Finale Chapter part 2

Shirgure and Yuki were keeping an eye on Tohru for she was very sick, while kyo was down by the river.
" I'm sorry Tohru" whispered Shirgure when all of a sudden he heard his name being called " Shirgure".
Shirgure turned his head to the entrance of the cave and to his surprise he saw Hatori and Ayame with Tohru's friends with Mii.

" Hatori" said Shirgure In shock as Hatori rushed over to were Tohru was with Hanna and Uo close behind. Ayame ran over to Yuki " Oh, My dear baby brother are you alright?" asked Ayame worriedly .
" were did you come from" asked Yuki " we came form you campsite just a few hours away" said Hatoir not looking at him.

" but how did you find us"? asked Shirgure. " Shirgure, It was Mii that came to your rescue" said Ayame "Tohru can you hear me"? asked Uo Tohru opened her eyes and looked at them " Uo, Hanna I'm so glad that your here, Kyo told me that you would find us" said Tohru. " were here Tohru we are gonna get you to a hospital" said Uo

" Alright let's go we got to get Tohru and Yuki to a hospital" said Hatori. " Right" said Kyo he then walked over to Tohru and picked her up. " Is she going to be ok"? asked Mii " we got to get her to a hospital" said Hatori. That's when Mii started to think how are they all go to fit in to the car. she then pulled out her cell phone and dialed 911. she told the operator what was going on and that she had no clue to were they where. The operator then told her that she can track her phone and that there would be an ablunce there soon. Mii expertise her thanks and then hung up.

" alright there will be an ablunce waiting for us" said Mii " That's great Mii"! said Shirgure.
Ayame then walked over to Yuki and picked him up. to much of Yuki's dis like " alright Tori lets go"! said Ayame.

They all began to walk and walk as time passed the sun was now going down and it began to get dark and soon they saw flashing lights and people calling out to them " Hello is any body out there" yelled one of the EMT's " were over here" Yelled Uo . people came rushing over to them asking questions Hatori told them what was going on and they led them to the ambulance that was waiting near by

Kyo placed Tohru on a stretcher and they put her in the ambulance he then climbed in the ambulance too, they did they same for Yuki and Shirgrue were in another one . Hatori asked them what hospital they were taking them to and it was one closes by and that they would have to follower them in the car. and soon they were all off on there way there.

As time went by they finely arrived at the hospital the Emts rushed Tohru in side to the emergency room right along with Yuki why every one else was waiting in the waiting room The doctors also wanted to to a look a Shirgure and Kyo but they told them that they were fine.

While Uo and Hanna filled out the paper work for Tohru and Shirgure Filled out the Paper work for Yuki it was now 2:30 am " Dam what's taking them so long" said Kyo just then the doctor walked in to the room. " how is she?" asked Uo " Miss. Tohru Honda will be fine, Spider bite's can be dangerous and some times fatle, with out a way to bring down a high fever she could have been in serous trouble" said The Doctor. " I gave her some medical herbs that brings down fevers" said kyo " And by you doing that You saved her life" said the Doctor.

"What about my dear baby brother Yuki!" asked Ayame " Yes , Yuki Sohma will be fine he had to have stitches but he is alright" said The doctor. " when can we see them"? asked Hatori " right now miss. Honda is in ICU and we gave Yuki something to help him sleep. You can see them tomorrow" said the doctor.

" alright we will be back first thing in the morning" said Uo. Kyo did not want to leave but he did so every one walked out to Hatori's car " We'll be taking a taxi " said Uo along with Mii and Hanna. " Alright we will wait here till the taxi arrives" said Hatori. About 15 minutes later a taxi pulled up and Hanna and Uo with Mii all climbed in and soon they were off. "Alright shall we go" said Hatori " Yes" said Ayame and they drove off.

As time went by they soon arrived at Shirgure's house. Shirgure unlocked the door using the spare Key and opened the door. every one walked in. Kyo walked up to his room and laid down on his bed after a few seconds he was fasted asleep. Ayame said that he was staying the night and hatori said he will be back in the morning to give kyo and Shirgure a check up. and soon the hole house was a sleep.

The next Morning kyo woke up at 8:00 am he dragged his self out of bed and headed for the shower. Ayame and Shirgure were already wake Shirgure had ordered take out. And Hatori would be arriving any minute. 30 minutes later kyo Finley got out of the shower got dressed and headed down stairs. were he saw Shirgure and Ayame with Hatori . Hatori was give Shirgure his check up after he was done he gave kyo one.

" I ordered you some breakfast " said Shirgure. Kyo sat down and ate his breakfast " Alright as soon as Kyo is finished eating we will go to the Hospital" said Hatori. After kyo ate they all headed to the hospital as time passed they finely arrived. There in the waiting room they saw Uo and Hanna '' Are they letting us see Tohru"? asked Shirgure " Yea, they are bringing her out of ICU we will be able to see her in a few minutes" said Uo

A few minutes later The doctor walked in and said that they could see her now, he told them what room she was in and right across the hall was Yuki's room. Ayame ran off to see Yuki while the others went to go and see Tohru .

Tohru was so happy to see every one they all talked and had a good laugh soon the doctor came in to check on Tohru and told them that she could go home in 3 days and that Yuki could go home to day. as the others went to go visit Yuki , Kyo stayed with Tohru. " Thank you kyo" said Tohru. " what are you thanking me for?" asked Kyo " cause you were there for me" said Tohru now crying. kyo leaned in and Kissed her passionately on the lips " I Should be thanking you" he whispered in her ear. Hatori then walked in to the room and told Kyo that they were leaving for to day and that Tohru needs her rest .

