It started out as a slow work day at NCIS, but Gibbs knew that something was going to happen today, something big. They were al just pushing paper work through right now, but something in his gut told him that he wasn't going to be doing this all day. Just then Fornell walked in with out Gibbs noticing.

"Boss, we seem to have an unexpected visitor" Tony pointed out to the older man as Fornell got closer to the bull pen.

Sitting up straight in his chair, Gibbs just stared at the FBI agent until he talked.

"Gibbs, Director's office. Now!" Fornell yelled out, not even stopping by the bull pen to say it and already half way up the stairs.

Gibbs got up and followed him up to Cynthia's office, just outside of Jenny's.

"Tobias, what is this about?" Gibbs asked, trying to keep his voice from exposing how irritated he was at the moment, just as Jenny came out of her office.

"Jethro, calm down. You can be angry in Agents Fornell and Kort later. Right now, I have someone in my office wanting to see you," Jenny explained, obviously knowing how fed up Gibbs was.

"Who?" Gibbs asked, looking at both Jenny and Fornell before continuing, "And what does Kort have to do with this?" Confused, he stepped into her office without an answer. His expression turned to shock when he seen Kort standing with his arm around the shoulders of a gir that was no older than thirty.

"What is this?" Gibbs thought this was some sort of joke that he just didn't understand. None of this makes any sense.

Kort spoke up.

"Gibbs, do you not know who this is?" The British man somewhat answered with a question of his own. Gibbs just stared at him, obviously not knowing who the woman was.

"Gibbs, this is your daughter, Kelly," Kort answered his own question.

Gibbs passed his shocked look between the two agents, the director, and the woman that was said to be his sweet little girl he thought he had lost about twenty years ago now. They all nodded to tell him that Kort wasn't lying.

"Really?" Gibbs asked, still shocked from the news.

"Yes, Dad. It is me. I am Kelly Gibbs. Your daughter" she explained in every way she thought of.

The distance between the father and daughter closed in less in a blink of an eye and were now holding each other in their embrace.

After what seemed like forever, they finally released each other and Gibbs looked over at the CIA agent.

"Look Gibbs, I was only part of the team that knew they were in danger. The FBI took them into protective custody. Yet, your wife was shot about a year after. The FBI called in a favor on me to look over your daughter," the British man informed the silver-haired one.

Gibbs then directed his stare to the FBI agent, "Tobias?"

"Gibbs, we couldn't release them until we knew that they were safe. It was just last week that we found Hernandez's kids were both dead. I pushed the paper work for her release and debriefing through the system for you," Fornell explained to the confused man.

After a few minutes, the silver-haired man finally spoke.

"Anyone want to brief me on this?"

"That's why we are meeting in my office Jethro," Jenny piped in.

It took a few hours of explanation for Gibbs to understand and accept that they kept his daughter from him for twenty years.

"So, you knew that they were going to be in danger, so you gave them shadows?"

"Yes Gibbs. Simply putting them into protective custody would not have been enough. No one was really hurt in the process," Fornell just confused Gibbs, and everyone else for that matter, but the just went with it and kept the conversation going.

"And because Hernandez's kids were alive, you couldn't give them back to me?"

"Right. We couldn't because they were dangerous themselves. You found that bit out eventually, but we could not risk the fact that Alejandro could be let out of jail, so we had to wait for him to be terminated before we could release Kelly to you."

"I think I understand that part now," Gibbs stated confidently, "but now tell me what happened to Shannon. Kort Said she was shot."

Fornell sighed before he began.

"Shannon was shot. She was only in the back yard of the safe house reading when we heard the gun. It was fired from a hit man who was hired by the Reynosa cartel. We rushed to the back yard before he could get away, or worse. We killed him before he could find Kelly. That was when we pulled all records of who Kelly was and where she had been and made her into Kelly James. We created a whole cover for her that she was an orphan and not even the orphanage knew who her parents were or how she had gotten there. She spent no time at the orphanage, though their records say she has been there since she was nearly a new born. We needed a safe place for her to stay, but could still be a kid, go to school, make friends, have sleep overs and such. That is when I asked a favor of Kort. He was glad to take Kelly in, raise her, and keep her safe. Now mind that this was before you and Kort met. His attitude towards you was an act so you wouldn't become friends and risk putting Kelly in danger once again."

Gibbs just nodded to Fornell and hugged Kelly tight once more and smiled.

"Kort, I want to talk with you later. Kelly, lets go home," and with that, they left Jenny's office, the agency, and made their way back to Gibb's house.