It had been almost three years since Casey had returned and so much had changed. The DA's office kept Casey on but she was not specifically assigned to SVU. She was what they called a floater ADA. She was assigned whatever cases they had available at the moment if any. That was fine with Casey because that gave her the ability to be home as needed with Nick and Eva.

Eva Cassandra Benson was a surprise for Olivia. Casey had started IVF not long after they had renewed their vows. She could still remember the day she told Olivia she was pregnant.

She had been scared that Olivia would be mad that she had done it in secret. They had been talking about having another child but had never settled on anything. That night Olivia was home for dinner, something that was becoming a common occurrence. After everything was cleaned up from dinner and Nick was finally put down Casey finally bit the bullet and told Olivia.

"I have something to tell you" Casey said nervously

"As long as it doesn't entail me coming home to an empty house then I could care less."

"How about we will need a bigger house and another bedroom or we need to give up our office space. Your choice."

"Why are you pregnant or something?"

"Actually I am." Casey said holding her breath.

"Your pregnant." Olivia stated shocked "You have been doing IVF without me?"

"Yeah" Casey said as tears started to come from her eyes "I wanted to surprise you."

Olivia stared at Casey for a while before closing the gap between them. Olivia looked at Casey before dropping to her knees and gently kissing Casey's still flat stomach.

"Hey baby" Olivia whispered "I'm your momma and I will be here for every milestone in your life. I love you already."

"Your not mad" Casey sobbed out.

"No beautiful" Olivia said as she stood and pulled Casey to her.

Casey's pregnancy and career wasn't the only changes they had endured. Elliot had left the force after he used deadly force with a teenage kid, leaving Olivia alone. Olivia was so mad with the situation that most times the other detectives side stepped her. They had brought in two new detectives, one from Atlanta and one from vice, which didn't sit well with Olivia. The only time Olivia was remotely approachable was when Nick and Casey was around. They seemed to ground her when she needed it and everyone was thankful.

It was over a year before Elliot ever spoke to Olivia again. He finally explained that seeing her was too much of a reminder of what he had lost. He like so many cops had identified himself with his career and when he surrendered it he was lost. He knew he had to find himself before he could maintain a friendship with her other wise he felt as if he would do like so many who identified with their career. Swallow the barrel of the gun. Thankfully having done this job for over twenty years she more than understood.

She had followed Elliot's footsteps and retired about six months ago. After spending the first month doting on her children she decided to put her experience as a Special Victim Detective to good use. With the help of Alex Cabot she was able to start a foundation that assisted rape victims. Through her foundation she helps victims through trial and offers support groups to help them regain their life. Her latest crusade was getting the back log of rape kits tested. She had been flying from state to state lobbying for a more efficient testing.

"Where are you at?" Casey asked as she walked up and wrapped her arms around her wife.

"Just Remembering"

Casey placed a kiss on the side of Olivia's neck and reveled in the instant moan she received.

"All good I hope."

Olivia spun in her wife's arms and with ease pushed her against the wall before claiming her mouth. They broke the kiss laughing when Olivia felt a kick against the hand she had resting on Casey's swollen stomach.

"Guess he's tired of the extra exercise."

"My guess" Olivia said as she bent down and kissed the top of Casey's stomach.

"I'll meet you in the bedroom."

"Ok love" Olivia said as she went about making sure everything was secured. As she made her way down the hall way and checked on Nick. The now almost five year was sound asleep and sprawled across his bed. What caught her eye was the bundle that was tightly curled up against him, Eva. Every night Eva would climb out of her crib and climb in the bed with her brother. It was the only time she would sleep through the night.

Quietly closing the door behind her Olivia made her way down the hall toward their bedroom. The sight of her very pregnant wife laying on the bed waiting for her made her heart stop for a second. As she slowly approached her she silently thanked Branch for letting her return and Elliot for convincing her that everyone deserves a second chance.