up here all day doing nothing. Besides, this gives us time to talk."
"Oh, I see."
Tamaki shoved him lightly; he knew that tone all too well. That wasn't what he meant at all. Well, he thought about it but only for a second and that didn't mean he told René to go just for that reason. He did want to talk; he needed to talk about that kiss last night. He couldn't stop thinking about it. Kyouya did that on purpose, he knew that this would happen. How did he not see this coming? This was just like Kyouya, to plan something he knew would drive him nuts after.
"I remember that look Tamaki, and that wasn't what I was planning."

Tamaki couldn't get over how strange it felt to be sitting and talking to Kyouya as they were. This felt like something they had done for years. It felt as if the time they spent apart never existed.
"What was I thinking back then, leaving all of a sudden? I really am an idiot, I've missed this. This doing nothing, no rushing to a job, not worrying about someone finding us together, being just like this is perfect."
"Tamaki, now knowing why you left, I'm not surprised that you did. You've always gone out of your way to help anyone. While I wish you hadn't left I understand why you chose to. But, you know you can still come back. Nothing bad will happen to me if you do."
"I…I don't know. Maybe that wouldn't be such a good idea."
"Your father would be happy to see you again, and to know he is a grandfather."
"I know but,"
"Is it about your reputation? Or is it my rep your worried about? Well no one said you had to come back right now. I think moving René in the summer would be best so I can get a room ready and get him enrolled at Ouran. If he gets a few days off between now and then you both could come visit and you could see that we want you back in Japan."
"You really want me back? Even after all I've done? After all I could do should people find out what I've done. You still want us to live together?"
"I do, I'll do whatever it takes to have us be together."

Those words, that sincerity in which they were said made his heart stop. Unable to not smile he leaned over to kiss him. As their lips touched he felt the same passion and love as last night. Feeling such love course through his body he knew he would gain the courage to move back to Japan come the summer. He couldn't be without this anymore and would do whatever it took to hold it forever. Feeling Kyouya start to pull away Tamaki pulled him back burying his face into Kyouya's neck. He missed this, all of this, the kisses, the love, the being held, being wanted for something other than sex. He missed having someone in his life and to feel it again made it seem like all his troubles before were nothing, like they never existed. Back then he felt this way every time he was with Kyouya.

Tamaki slid onto the cushions as Kyouya's hand ran down his back. Both knew this would go no further than making out but after years of nothing this was all they needed. Right now they were each other's, nothing else mattered, it could all wait till later. Both bolted upright when the front door opened. Tamaki ran into the bathroom to calm down for a minute. Catching a glimpse at the clock he noticed they were together longer than he originally thought.

Sunday the three of them spent the day together before following René through a trail behind the apartment.
"How much further René?"
"Not much father, do you need to stop? Are you feeling okay?" It was cold today and getting closer as the sun was starting to set. Stopping he made sure his father was okay, he almost forgot that he had been released from the hospital on Friday.
"I'm okay, just wondering." Looking over at Kyouya he saw he just wearily smirked.
"Okay here we are!"
Tamaki looked ahead again to see the Eiffel Tower coming into focus. They were on top of a cliff; he didn't even know Paris had cliffs like this. The view was gorgeous, you could see most of the city from here.
"Wow René, this is perfect. Isn't this great Kyouya?" Looking over to see Kyouya behind him, he saw he was trying to not look at the city. "Are you okay?"
"Just peachy."
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing, I just think I'll hang out back here."
"But that's silly, come here."
"Really I'm good." Confused he just stared at him, this wasn't like him.
"Kyouya, are you scared of heights?"
Hearing them René turned to face them as he heard his father's question. Maybe he should have told them where he wanted to take them first.
"I am, thanks for bringing that up." Tamaki knew that tone, Kyouya was peeved with him.
"Dad do you want to go somewhere else?"
"No here is fine, I just can't get close to the edge alright."
"Sorry Kyouya, I forgot that you were scared of heights."
"Just forget it."
Sitting on the ground they started to relax.

Still having to wait a few hours before midnight René was running around trying to explain something else to them. Tamaki told Kyouya all about the parties that went on and the fireworks in the streets. Paris turned into one giant party. Running behind Kyouya and leaning over him he voiced the idea that it would be fun to go to the street celebrations and again Tamaki voiced his reasoning of why they weren't going.
"You're too young. Unless you go to a restaurant most drinks given have some sort of alcohol in them. I don't want you drinking at the age of nine, sorry." Realizing his dad wasn't going to side with him he moved away to lay in the grass. He loved being here with both his parents. He couldn't believe he was actually going to welcome in the New Year with his dad and his father, this was a dream come true. This year he got to welcome in being like a normal kid, like his best friend, and this could be the year his father finally got to take it easy the way he deserved.

