Author's Note: I'm adding this on Aug 26, 2015. Today in Virginia, a pretty blonde reporter named Alison Parker was shot while on-air by, apparently, a disgruntled co-worker and possible ex-boyfriend. She died along with her cameraman and the lady she was interviewing was injured. This chapter was written and posted a couple years ago, long before this incident occurred. The resemblance between the real Alison Parker and the character Allison Parker below is a complete coincidence and is completely unintended. My condolences to the families of everyone involved.

Allison Parker sits behind a dark glass-topped desk with the logo for KMCP Channel 8 News emblazoned on the front. The camera cuts in to a shot of the pretty reporter who's perfect blonde hair and fashionable dark grey suit speak of professionalism and integrity. She smiles at the viewers and welcomes them back from the commercial break. "And we're back with the interview I know you've all been waiting for. Tonight I'm here with Megamind, Metro City's very own Overlord." The camera view switches to show the infamous blue alien seated in a chair opposite her on the other side of the massive desk. A caption flares across the bottom of the screen in an exciting animation, then settles down to label the blue man as Lord Megamind - Overlord of Metro City for viewers who may tune in late and not recognize him. He is dressed in his customary black and blue super suit, complete with spiked collar and accessories. One leg is crossed over the other, his ankle resting on his opposite knee. He slouches back casually in a high-backed black leather swivel chair, watching the reporter impassively as she introduces him. "Welcome, Lord Megamind. I'm honored to have the opportunity to speak with you today."

The screen switches to a dual view, with a head-shot of the reporter on the left and the Megamind on the right. A label under the reporter's image identifies her to the viewers as well. "Thank you, Miss Parker. I've been looking forward to it," he answers politely.

"First off," she begins, "Is that the proper form of address I should be using? This is all very new and we aren't really sure what the proper protocol is."

"If you would like to address me as Lord Megamind I certainly won't object, but it really isn't necessary. As of yesterday, I've been legally appointed by the state of Michigan to serve as Metro City's Emergency Manager. So, since I am merely a civil servant, you may address me simply as Megamind if you like." He smiles mildly at the reporter, an unconvincing picture of a harmless civil servant.

The reporter nods, her smile professional, "Then let me congratulations on your new position, Megamind. I know it came as a surprise to most of us." As the reporter speaks, a quick thinking technician behind the scenes changes the former Overlord's caption to read Megamind - Metro City Emergency Manager. "Perhaps you can answer a question that's been puzzling me. Why did the state chose to grant you, our conqueror, legal authority over us?" Allison asks.

"Isn't it obvious, Miss Parker?" His face earnest, he suggests, "I believe the state merely recognized my superior abilities and agreed that I'm the best man for the job of restoring law and order to Metrocity."

The view switches back to the show both speakers in profile seated across the desk from each other. Allison holds his gaze for a beat as she considers her response. "Forgive me if I have a hard time swallowing the idea of you working for law and order. You seemed to have battled against that very notion your entire life."

He raises one finger in clarification, "I have never actually had anything against the idea of law and order, per se." His pronunciation of per se is exaggeratedly French. He turns his hand over, palm up to offer her his explanation. "So long as it is my law and order."

"That seems like a very common tenant in the creed of evil. This idea that the villain knows better how to rule the world than those already in power," she challenges.

Megamind is given the entire frame for his response. "Can you honestly look around this world, this city," he gestures expansively around himself, "and argue against that? Metrocity was a cesspool of corruption, greed, and incompetence. It was just begging-" He clenches his right hand into a fist, "-to be taken over. It has been for years." He crosses his arms over his chest.

