Michigan Legislature appoints Megamind Metro City's Emergency Manager

Thursday, the Michigan legislature passed into immediate effect an expansion of Public Act 72 of 1990 which allowed the state to intervene units of local government that experience financial emergencies. The expansion will allow the state to intervene at an earlier stage and expands the power of emergency managers to better equip them with the tools needed to address a local unit's financial emergency. The first Emergency Manager appointment announced was the formal acceptance of Overlord Megamind as Emergency Manager for Metro City, a position which closely mirrors the role of Overlord that the supervillain has already appropriated for himself.

Democrats in both houses are appealing to the courts to block this law from going into affect under Michigan's immediate effect provision because they claim the Republican majority did not have the two thirds majority required by the provision.

The Emergency Management law gives the emergency manager the power to fire duly elected representatives, alter or kill collective bargaining agreements, eliminate collective bargaining rights for up to 5 years, seize and sell public property, outsource government jobs, raise taxes, add to local debt, and dissolve or merge whole cities, counties, and school districts. Critics of this law fear that the law amounts to basically removing democracy in areas where the law is applied. They also worry about the precedent this sets for giving legal approval to the unlawful seizure of a major Michigan city by a supervillain.

Republicans in the House issued a statement saying that, "Metro City was clearly in crisis after the elimination of its protector and the destruction caused by two separate supervillain rampages. We believe accepting and normalizing the current position claimed by Megamind will restore stability to the city and allow it to recover. We are satisfied that Megamind shares the state's goals of a strong and financially stable Metro City."

Art imitating life.

Megamind is getting his money's worth out of those lobbyists he hired.

I feel bad making Megamind responsible for Michigan's Emergency Manager law. But... It just fit so well...

If only this were entirely fictitious...

Review, please...