Tamaki bunched himself up tighter after the sun had completely set trying to stay warm. They still had another hour and it was freezing out it felt like.
"Come here Tamaki."
"I'm okay."
"Now, before you turn blue." Tamaki felt Kyouya pull him closer, wrapping his arms around him. Grabbing René he pulled him close to keep him warm as well, together they could do it easily he was sure.
"You know Tamaki, it is my duty to take care of you."
"Your duty? Says who?"
"Says the unwritten rule that the father is to take care of his family."
"Is that so?" Moving closer to Kyouya he rested his head against his chest. He remembered saying the exact same thing to him back then, funny how roles would be reversed years later. René looked back at them, lost by the conversation but happy to hear his dad say it was his duty to take care of them. He said it with such pride and affection; it was hard to not become red in the face from it.
"Is it just the cold getting to me or did it just get really dark here?"
"That's that Eiffel tower, they turn the lights off expect the ones for the planes before midnight every year." Soon they could hear people cheering as fireworks shot up around the Eiffel Tower.
"Whoohoo its 2015!"
"Happy New Year René, you as well Kyouya." Tamaki reached back to kiss Kyouya. If how the year ended was a sign to how this New Year would be then it was off to a great start. Being together at the start of a new year that held so much for them, was exciting just by its self.
"Happy New Year Tamaki." The three of them all together watching the fireworks was a great way to welcome in the New Year.

Once the fireworks stopped they followed René back to the apartment. Tamaki put on water for drinks before digging out a blanket for Kyouya to help him stop shaking from the cold. It was freezing out; they had been crazy to stay out so late. Wondering what was taking René so long to come out of the bedroom, he had gone into to change; Tamaki went to check on him. Seeing him asleep on his bed he let him be. Going back into the kitchen he made their drinks before joining Kyouya in the living room. Seeing him sitting there he found it hard for his face to not break out into a smile. Just seeing him there, for the first time in a long time he felt that everything was normal, perfect. Sitting together, in silence or not was perfect, together they warmed up sharing the blanket. When they were done with their cups Tamaki put them in the sink, going back to Kyouya he was pulled on top of him who draped the blanket over them. He loved being so close to Kyouya.
"I should probably head back to the hotel so you can get some sleep."
"If you're comfortable like this then I am too." Fixing his position so Kyouya could lay comfortably across the seats, he had laid on top of him, resting his head on his chest. "If I am too heavy I'll move."
"You're fine." Feeling Kyouya wrap his arms around him he let Kyouya do what he needed to do so he could be comfortable. Placing his head on his chest he soon found it hard to stay awake.

René woke up later in the morning bummed he fell asleep soon after they got back but happy he stayed awake for the fireworks. Last night was one of the best nights of his life and he was never going to forget it. Leaving the bedroom he wondered if his parents were up. Seeing them together, asleep, on the loveseat filled him with such joy. They looked happy as they were.
"Yes!" Hoping he didn't wake them he walked back into his room to celebrate. This was great! It looked like his New Years wish to have a complete family was going to come true.

Tamaki's ears picked up a foreign noise pulling him from a dream. Opening his eyes he realized he was still on top of Kyouya and the noise was a phone ringing. It wasn't the house phone, maybe it was a neighbors? Carefully and gently moving off Kyouya he went to figure out what that was. Opening the closet door he noticed it was coming from Kyouya's coat pocket. Taking the phone he went back over to him seeing he had already readjusted himself with Tamaki no longer on him. Knowing this wasn't going to be easy he attempted to wake him up to answer his cell. He didn't want him to get in trouble if he forgot to do something.
"Good morning Tamaki, is something wrong?"
"Someone just called you. Did you forget to do something?"
"No, all my business here is done. Let me see." Sitting beside him once he sat up he waited to make sure everything was okay.
"Is something wrong Kyouya?"
"It's my father. I should call him back."
"R…right, I'll go see if René is up." Getting up he let Kyouya be; he didn't want Yoshio to learn anything before Kyouya was ready to tell him. Seeing René up, he sat beside him on the bed so they could just talk. He also wanted to thank him for taking them to such a great spot. It was perfect in so many ways. Both looked at the door as they saw Kyouya standing there. Making room for him on the bed they sat together. René listening to his dad and father talk about their plans for the three of them. It wasn't perfect but it was something at least.
"So we can't live together until this summer?"
"Correct, but it will come fast once you go back to school."
"And if you get a few days off we will go visit your dad together, okay." He still had his fears with moving René to Japan. France was his home, if he really didn't want to move come this summer then he would figure something else out with Kyouya.