" Alright I'll be there in a sec" said kyo . Hatori then walked out of the room and over to were Shirgure was singing the release papers for Yuki . The nurse came with a wheelchair for Yuki , As Ayame helped him in it. " alright are we ready to go" said Shirgure?. " Yes let me get Kyo" said Hatori Just Hatori was about to open the door Kyo came walking out. " That Damn Rat's coming home?" asked Kyo " Orange top just shut the hell up for once alright" said Uo " I told you don't call me that!'' Yelled Kyo. " these are fine electronic singles " said Hanna. and soon they all left .

As the next 2 days came and gone Kyo was at the hospital spending all his time with Tohru soon it was time for her to go home . Shirgure singeing the realse papers once again . Kyo helped Tohru In to the wheelchair and pushed her out of the Hospital and out to Hatori's car. he helped her in and then took the wheelchair back in the hospital. and then they were finely on their way home.

As soon as the got back to Shirgure's house. Ayame Yuki Uo and Hanna were all waiting on them . As the car came to a stop Uo and Hanna opened the back door of the car and helped Tohru out " welcome Home Princess Tohru" said Ayame .
"yes, welcome Home Miss Honda" said Yuki . " I'm glad to be back thank you very much you guys" said Tohru.
As they all walked in to the house it was all clean and sparkling . " would you like any thing to drink or to eat"Asked Uo " I'm fine guys I can get it my self no need to worrie, thank you for your concern" said Tohru.

As Tohru was walking in to the kitchen she looked up at the clock " Oh, it's almost lunch time" Tohru thought to herself .
As she began to start making lunch she began to sing,

""Dear my first treasure, I have loved you so much.
I miss you when my heart is strong and weak.

I become joyful just to see you smile. Everything is saved by it.

During the gloomy days, I was watching from here. But now, I am looking up the sky.

When in despair, I wished to say something to your depressing back I wish to hug your wet shoulders from the rain

You do not need to be seeking for me all the time.
You knew it any day.

It is not the extraordinary strength that opens the lock of the heart but it is the straightforward mind.

I become joyful just to see you smile. Everything is saved by it.

During the gloomy days, I was watching from here. But now, I am looking up the sky.

I will do our best today and have invincible strength in behalf of the one I love""

As very one one was in the sitting room talking they all be came quite when they heard her sing.

" That's Tohru for you a voice of an angle" said Shirgure

" Yea, but have you noticed all the songs she sings they seem sad" said Yuki

" cause those song she sings are the ones her mom taught her" said Uo

The room went quiet after that. " Lunch is ready" called Tohru as she walked though the kitchen door with some rice balls, with some Miso soup and salmon

"oh Tohru you shouldn't have" said Shirgure Tohru just smiled . After every one ate lunch Uo and Hanna left.

soon the the day become to an end and the sun began to set. Tohru went up stairs to take a hot bath. " Alright nows the time" said Shirgure very one headed to the back yard " Shirgure what are we doing"? asked kyo '' well since our camping trip didn't go so well last time I thought we camp out in the back yard" said Shirgure

" But why tonight Miss Honda just got out of the hospital" said Yuki " Because to night there is going to be a meteor shower now we have to get to work" said Shirgure.

Just then they heard rulsing in the bushes " who there" said Kyo " cool it orange top it's just me and Hanna" said uo.

Soon they had the tents up and a fire going . " OH dear baby brother I have arrived" said Ayame running over to Yuki " you never left" said Shirgure " Ayame calm down " said Hatori " yes , Tori" said Ayame " Alright kyo go and get Tohru " said Shirgure.

Kyo walked in to the house and up the stairs he stopped by his room for a moment to get something. Just as he came out of his room Tohru was coming out of her room dressed in her pj's " thought you might miss this"said Kyo handing her the picture of her mother.

Tohru looked at the picture and began to cry " Thank you so much kyo" said Tohru through sobs. Kyo kissed her on her forehead he then grabbed her by her hand and led her down stairs. kyo were are we going"? asked Tohru.

Just as they walked out the back door Tohru gasped " Tohru come join us" said Shirgure. as they walked over and took a seat by the fire . " Tohru I bet your wondering why we are camping in the back yard" ? asked Shirgure. " Yes" said Tohru " well since last time our camping trip didn't go so well and it was mostly my fault, I thought we try again and this time we have a doctor on the scene" said Shirgure.

" Thank you so much Every one" said Tohru " Princess Tohru well you do as the pleasure and sing us one of you lovely songs" asked Ayame

Tohru Smiled and began to sing,

Pleasant Supper, now, let's gather around.
Look to this day's tears to bring tomorrow's strength.

La La La, A wonderful feeling, Love & Life La La La, Loveable, Love & Life

To the day that was given our best,
Along with a 'goodbye' and 'thank you',
Let's end it smiling,
That is my small prayer.

When the spring flowers bloom,
and the greenery sprouts,
Look, some of the tears are floating away on the wind!

La La La, A wonderful feeling, Love & Life La La La, Loveable, Love & Life

Now lets all gather enjoying the company we share our tear's will dissolve into thin air as we drink up this wonderful life la la la la la la la la Ta-kin' in all this sweet love and life la la la la la la la la Drink in' up all this good love and life la la la la la la la la Take it in all this sweet love and life...

And there they sat and watch the meteor shower and had a good night . with an Angel watching over them.


Thank you very much to all that read my story Thank you I'm glad I hope very one enjoyed it. I would be nothing with ou the people that take the time to read my story makes me happy that there are people out there that like it!