Back to Miss Parker. "What Metro City were you living in?" she asks, her expression incredulous, "Before you killed Metro Man, this city was a beacon of hope and prosperity. We had only 4% unemployment and, aside from your activities, the lowest crime rate in the region. We had great schools, beautiful parks, and a thriving arts community. All of which you destroyed! "

A tighter shot of the Overlord's face this time. Those viewer watching in HD can now see clearly the eyeliner rimming his eyes. "Well, it's hardly surprising that you saw Metrocity that way looking down from that Metro Towers apartment of yours, Miss Parker." He leans forward, forcing the camera to pan out, "But it isn't true from any objective analysis." He opens his left hand and begins ticking off points with his fingers. "The fact is the unemployment rate was only low because so many dro-" He falters, but recovers quickly. "-citizens left Metrocity for better opportunities elsewhere. Just consider the number of abandoned and foreclosed homes, if you don't believe me. The crime rate was low because few other supervillains dared to poach my territory and you ran your hero ragged 24/7 taking care of everything else. Which, I might add, really should have been left to the cops and emergency workers, for the most part. The schools aren't great. They're adequate. And that's more due to the state than the city. The parks are pretty, but the recreational activities they provide have dwindled to almost nothing due to lack of funding and the facilities, like much of the city's infrastructure, have not been maintained adequately for years. You're right about the arts, however. The elite of the city have been exceedingly generous in their funding of the city's theaters and museums. Personally, I think that has more to do with tax benefits than altruism. But perhaps I'm being cynical. The point is, Metrocity only looked prosperous and strong on the surface, Miss Parker. Without Metro Mahn, I took it over in one day with just a hundred brainbots and Minion. Do you think that's something that could happen in a healthy city? I mean, I am fantastic," He smirks cockily at the camera, "But I'm only one man. I should have had to pull out my entire robot horde and engaged the police in glorious battle before securing my rule. Instead, they rolled over without firing a shot. It was very disappointing."

The camera's back to a wide view of both of them, catching the reporter's scowl as she responds. "If it was such a pitiful, broken city, why would you bother taking it over?"

"Metrocity is mine, Miss Parker," the villain explains matter-of-factly, "I've dedicated my life to the city's conquest. Now that I've finally done it, I'm not going to just throw away my prize. Besides, I believe Metrocity has great potential. All you need is someone who can properly harness it and make it profitable again."

"I'm not sure I like the idea of being harnessed, Megamind. Is this where we get to your rumored slave army?"

"My rumored slave army is just that: a rumor. Why would I need one? I have a robot horde. They're far more effective and loyal than any human slaves would be."

"So, you'll use your robot horde to keep us all in line, then?"

"No, no, no." He shakes his head and sighs, "You don't understand. Miss Parker, we're on the same side now. I've given up the pursuit of evil-"

"Why?" she interrupts. "Why, all of a sudden, have you decided to be the good guy? What changed?"

"Everything changed. I own this city. I can do whatever I like. Take what I like. Destroy what I like. Terrify the population at will. But what's the point? It's all too easy now." He pauses, sounding a bit sad. "There's no challenge when I know no one will stop me. So why bother? There's really nothing in it for me to be evil anymore." He brushes at his knee, perhaps dusting off a speck of lint. "What's the point in stealing something or destroying something that I already own? Why terrify people when they'll do whatever I say without the theatrics and threats? It just isn't necessary anymore."

"Then why didn't you just retire? Steal the city blind and go into seclusion living off your spoils for the rest of your life?"

He rolls his eyes to the ceiling and pulls a face, "Because I would die of boredom!" He leans forward and points to his giant blue head with both hands. "This head is big for a reason." He props his elbows on the table, leaning forward towards the reporter who instinctively moves back a bit. "I'm not happy if I'm not thinking, planning, designing, plotting." He traces geometric shapes and on the black glass tabletop with his left index finger. "I need something to do. Lucky for me I've got a whole city that needs rebuilding and restructuring." He looks up from his invisible doodles to catch the reporter's gaze. "I think that should keep me busy for awhile."

"What, exactly are you planning on restructuring in Metro City?