After they had all showered and dressed for the rest of the day René brought up Sara's party. That was right; they told her weeks ago they would be there as they were every year. Tamaki wasn't sure what to do, he wanted to go and Kyouya was welcome to join of course but yet he really wanted to spend the day with Kyouya and René. Last night had been the first time they did something together as a family and he didn't want to make it the only thing. René really wanted to go to Sara's though, ugh why was everything so complicated?
"Then let's let René go. I do want to meet your friend. We can do something together, we have a lot to discuss after all and I'm sure René would rather have fun then listen to us."
"I guess, Sara has been bugging me to meet you, alright we'll do that then."
The three of them walked to the house, not surprised to see Sara's face light up when she opened the door. Inviting them in Tamaki told her they couldn't really stay but René wanted to hang out with Michael.
"Oh Sara, my manners, this Kyouya Ootori, Kyouya this is my friend Sara Belmont."
"Best friend actually it's so nice to meet you."
"The pleasure is mine. I wanted to thank you for all the help you've provided Tamaki with throughout the years."
"With someone like Tamaki its hard not to." Whispering to Tamaki she asked, "So he is René's father?" He just smiled and nodded. "You know how to pick them huh, he is very nice looking. No wonder you want to spend time with him."
"I feel bad for not staying."
"Don't be. You've waited years for this, enjoy yourself. Michael will keep René busy so you two can spend the day together.
"You're the best."
"Just remember as your friend I expect details later."
He started to laugh as he turned to leave. Once both were out the door he heard her yell, "Remember not to get carried away! Have fun but be safe!"
Tamaki dropped his head as he started blushing as he heard Kyouya start laughing. Of course that he would understand.
"I like her Tamaki, she is, interesting."
"Sara is…great." Rolling his eyes he stood up straight. He was looking forward to this time with Kyouya even if all they did was talk. While it would have been nice if René joined them just being the two of them was okay too.

René went to Michael's room to see him playing video games.
"Hey René you made it! My mom wasn't sure if you would or not with your dad in town."
"They had to discuss some things I think and I…" He wanted to tell Michael he was going to be living with his dad, that him and his father were going to move in with his dad this summer. But, before the words came out they stopped. He was moving, he would be leaving his best friend, his brother, once the summer arrived. He couldn't tell him right now, he wasn't ready to tell him they would have to say good bye in the near future.
"You what René?"
"Nothing, I forget what it was."
"Yea that's what you'll be when I beat you in combat again."
"No way, I've been training."
Sitting next to him he was handed a controller so he could play. He would have to tell him eventually but right now he wanted to enjoy this time with him,

Tamaki walked beside Kyouya enjoying the city together. It was a nice sort of strange to do this with him just hanging out.
"Have you ever been to the top of the Eiffel Tower?"
"You've asking me? The person that has lived here for the last ten years? No, I've haven't, not since I was little. "
"Then come on, let's go."
"Wait, but I thought you were scared of height?"
"I fly don't I. Don't worry I just won't look down." Feeling Kyouya take his hand they walked to it. Reaching the top he held on to his hand tighter as they enjoyed the breathtaking view together.
"Kyouya look its snowing." Pointing up and out the window he watched the snow start to fall. "You know Kyouya, being here. Up here like this, it reminds me of when we would just look up at the stars at my house. Moments like this make it hard to believe that was years ago." They watched the snow fall for a few minutes before heading back down hand in hand. It was strange to feel so carefree after all this time. It was a welcomed feeling but a strange one all the same. Keeping their hands together they walked the streets a little longer and enjoyed the celebrations still going on from last night. As the snow feel harder and made it harder to walk in Kyouya led them back to his hotel since it was closer than the apartment.

Getting to the room Tamaki sat by the heater hoping to heat up faster.
"I hope this let's up so your flight doesn't delay you anymore. I don't want your father to get mad."
"I'm more concerned about René, if this doesn't stop do you think he could spend the night with your friend?"
"Probably, if it doesn't slow down a little, but I'll call later and ask."
Seeing Tamaki was still by the heater shaking Kyouya grabbed the bed's comforter and placed it over him.
"What about you?"
"I'm going to shower. You can too and have that heat you up." That sounded really nice, his whole body felt cold. Wrapping the comforter around him better he couldn't stop his mind from wondering. He was in a hotel room, alone, with Kyouya.

