When the camping trip became hell

Chapter 1 For Tohru

The Zodiac curse was a real mystery by it's self but to be cures by it was another one. But My story does not take place during the cures, It takes place after it.
For Tohru had broken the Cures but yet could still not tell Kyo how she felt about him!

On one Spring night at the House of Shirgure Sohma all was Quiet for one of it's members were sick and that Member was Tohru Honda. While the others were down stairs in the sitting room. "" Hatori said that Tohru needs to take some time off''' said Shirgure. "" You and I both know she won't do that"" said Kyo. "" Yes, but what if she did not have a choice''' said Shirgure. At this point in time Yuki decided to speak "" What do you mean?""".. "" Well I mean why don't we go camping""said Shirgure... Both boys looked at him and as they both thought about it a few moments then Kyo spoke "" Fine but as long as it is just us and no body else"""! Yuki nodded his head in agreement . '''Well then let's keep this a secret till then'''said Shirgure. He then retreated back in to his study. While Yuki and Kyo were both in the sitting room watching T.V both thinking "" What have I gotten myself into"""... As the time pasted they soon were off to bed..

The next morning when Kyo woke up bright and early, He noticed that there was no noise coming from down stairs. He decided to go and check on Tohru as he walked down the hallway. He stopped at her door and waited for a moment since he did not hear no noise coming from her room so he opened the door some and looked in.. Seeing that she was still sleeping and for what he could tell she still had a fever.. So he closed the door gently and headed down stairs to the Kitchen. Want's in the kitchen he stared to take out the things he needed to make miso soup. When he finely got every thing into the pot and on the stove to cook. He heard someone walk in "" Well Kyo were is our lovely flower this morning""? asked Shirgure. Kyo looked at him with a glare and then spoke "" she still in bed with a fever""! "" And what are you doing?"" asked Shirgure. """WHAT THE HELL DOES IT LOOK LIKE""! Yelled Kyo.

At this time a timer went off indicating the the soup was done. Kyo then turned off the stove and placed some soup in a bowl ,and stuck it on a tray and headed up stairs. Wants up stairs Kyo knocked on Tohru's door , after a few seconds he heard a soft voice say "" come in"" . Kyo opened the door and walked in with the tray. ""Oh Kyo it's you!'' said Tohru, "" How are you felling and tell me the truth""! said Kyo. Tohru looked at kyo with a small blush across her face, "" I'm fine but I think I still have a fever.?"" said Tohru .. Kyo then placed the tray down on a small table that was in the room and spoke "" I thought so that's why I made you some miso soup, you need to eat I'll be back later to get the tray'''. As kyo was about to walk out the door Tohru called out to him "" Kyo ... Thank you"", Kyo gave her a smile and then left.. Down in the sitting room were Shirgure was with the now awake Yuki. They were discussing the camping plans, when Shirgure noticed Kyo coming down the stairs.

"" So Kyo how is Tohru doing?"" asked Shirgure

"" She says she still has a fever"" said Kyo

"" Oh Kyo when are you ever going to confess how you feel about our dear Tohru"" said Shirgure in a singa song voice.


"" Well look at Yuki he already has a girlfriend"" said Shirgure.

""" What was that""! said Yuki with a firm tone in his voice.

"" Well any way I was telling Yuki About the trip"" said Shirgure.

"" Yea what about it"" asked Kyo

"" We now have every thing we need , and it should be here today!"" said Shirgure

"" And have you decided were we will be going?"" asked Yuki.

""Yes... It's about a four hour drive from here , Its a small camping site'' said Shirgure

""And just how are we going to get there? asked Kyo

But be for Shirgure could answer him there was a knock on the door "" I wonder who that could be?"" said Shirgure as he got up to Answer the door. On the other side of the door was a deliver man with two boxes "" package for Shirgure Sohma"" said the man . "" I"m him "" answered Shirgure, the man then handed him the boxes and then left. Shirgure came back in side with them and placed them on the table. "" What the hell is that""? asked Kyo . ""Well as you know Tohru and I don't have any thing suitable to go camping in."" said Shirgure. He then started to open on of the boxes, as he opened it he pulled out several pair of Girl's cargo pants along with some tank tops and some long sleeve shirts. Kyo had seen all he could take for one day so he decided to go and check on Tohru..

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