"Whatever needs it. Right now, the most important things are to create jobs and insure public safety. To that end, I'm repairing the city, starting with mostly brainbot labor but transitioning to primarily human workers by the end of the month. I've reopened all the city offices and schools and hired approximately 600 new employees to replace recently vacated positions. Having Metro Mahn on the job for so long allowed the city to dangerously understaff its police and fire department for years. I've authorized the hiring of fifty new police officers and 20 firefighters. I've also assigned a portion of my robot horde to assisting with routine public safety and rescue tasks. Those departments are going through training next week to learn the capabilities of my brainbots and how to use them most effectively. I want to be clear that the brainbots will not replace police or emergency workers, but will merely augment those departments where appropriate. I'm also authorizing additional training for current officers to help with some of the problems that enabled me to so easily take over Metrocity in the first place. In particular, every officer will receive basic anti-supervillain tactical training."

"Wait, let me stop you there. Do you mean to say that you want the police to know how to defeat a supervillain? Aren't you afraid that'll backfire and they'll overthrow you?"

"Of course not. Weren't you listening earlier? I'm not a supervillain now. I'm the legally appointed Emergency Manager for Metrocity for at least the next year. I'm part of the system. As such, It's my responsibility to make certain that the police are trained to deal with supervillain attacks because sooner or later someone's going to show up thinking he can take this city." He points to his own chest to emphasize his upcoming point. "I don't want to be the only thing standing between Metrocity and Doctor Horrible or Eclipso or some other supervillain."

"You don't think you can defend Metro City from a supervillain attack?"

"Miss Parker, I have my own orbital death ray, an extensive robot horde, and I'm literally the smartest man on the planet." The blue man smirks at the reporter. "I can defeat most of Earth's supers, villain or hero, without help from the police. But a defender has to win every time. A villain only needs to win once. I'd feel more comfortable with the city's safety, and my own as well, if I wasn't the only one capable of putting up a fight."

"Speaking of defending the city, what happened with Strongman and SilverPsychic Monday night? The whole city heard them call you out, and there were reports of a battle through the streets, but then nothing. What happened?" On screen, head-shot portraits of both Hero's Consortium supers appear on one side of the screen along with captions labeling which is which.

He shrugs, "I defeated them."

"Are they... dead?"

His eyes widen in alarm. "Oh, evil gods, no! I just dehydrated them. They should be back at the Consortium headquarters by now. Why does everyone always expect me to kill people?" His right hand gestures off to the side to emphasize the rhetorical question.

Allison answers him with sarcasm dripping off her tongue, "Maybe because you killed Metro Man?"

"I didn't ki-" He stops abruptly, his expressive face suddenly blank. The faintest smile twitches at the corner of his mouth before disappearing. "You know what, it doesn't matter. Those heroes were operating as unlawful vigilantes-"

"Hold on. Back up a second. It sounded like you started to say you didn't kill Metro Man." The reporter's eyes narrow and she smirks, confident she's tripped him up, "I really can't let you get away with a statement like that. Regardless of your current legal status with the city, we're all aware of the elephant in the room. You murdered our hero and broadcast it for the entire city to see."

A smile slides across his face and his voice is perfectly reasonable and calm as he answers. "Miss Parker, as a condition of this interview, you agreed that the subject of Metro Mahn's alleged murder and any role I may or may not have had to play in it would not be discussed." His smile turns slightly mischievous. "No fair using your nosy reporter skills trying to trip me into saying something my lawyers might object to."

"You can't possibly deny that you murdered Metro Man! We all saw it live on TV."

"No Comment," he answers cheerfully.

"Oh, come on!"

His eyebrows lower, obscuring the upper half of his eyes. "Go to a commercial, now, Miss Parker. Or else this interview is over," he growls.

Two long seconds pass in awkward silence as the reporter and city manager sit unmoving while they attempt to stare each other down. The cameras stop rolling and the producer speaks up, "And we're off! Two minutes, people!" The crew visibly relax. Cameramen stand back from their equipment and stretch their legs. One takes a soft cloth to his lens. A makeup woman approaches Megamind with a powder puff, intent on minimizing the glare of the studio lights on the blue man's giant bald head. A brainbot intercepts her and takes the puff from her hand and does the job itself. Bot 1234 has been entrusted with the application Daddy's make-up for the last 8 years and will not allow this interloper to do its job. Megamind barely notices as his creature attends to his appearance, his attention on the reporter across from him.