Once Kyouya was out he went and did the same. The hot water did help warm him, as did the thought that Kyouya could to. His warm arms could hold him, his lips could touch him, his body could…what was he doing? He needed to control himself, besides he wasn't really prepared for an intimate time with Kyouya and he didn't want to bring another René in the world. If he ever had another child he wanted to do it right. Shutting off the water he stood in his towel for a moment trying to calm down before he got dressed and left. He was an adult he was more mature than when he was sixteen, he could control himself. Leaving the bathroom he noticed Kyouya had the weather on as he walked past him to sit back in the chair.
"You can sit on the bed Tamaki. I won't do anything I promise."
"I…I know that. It's not you I'm worried about."
He really didn't want to think about this. The thought of sex sounded so good to him.
"I don't know what I want."
"I've noticed."
"Hey! Okay so maybe your right but still." Even so though, he got up to join him on the bed. They were both adults, they could just sit together and do nothing else. Even as he tried to not think about it his body seemed to react to Kyouya being so near.
"Kyouya, kiss me."
"Wha…?" Before he could say anything Tamaki moved to have their lips touch. Pulling away for only a second he moved to sit on Kyouya's lap, almost like that of a straddle, before rejoining their lips. Feeling Kyouya move a hand through his hair he pulled away.
"I don't know if we should."
"Then we won't but Tamaki, kissing doesn't do anything."
"I know, you're right." Going back they moved to better positions as their bodies started to take over. Tamaki pulled away before going back. Feeling Kyouya's hands on his face they stopped as Kyouya pulled away this time.
"I don't want to do this if you're not comfortable that this could lead somewhere."
"No, it's not that, I don't care if it does, something else keeps stopping me."
"Tamaki, I…I'm not sixteen anymore. I'm not stupid."
"So then do you, because I don't?"
"Relax its fine, I've got it."

Tamaki laid in bed surprised by his actions, did he really just do what he thought they did? What came over him? What a rush. Catching his breath he sat up and looked out the window to see it was still snowing pretty hard.
"What time is it? I need to make sure René didn't decide to walk home. Where is your phone?"
"Just use the room one; I'm not sure where my cell is at the moment. I'm sure he is fine Tamaki. I doubt your friend would make him walk in this."
"Still, I can't believe I forgot."
Dialing Sara's number he waited with a speeding heartbeat for her to pick up. When she did and he asked her about René she yelled at him. She couldn't believe they had been friends this long, René was like a second son to her, and he had called to make sure he didn't walk home in the storm. Feeling Kyouya wrap an arm around his chest he realized he had panicked for nothing.
"You deserve this Tamaki so take it. René is fine and having a blast with Michael. We'll see you tomorrow." Hanging up he rested against Kyouya. It felt as if this was a dream to be back in his arms again.
"Relax Tamaki, he is fine isn't he? So you forgot, things happen and it wasn't like you just plainly forgot about him, you were; busy."
"That was fun, huh?" Looking over at Kyouya he kissed him the best he could.
"That was fun."
"Can we go again?"
"You haven't changed."

René wasn't all that surprised to hear he was spending the night. He saw the snow coming down pretty hard and hoped his parents were okay. Hearing they were fine was good to know but they couldn't come get him and they didn't want him to walk in this. It made sense and he didn't want to go out in this either. Once Sara told him all of this he joined Michael in the living room to finish watching the movie they had on. Abby sat beside him to rest against him. He had no problems with this; he cared and respected her like she was his own little sister. He would really miss all of this when he moved; hopefully they could visit in the summer. He really didn't want to say good-bye to his best friend forever.

