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Chapter 1- Distress

Kate had just gotten up from a peaceful sleep. She had been dreaming about solving murders again. She swung her legs out of the midnight blue comforter to put her feet on the floor. With a gasp, she pulled her feet up again. For being the end of July it sure was cold in New York. She slowly replaced her feet back on the floor. Then, getting up, she walked over and pushed aside last night's Evening Prophet. Kate opened the curtains and let in the morning sun.

As she was standing at the window taking in the rays of golden light, she saw a black speck approaching from the east. It wasn't a plane or a helicopter- though she saw them often. It seemed to be a bird of some sort. Perhaps it was an owl? She knew that it wasn't the Daily Prophet owl- it probably already came. That must mean that it was-

Kate rushed out of her room, tripping over spare clothes and books scattered on her floor. As she reached the door, her dad, Jim, was coming out of the bathroom. "What's the hurry Katie?" he asked with a bemused expression on his face.

Kate didn't want to reply. This was something very important, but she couldn't refuse a question from her dad. "Dad," she said exasperated, "I think it's here!" and with that she jumped down the stairs three at a time. Kate rushed into the spotless kitchen and opened the back door. She looked out at their small garden, covered in frost and full of weeds. Just for a moment the thought crept into her head Why won't dad just weed the darn thing already? Then she looked to the sky, waiting for whatever the black speck was.

Their back door faced the west, the opposite side of there the bird was coming from. Maybe she was mistaken and it wasn't an owl bringing- No she couldn't think it and bring her hopes up. Only her mom was one after all. It was perfectly possible that she wasn't one, and then she would have to go to normal fifth grade. Kate couldn't imagine it. She purposely hadn't made any close friends because she planned on leaving school after she turned 11. Sure there were her acquaintances from academic decathlon and the math team. Two months ago she had turned 11- on the last day of school. How perfect was that! Symbolic really…

While Kate was daydreaming, her dad had gone to the front door to get the mail. He picked it up off the cold stone stairs of their brownstone, and stepped back inside the house. As he went through it, his face became even more depressed. A phone bill, an electric bill, another bill. The end of the month was not the best time to have to buy school supplies- or a plane ticket. And the last letter in the pile confirmed his fears- the school supplies and plane ticket were necessary. There was no way that his daughter was going to turn down this opportunity.

Kate heard her dad come into the kitchen and put the mail down on the table. She sighed, and turned around. She guessed that she would have to finally make some close friends at that school. Kate slowly shuffled across the linoleum floor of and sat down at the table with her head in her hands. Her dad looked up from the toast he had just pulled out of the toaster and saw Kate in a disappointed mood. "Katie? Why the long face?" he asked her. When Kate looked at him, she saw his concerned expression, and everything came tumbling out.

"Well you see, I was waiting for the letter from Hogwarts to arrive for nearly a month now. I've worked hard in school, and I know I should make it- only if I am like mom and I'm a witch.

"So this morning when I opened my curtains, I saw a black speck coming from the east. And you know that Hogwarts is in England, so it would make sense that the owl would be coming from the east, right?" Kate stopped and took a breath, waiting for her father's answer.

"Um? Yea, sure Katie. But-" he replied to her daughters strange question with a puzzled expression.

"So, I came down here and opened the door for the owl to come in. but it didn't. I know that it wouldn't have taken long for the owl to reach us here. So where is it? I'm so nervous I can hardly breathe! What am I supposed to do dad?" Kate finally finished. She felt her lungs getting tighter, and knew that she needed her inhaler. As she ran upstairs to get it, Kate left her father in a moment of disarray. How was he supposed to answer her? He knew that she had gotten the letter it was in the pile of mail, but he wanted her to be surprised when he saw it.

Meanwhile, Kate grabbed the inhaler from her bedside table where she had left it last night. Before returning downstairs, she looked longingly outside at the bright blue sky and the other brownstone houses across the street. She pulled her brown hair into a ponytail so it wouldn't get into her eyes. Why hadn't it been the letter. She was sure that it was an owl that she had seen. Maybe…what if it had dropped it on the doorstep? What if…

As Kate came to her realization, she grabbed her inhaler, and she spun around and practically flew to the bedroom door. She then raced down the stairs for the second time that morning. She stopped at the kitchen door and bent over double to catch her breath. She then took a gulp of the medicine into her lungs. Kate then stood up and looked into her father's shocked face. "Um Katie… where's the fire?"

"Nowhere dad," Kate replied feeling exhausted but oddly thrilled at the same time. "Did something come for me, by an chance, in the mail today?" Kate asked, trying to conceal the excitement in her voice. By the look on her fathers' face, it didn't work out too well.

"I think so," he replied, with a mischievous glint in his light brown eyes. "Why don't you look? I dropped everything that came on the table."

Kate gaped at her father, then rushed to the table and the pile of mail that her father had put down there not five minutes before. She picked up the large pile of envelopes and went through them. There was quite a lot of bills there. She shuffled through all of them, and it wasn't until the bottom letter that she saw the heavy parchment and emerald green script. She nearly dropped the rest of the letters in her excitement. Could this really be what she's been waiting for. As she slowly turned over the envelope she closed her eyes. When she opened them again, there was the scarlet seal of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Kate figured she had stared at the envelope for a full ten minutes at least. When she finally came out of her reverie, her father had already changed into his suit for work. "Well sweetheart, I have to get going to the office. Why don't you actually open the letter and see what it's all about. Then call me and let me know when I need to book the plane tickets for. Alright?" he casually asked, as if he got letters like this everyday. All Kate could do was nod and give him a big hug. Before she knew it, he was out of the house, and she had it all to herself.

Even though Kate had been waiting for the letter for nearly a month now, her stomach, however, couldn't wait much longer for food. So she carefully put the letter down on the table, almost scared that it might disappear while she was pouring herself some frosted flakes. She slowly walked over to the cupboard and pulled down a bowl, a glass, and the box of cereal and set them on the island. For about the millionth time she was thankful for being tall for her age. She then walked over to the stainless steel fridge and pulled it open. She looked for the milk jug, and finally found it behind her father's coffee creamer. She grabbed the milk, then shut the door with a bump of her hip.

While pouring out the cereal and milk, she daydreamed about what Hogwarts would be like. Her mom told her it was a big drafty castle, with hundreds of staircases and secret passages. But all she could come up with was a majestic English castle in the countryside. Before she realized it she had poured too much milk, and there was a puddle around her bowl. Kate grabbed the paper towel and wiped up her mess. She then grabbed the bowl and a spoon, then returned to the table to open her letter.

She sat down and gently loosened the seal. Then with great hesitation, she pulled the letter out of the envelope. The envelope was written on the same heavy parchment as the envelope. She unfolded the letter and realized that it was also written in an emerald green ink. A smaller piece fell out, and Kate put it aside while she read the letter.

Dear Miss Beckett,

We are proud to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry…


Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

By the end of reading the letter, Kate had to take another gulp from her inhaler. This was the news she was waiting for all summer! Going to Hogwarts was a dream of hers, and for the longest time she thought that it wouldn't come true! With afterthought, Kate thought she was being silly. How could she not go to Hogwarts? Her mother was the best Auror in the States.

With that thought, Kate finished her cereal. She then went to her mother's study to send the family owl to her mother at the American Ministry of Magic. She then spent the rest of her day in the study reading various wizarding books of her mom's.

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