He grins like a madman, all sign of his displeasure vanished in an instant. "Ha-hahaha-ha! That was wonderful!" he cackles, "You sounded so outraged. Just the reaction I needed. No one will suspect that that was anything but a slip of the tongue. Ha-ha! Perfect!"

"Just the-" The reporter begins to repeat, "You manipulative bastard! What game are you playing?"

"Oh, no need to resort to name-calling, Miss Parker." He pulls his face into mock-seriousness, but his eyes still sparkle. "Don't blame me when you broke the rules. I'm not going to say anything about Metro Mahn's," finger quotes, "death on live television. I promised the moron that I wouldn't be the one to out him in public."

"To out him? You expect me to believe he's still alive?"

"I expect you to be a reporter, Miss Parker. Investigate, ask questions, report. It shouldn't be that hard. But if you don't feel like doing it, that's fine too. After my little flub on live TV, I'm sure your competition over at channel 6 will be happy to look into it."

"Are you threatening me?"

"Of course not." He purses his lips, his fingers steepled just under his chin. "Motivating you, perhaps. I don't really care who exposes the scandal. It just can't be me or Roxanne. We gave our word."

She shrewdly points out, "Didn't that little slip already break your promise?"

"Not technically. All I said was 'I didn't ki-'. I didn't even say 'kill' and I refused to comment on it one way or the other." He points one gloved finger in her direction, "You inferred."

"A pretty obvious inference."


"And Roxanne's in on it?" she asks incredulously.

"Oh, yes," he confirms, leaning forward to confide, "You should have seen her confront the big coward. If she'd had her way, she'd have dragged him out by the superpowered ear for everyone to see. Sadly, he's still just as invulnerable as he ever was. No one can make him do anything he's determined not to do."

"And she's managed to keep the story to herself? That's not like her." It's really not like her. There is a reason Roxanne Ritchi is the top reporter at KMCP, and it has nothing to do with superhero scoops. Well, it doesn't entirely have to do with superhero scoops, anyway. Roxanne is ruthless and tenacious and willing to do whatever it takes to get the story. It's something Allison both admires and hates about the brunette. So, how is it that Roxanne had managed to keep something like this to herself?

"Well, who's going to believe my girlfriend when she defends me against a Metro Mahn?"

"The two of you are dating, then?" She asks with a faint sneer. Why would anyone want to date him when they had Metro Man for the asking?

"Oh, don't look so disgusted. I'm funny, brilliant, and incredibly handsome. What woman wouldn't want me?" he asks.

"But you're not human," she objects.

"That never bothered anyone when they thought she was dating Metro Mahn." He points out.

"But he's-"

"From the exact same star system I came from. Every bit as much of an extraterrestrial as I am. We landed here on the same day."

"That's not-"

"Ten seconds, people," the producer calls. Crewmembers hurry back into position.

Allison closes her mouth and turns her attention to her appearance. She smoothes her already impeccable clothing and sits up straight, a professional smile masking her true expression. Megamind sits back with a confident smile on his blue face, waiting as the final numbers count down and the on-air sign lights up again.

"Welcome back, Metro City. Tonight I'm speaking live with Megamind, former Supervillain and now Metro City's new Emergency Manager. Before the break we were discussing his plans for the city. Now I'd like to turn to more personal topics. Megamind, you have never before granted the media an interview. Your past has been a matter of rampant speculation all the way back to your supervillain debut. I'm sure you're aware there have been several books on the topic, but all the information is from second- and third-hand sources. Since you're here, I thought we could take this opportunity to learn a little more about your background."

Megamind nods. "Of course, ask me whatever you like."

"Well, let's begin at the beginning. It is widely believed that you were not born on Earth, is that correct?" Of course, she knows the answer, but the question is for the benefit of the audience, not her.