Tamaki sat up in bed from getting hungry. They hadn't eaten since they woke up and it was close to seven at night. Plus, what they did hadn't helped conserve their appetite's.
"Hungry? Suddenly I'm starving." Kyouya sat up beside him, waiting for an answer.
"Yea, I was just thinking that."
"I'll order room service then."
"Room service, god it feels like such a luxury to me." Getting up Tamaki threw on his pants before turning the lights on so they didn't have to sit in the dark. Well, the TV was on, neither bothered to turn it off before, but that wasn't doing much for light. Switching on the second lamp Tamaki noticed Kyouya was staring at him. Something about it was making him self-conscious.
"How much do you weight Tamaki?"
"What? Why?"
"You've always been thin I know this, but, you look very thin. Are you underweight?"
"I have no idea how much I weigh, I don't exactly check." He knew he was underweight; he could never put weight on and keep it on. He didn't want Kyouya to know these things though, none of this was his fault.
"Tamaki, tell me your eating."
"Of course I'm eating. I'm not anorexic. I've always been like this you just haven't seen me in years you forgot."
"You go hungry when money's tight don't you?"
"Just drop it Kyouya. I'm fine. God you're just like Sara, always worrying over nothing."
"Starving isn't something to shrug off it's a serious problem. It can cause major health problems. Think of what it would do to René if,"
"I do think of him! Why else do you think I do it!" He stopped realizing he told Kyouya he was right. Since the cat was out of the bag he figured it was best to explain himself.
"It started soon after he was born. I barely had enough to feed him some weeks so I would go without. I know it's a serious problem; I have been hospitalized for it once already. I had a bad cold and I couldn't keep food down because I hadn't eaten in days. I had put weight back on once I started working at the house. I gained a good bit of weight because I thought I was preg…anyway after I moved to escape Brandon, money became tight again and René's school was always investigating me trying to prove René wasn't being taken care so I always made sure he was eating so I would skip a meal every so often."
"Tamaki. You're so reckless." Kyouya came off the bed to wrap his arms around him. He loved feeling him close again.
"I'm not waiting until June to solve this problem. I won't let you jeopardize your health. When I get back I am going to set up an automatic transfer for you so you have money. I won't risk losing you again."
"Kyouya, I…"
"No, I'm doing this for you. Quit your afternoon and weekend job so you can spend more time with René. I know you hate always working and he wants you home more. I'll pay your rent and have plenty for food. Tomorrow before my flight I'll add my name to your account or I'll open an account. You don't have a bank account do you?" Hearing that he must have made a face about being added to his, but it was true he didn't have one. He wanted nothing that could trace someone to him.
"I love you Kyouya. I'm so glad we are together again." Kissing his perfect lips, lips he could never get enough of they slowly moved back to the bed.

René stood with his parents at the airport before his dad boarded the plan. He couldn't believe his dad had to leave already.
"You really have to go dad?"
"Sadly yes, but believe me, I don't want to. I'm really glad I met you René. Remember our deal okay?" Feeling his dad pull him close he hugged him back. He could keep his grades up no problem. The family company would be his one day. He would take over for his dad."
"Sure thing dad."
"Contact me when you land, please."
"I will. And please take it easy Tamaki. When I get home I'll set up automatic transfer up for you, as I said I would."
"I will, my two weeks at the stores go in tomorrow."
Before Kyouya walked away to board Tamaki brought him close for one last kiss, hopefully to help him relax before his flight.
"Is it June yet?"

René led the way to take Michael somewhere. He knew he would like it and it would became "their" spot.
"René how much further?"
"Not much, come on." Going a little faster he stopped when they made it to the top.
"Woah." Looking over he saw Michael staring at the city with his mouth hanging open.
"I love coming up here. It's a great place to think."
"You can see almost all of the city from here."
Sitting on the grass René tried to get the reason he brought Michael here out. When he did he could tell Michael didn't know what to do at first.
"You're moving to Japan?"
"Yea, once I'm out of school for the year."
"But, you're my best friend. We made a promise to always have each other's back."
"I know." Hugging his knees he tried not to cry. This was so hard.
"You better come visit. And keep in touch."
"My dad said he would set me up with an e-mail account."
"He better, I'll have mom do the same."
"I want to live with my dad but Japan isn't where I grew up. I've never been the new kid."
"You'll be fine René. You're dad is loaded right? That should help. And maybe some summer I could go there."
"Yea! His house is huge you could sleep over my place for once!"
Both started joking around before they realized they were crying.
"Yea. Hey Michael." Wiping his eyes he tried to stop crying as Michael did the same as he tried to listen to René. "Let's make another promise, right here and now, that we never forget each other. Friends forever."
Together they shook hands with their own personal combo that ended in with linking pinkies."
"Oh and René."
"No one knows we cried like babies just now. And no one but us can come up here."
"Done and well, I brought my parents up here on New Year's."
"I can live with that."
They stayed up here looking over the city before they had to get going so their parents wouldn't get mad. René was certain he would stay close to Michael as he got older even if they lived countries a part.

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