(A couple of months later)

Gibbs receives a call from Kelly.

"Hey, Kells. What's up?"

"Dad, I have a date with Tony tonight…" Kelly told the NCIS agent.

"What?" the man was truly surprised.

"I have a date with Tony. I am not asking you for permission because I shouldn't need to, though, I do think you have the right to know," Kelly explained.

"Kells, I have to tell you, Tony is a playboy. He is a good man, but he only looks for his one night stands. Don't get too close to him, or you may get hurt. There is no doubt in my mind that he may leave you after he gets what he wants," Gibbs warned.

"Dad, I got the idea. I've gone out with quiet a few guys like that before."

Gibbs sighed.

"Okay Kells. But promise me we can talk later?"

"Sure Daddy. Is tomorrow night okay?"

"Yeah, Kelly, That sounds fine."

"Alright, Dad. I have to go now but I will see you tomorrow."

"Okay hun. I love you."

"I love you too, Dad," and Kelly hang up.

"What the hell!" Gibbs said aloud to himself.

(The Next Night)

The door bell rings and Gibbs goes to answer it.

"Hey Dad! I brought pizza," Kelly smiled as she walked in and set the pizza down on the table and hugged him.

He hugged her back, "That's great Kells, but you know I don't want to lecture you, right? I just want to get to know you better, that's all, "he paused for a few seconds before continuing, "and what you like to see in men. I'm your dad and I didn't choose for us to be separated like we were, so I think I deserve at least this."

"Dad, I know and I am glad that you want to know this kind of stuff about me and I will answer all of your questions over dinner," Kelly calmly replied to her father. She picked up the pizza and walked over to the living room and set it down on the coffee table.

Gibbs picked up a piece of pizza and started asking his daughter the questions that he had.

"Why do you go out with men like DiNozzo?" was the big question he had wanted to ask since yesterday.

Kelly sighed and prepared herself to answer that and the other questions bound to follow that one.

"For the excitement of it, I guess. People like him are not like the boring "nice guys" or military men who talk about their jobs. Tony is nice and respectable but he is also fun to be with."

Gibbs looked at his daughter in an almost dazed state, surprised that she gave him so much in one answer.

"Is that of men you are really into?"

"Maybe. I'm not quiet sure myself. I love the excitement but after a while it just gets repetitive. I know that I want someone who is working to keep the people safe and someone I am comfortable around, like Tony, but I have always had this thing for older men. I very much appreciate the maturity."

Gibbs smiled a bit.

"I guess that's why I see such a strong connection between you and Kort. Stronger than what should be there, I should say."

Kelly blushed slightly.

"Dad, you are not wrong to think that. I am close to Trent and I know he doesn't see me as a daughter like he probably should. However I do know that whatever is there is either going to fade away sooner rather than later or we will find others that we will care for even more, so I decided to set back my emotions and times he comforted me for him."

Gibbs finally dropped the subject and they got into a conversation about work as they finished their pizza.

Kelly was glad that her dad was at least accepting her choices in men. But now she wanted to know more about him.

"What kind of women interest you, Dad?" she asked him straight up.

Gibbs was surprised at her question, but answered her all the same.

"I'm sure you probably know that red heads attract me, but there is one that catches my eye."

"Then why don't you just go out with her Dad?"

"I am sure Kort told you about my rules."

"Yeah, he did. And?"

"Rule twelve prevents me from doing just that."

"The Israelite or your lab rat?"

He chuckled at his daughters question.

"Never could get anything past you. Abby, the lab rat."

"Never thought she would be my dad's type, but okay. You should take her out."

"But…" Kelly cut him off.

"But nothing, Dad. They are your rules to break."

Gibbs gave her a small smile.

"You're right. Maybe I will ask her out."

Kelly smiled back at her dad.

"Good. Don't worry about her rejecting you. Take her some place you both like."

"Hey, I know how to take a woman on a date."

"Never said you didn't, what I'm saying is that Abby probably isn't one for batting cages and you aren't one for night life."

Gibbs smiled before Kelly continued.

"I'm glad you found someone to love again. Mom would be to."

They sat in a comfortable silence for a couple of minutes before daddy Gibbs changed the subject.

"But Tony, really?"

"Yes, Dad, really. I'm not looking for much anyways."

"Are you sure you don't want to go out with McGee? It would make daddy so much happier and less worrisome."

They both laughed since Kelly knew he was joking.

"Dad, Tim just isn't my type. I need someone with a bit more self-confidence and less fear."

"Like Kort."

"Yeah Dad, like Trent. And when I am ready for something more serious and committed, I might talk to him about it."

Gibbs smiled, knowing his daughter won't probably end up with Tony.