"One of the few facts that my many unofficial biographers generally get right. I was born on a blue planet orbiting a yellow sun similar to Earth's. To this day, I'm not certain of the exact circumstances leading to its demise, but something happened to cause our star to unexpectedly collapse into a black hole, taking the entire system with it. Minion and I were evacuated in a trans-light space pod at the last minute. Your viewers might be surprised to learn that Metro Mahn was also born in the same star system, though on a different planet. He escaped the same way we did. Our pods traveled together on most of the interstellar journey. As far as I know, the three of us were the only survivors."

"That's..." Allison begins, but then changes directions, "I'm sorry for your loss. How old were you?"

"I was eight days old. I'm not sure exactly how old Minion or Metro Mahn were."

"Wow, you were only babies. How do you know what happened? Was there a... I don't know..." she waves her hand uncertainly in the air, "some sort of note in your pod explaining what happened?"

Megamind shakes his head, "Not that I ever found. I know because I remember it." He shrugs and points to his head. "It's big for a reason. I can remember clear back to the morning of my birth. Though, I must admit," he smiles ruefully, "that first day is a bit fuzzy. I think I slept through a lot of it. The day I left, however, is imprinted indelibly on my mind. Perhaps you might be able to imagine the panic of an entire population learning that they were to die in a matter of hours and they could do nothing to prevent it? We were a culture far more advanced than yours is now, but we were completely and utterly helpless."

"That must have been horrible."

"It was. My family, my entire species, everything I'd ever known just... gone." He breathes in a shuddery little breath. That and the seriousness of his tone the only indications on how the memory of his past affected him. "Your human mind cannot comprehend the scale of the destruction. It taxes even my considerable intellect."

Allison lets the condescension pass, since he is relating something so obviously painful for him. Instead she changes the subject slightly to ask what she knows will spring to some viewers' minds next. They will worry about themselves. "How far away was your planet? Does the black hole pose a threat to Earth?"

"No, the distances are vast," he answers. He's relieved to veer away somewhat from the tragic last days of his homeworld. "I lost track of my system on the journey, so I don't know which star it was when seen from Earth. But I'm certain it's somewhere between 40 and 80 light years from here. Plenty of space between us and danger. I don't think we'd have been sent here only to face the same disaster a second time."

"Why were you sent here specifically?"

"I don't know. My father said something about destiny... But I don't know. I assume it was because the Earth's environment was compatible with our physical needs. Our people may have known that the human population had a similar form to mine and Metro Mahn's. That did prove a benefit when it came to assimilation. Metro Mahn more-so than me, of course. But at least I was humanoid enough not to be mistaken for some sort of animal, as Minion was for many years."

"Since you brought up your childhood, could you tell us a little about that? Who raised you? There is a record of you landing in the Metro City Prison for the Criminally Gifted on Christmas Day. But no further reference for six years and then nothing until you were a teenager. Care to fill in the gaps?"

"Certainly. My pod landed in the prison yard and, for the most part, that's where I stayed. It was decided that prison was the most secure place for a child of my... unique characteristics. I proved my knack for mayhem early on and was an eager pupil for all that my fellow inmates had to teach me."

"You were raised in the prison? By the prisoners?" she asks, stunned.

"Of course. Them and the warden," he answers matter-of-factly.

"You did attend school, however?" she clarifies. "I know there was an article about an altercation at a private school near the prison..."

"Yes, my first foray into the world of academics at the tender age of six." He smiles fondly for a beat, then looks up with a more serious expression, "It was less successful than I might hope. Due to my lack of proper documentation, the public school system did not want to take me and my amazing intellect made me a challenge for most private schools. Fortunately, an opportunity presented itself in the Lil' Gifted School which catered to children with unique gifts. I was expelled after two weeks."

"How awful. Did you go back to school?"

"Not exactly. I was homeschooled through the prison education program. I earned my GED at ten. At 13, I had a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering with a double minor in Robotics and Applied Physics from Metrocity University through their satellite campus at the prison. I earned my Masters of Biomedical Engineering shortly before petitioning the court for legal emancipation at 16. I could have gone further, but I'd lost interest in formal education by that time. It's not like I needed the credentials for my resume in order to be a Supervillain."

