dear princess luna,

Forgive me if my spellingis bad, but i am writeing this letter very late at
night when i should be in bed. I was wondering, do you know any magic to turn
ahuman child into a pony like you? I dont like liveing as a human, its dull
and clumsy and slow. It must be amazeing to fly amid the night sky to see the
peace and joy your art brings. I am thirteen years old, and ifound a book all
about you, so i'm leaveing this letter out side where i found the book and
hopeing, praying that maybe this letter will b answeared and it wont be some
crual trick by my classmates at school tommrow.


emily jones

Dear Ms. Jones,

I understand how spelling can be a bit tricky, especially late into one's period of activity. I find it best to do a rough copy before getting my sleep, and then looking it over when I am fresh and alert. As for the magic of converting a human child into a pony, sadly I do not know of any power great enough to perform that feat. I have read up on these humans that you speak of, and must admit to me they sound fascinating in their own right. They are able to perform feats we ponies are only able to copy through the use of magic. They have many great strides in the fields of science that we lack, and are able to settle in areas that we ponies would find inhospitable.

I suppose that everypony, and in your case every child, feels that there is something amazing about living another life, but one must ride the path they have started. It is amazing to fly in the night sky, but also terribly lonesome. Most ponies go to sleep shortly after my sister lowers the Sun, and I bring out the moon.

A book about me? I dare say there are many, but I cannot fathom how you found such a tome in the human world. Nor can I rightly say how your letter arrived to me, as I found it upon my bedside table when I awoke. It made me happy that somepony had written to me, and was very much surprised that it was a human. I pray that this letter finds you well and that you understand that this is not a trick performed by your classmates, but rather a message of friendship and hope.

Yours truly,
Princess Luna

P.S. I do hope you do not mind, but I sent this in return via the dragon mail system. I hope the green flames did not alarm you.