"No, I suppose not. So, at that age you already knew you'd be a Supervillain?"

"Yes, well, it was the obvious choice."

"I'm surprised you don't have a Degree in Social Engineering, the Philosophy of Evil, or Criminology."

"I prefer the hard sciences. They're much more directly applicable to my work." He explains.

"So, you were emancipated at 16. Did you remain at the prison?"

"No, I spent most of the next 2 years on my own. Just me and Minion against the world. With occasional enforced detainments at Metrocity's Juvenile Detention Facility, of course."

"Where did you live? When you weren't in Juvenile Detention, that is."

"A few of the men most closely involved in my upbringing were out on parole. We stayed with them at first, but that made it too easy for the authorities to find me. Before long, I established a series of Evil Lairs around the city and those were where we lived and worked."

"How did you get the money to support yourself?"

"Robberies, Burglaries, Bank Fraud, Extortion." In response to her horrified gasp, he admonishes, "Oh, don't look so shocked. Although, for legal reasons, I'd rather not discuss the details of my nefarious activities, I don't deny that I have been a criminal most of my life. It took years to establish myself as Metrocity's Supervillain. In the meantime, I had to work my way up. Establishing the connections and honing the skills. It really wasn't such a bad life for a young malcontent."

"You could have done all those things without challenging Metro Man. Why did you choose to pick fights with him?"

"I couldn't very well call myself a supervillain without a superhero to fight. We were destined to be rivals. Besides, he was the ultimate challenge in Metrocity. How to defeat an invincible foe? Pitting my incredible intellect against his limitless brawn? That's the sort of contest worthy of my skills. And he played the game well. Right up until the end."

"When you killed him."

"No comment."

"I see. You called it a game. Did he see your conflict the same way?"

"Of course."

"Your game killed people."


"Is human life of no value to you, then? Since you're not human? Or did you see so much death when you were eight days old that a few more don't make any difference?" she challenges bitterly.

He looks down at his hands, considering his answer before continuing, "That is a hard question to answer, Miss Parker. When I decided to become a supervillain, there were certain risks inherent to the job that I had to live with. We did our best to minimize them, both Metro Mahn and I, but a battle of supers is inherently risky. He couldn't protect everyone and it wasn't my job to save people."

"People are dead."

"More people would be dead if I did not pose enough danger to the city to keep him in residence. If he had gone off to Milwaulkee or Chicago, how many people would not have been saved from life-threatening danger over the years. You know as well as I do that Metrocity is NOT a big enough city to warrant a full-time super of his caliper. If I hadn't been here to create a constant threat, the city would never have shelled out the cash for his salary. The Consortium would have assigned him to a different territory."

"So, you want us to believe that your years of terrorizing the citizens of this fair city were actually good for us?"

"In some ways, yes it was."

The producer waves for attention and points to his watch. He holds up his two open hands, fingers splayed, and mouths, ten seconds! Then he begins silently folding fingers down as the seconds tick by.

Allison smoothly informs the viewers, "We have to take a break, more after a word from our sponsors." The camera pans back and the lights lower as the crew transition to a commercial break.

"And we're off! Three minutes this time," the producer informs everyone on set. Alison rolls her neck and allows the make-up artist who'd attempted to touch up Megamind's powder on the last break to freshen her make-up. They spend the break in awkward silence. The reporter doing her best to ignore her guest while he watches her with vague amusement.

Returning to the air, Miss Parker smiles and jumps right in, "Welcome back, Metro City! In the studio here with me is Megamind. Thank you for staying with us. Megamind, I understand you've recently been seen out on the town with KMPC's own Roxanne Ritchi. Tell me, how did she end up dating her former abductor?"

"Extraordinary luck, on my part, I suspect," he answers. "I'm not entirely sure myself."

"Oh, come now. Don't be modest. I'm sure there's a story there, if you're willing to tell it. How about we back up a bit? Why did you choose Miss Ritchi as your victim all those years ago? Was there some sort of arrangement?"

"Certainly not!" he objects forcefully. "She had no say in the matter what-so-ever. I merely needed a damsel to draw Metro Mahn into my traps and she fit the part."

"So, the two of you were not working together?"

"Not at all. I found Roxanne every bit as much of a challenging opponent in her own way as Metro Man was in his. She never intentionally helped me with any of my schemes, though I was often able to trick her into doing something to aid me anyway. Half of the time she was the one who'd ultimately unravel my plans and tell Metro Man the solution. They were a good team to pit my evil against."

"So, you claim Roxanne was never on your side against Metro Man."

"For the third time, of course not. Roxanne is a paragon of virtue. Anything less and there would have been questions as to her loyalty from the beginning, and she'd never have worked as effective superhero bait. I was very careful when I chose her. I ran an extensive background check to be sure."

"You chose Roxanne Ritchi as your victim? I thought you merely kidnapped the woman Metro Man was dating."

"Exactly as you were meant to believe. They truly were close friends, but I'm afraid their romantic relationship was greatly exaggerated."

"All this time Metro Man was never dating Roxanne?"

"I understand that they did go on a couple of dates early on, which is what initially drew me to her. But, according to her, he wasn't really her type."

"If she wasn't dating Metro Man, was she dating you?"

"No. Our romantic relationship is a recent development. We've only been together for a few weeks."

"Before or after you murdered Metro Man?"

"I've already told you that I won't comment on the details surrounding that alleged event. But I will say that we did not begin seeing each other until a couple days after I blew up the Metro Mahn museum. Well after Metro Mahn day."

"You have no problem admitting to the destruction of the museum, but you balk at saying anything about the murder."

"No comment. I suggest you move on to another topic, or else this interview is at an end."

"Alright," she agrees reluctantly. This interview is scheduled to run at least another ten minutes and cutting it short would force her co-workers to scramble to find something to fill the time. So, she continues. "What do you plan to do once your position as city manager ends?"

"Good. I'm glad you asked that! Once the city is on the right track, I thought I'd try my hand at legal private enterprise." The emphasis on legal seems important to him, "I have a number of amazing inventions I'm patenting. Once those are complete, I'll be licensing the manufacturing of these to private entrepreneurs. I expect to refit and reopen the old Metrocity GM plant, and more than a dozen smaller factories, to produce my machines. If all goes well, I estimate an addition of around two thousand well-paying manufacturing jobs by this time next year. Jobs I have no intention of ever shipping overseas."

"I gather these promised jobs are what garnered you the support of the local Unions?"

"Yes, they were quite pleased with my plans."

"I imagine so. What sorts of amazing inventions are you planning on selling?"

"Hoverbikes, rocket packs, cloaking devices, neural-linked robotic prosthetics, holotechnology, hard light projectors, dehydration technology, some rather specific water filtration systems... different things. Most of them with the potential to be quite lucrative in the right-" His watch chirps and he glances down. "One moment, Miss Parker." He pulls the little clip-on microphone off his cape and tosses it to the floor. Standing, he walks to the back of the stage, facing away from the camera. He murmurs into his watch and a faint voice can be heard, but not understood. Allison aims a questioning glance at her boss. Should they break for commercial again? Before a decision can be made, Megamind turns and addresses the reporter while walking towards the door marked 'Exit'. Without his microphone, his voice for the audience is tinny and quiet, but can be understood. "I must go. Someone decided that if I'm here, I'm not protecting the city. I have to go correct that misconception. Ciao ciao, Metrocity!" he calls as he exits into the alley beyond, his cape sweeping behind him and several brainbots following behind.

Allison Parker recovers quickly from the abrupt exit, "Well, there you have it. Megamind, Emergency Manager of Metro City and, at least at the moment, our Protector as well. Keep tuned here for the latest developments on this breaking story. More after the break." The camera pans back from her and the viewers soon find themselves watching a commercial for a revolutionary lemon-scented cleaning product.