Subjects 007 and 008

-Summary: Two people are fighting zombies, need I say anything else?

-Rate M for: Swear words, violence, and OCing from both characters.

-Couples: Slight hinting at AkuxSai

Axel kicked down the third door of the night, instantly regretting his decision. A whole horde of zombies rushed at him "Ah fuck." He muttered backing away. Axel dashed towards the safety of his car but found he dropped the keys somewhere by the door he had just kicked down "Fffffuck!" he growled and abandoned the car running as fast as he could. He ran desperately looked for a weapon of some sort, that's right, he had no weapon. Axel had been chased out of his apartment this morning and he used his car to get away as fast as he could (not thinking to grab his father's hunting rifle off the shelf near his bed) only to have this happen to him.

Turning a corner Axel slipped into a dark alley way, backing into the alley way he heard a low growl. Turning his head to look over his shoulder he spotted an elderly man who was obviously infected. As it dragged it's one still good leg (the other seem to have an the knee eaten off of it) towards him, Axel looked for something to fight it off with. Finding a garbage can Axel grabbed the lid off it to use as a temporary shield. Getting ready to swing it he heard a loud bang and the zombie hit the ground. A little blood came from it's head where a nice bullet wound had appeared. Looking up he saw a male with long cobalt blue hair and golden eyes with a pistol in his hand aimed at the now dead zombie. The male looked up and aimed at Axel's head "Whoa whoa!" Don't shoot!" he cried while holding his hands up. The male looked at Axel, he seemed fine. The male lowered the gun and walked over to him, his eyes looking Axel head to toe. Axel grinned "Like the package?" he asked with a suggestive smirk. The blue haired man set the gun straight to Axel's head

"You forget who is at the advantage here." He grumbled. Axel's bright green eyes widen in fear

"Hey! I'm like you! So don't shoot me!" he asked. The male lowered the gun and huffed

"Why shoot you? I would be wasting ammo. Besides you'll be dead soon enough, your bright red hair is just like a fucking beacon!." He remarked and began to walk off the way that he had appeared from. Axel huffed running his hand through his spikey red hair

"Like yours isn't?" he muttered but chased after the man. The male looked at him a little annoyed but continued on his way.

After thirty minutes the male sighed "Why are you following me?" he asked. Axel grinned

"Cause your kinda hot for one and two you have a gun." He told the man. The male blushed at the first bit then growl and shoved the man up against the nearest wall "Whoa! Hey there! Ain't you going a little fast for a relationship?" Axel teased. He couldn't resist it! Besides the guy blushing just made it all the better! The blue haired man snarled and pointed the pistol at Axel's chest

"Listen good! I do NOT appreciate being picked on!" he snapped. Axel blinked then grinned

"So I'm going to be shot through the heart and your to blame?" he asked (A/N: Yes I know terrible joke…-_-;). The male growled

"I'm thinking about it…" he muttered then let Axel drop to the ground. Axel rubbed his sore butt then watched the male leave. Chasing after him Axel caught up to him fairly quick

"Hey so you got a name?" he asked. The male growled having a feeling this guy wouldn't be leaving him alone anytime soon

"Saix." He grumbled. Axel grinned

"Cool! Name's Axel, got it memorized?" he asked. Saix ignored him and purposely ran up a fire escape and pulled up the ladder preventing Axel from following him. Axel frowned slightly "Hey if this is about the earlier comment I'm sorry!" he called; hearing a moan Axel turned his head towards the sound. A small pack of zombies trudged towards him "Uh Saix buddy…can you let me up?" he called. Saix ignored Axel continuing up the fire escape. Axel glanced seeing the zombies look at him then start coming towards him "UH seriously!" he called louder. The zombies quickly picked up speed running at him "SAIX DAMNIT HELP!" he yelled.

Within moments the zombies surrounded Axel, clenching the trash can lid he still had he swung at the first one that launched at him. He managed to stun it but sadly it shook it off rather quickly. Axel raised the lid to form a weak shield between him and the zombies slowly backing up Axel swung the lid again knocking one zombie backwards but the rest kept coming. Ah shit this is going to be the end for me! He thought. Just then a hand grabbed Axel by the collar of his black shirt and lifted him up onto the fire escape. A few zombies launched for him but most missed and Axel was plopped on his butt while Saix aim the gun and fire it a couple of times before motioning Axel to run up the escape. Once Axel was halfway up Saix quickly followed shooting once of twice more before running up the escape. Once the two were on the rooftop of the building Saix growled

"You really are a pain in my ass you know that?" he snapped. Axel panted resting his hands on his knees
"Ah…thanks again buddy." He wheezed. Saix growled

"I'm not your buddy!" he snapped again. Axel grinned and looked at Saix

"Then why did ya save me?" he asked. Saix looked away

"Don't know…" he muttered. After catching their breath the two started to look around for a way down that didn't involve them getting chased anymore. Deciding to stay on the roof for a while longer Axel sat on the edge of the building, Saix remained on guard "How can you be so relaxed when you don't even have a weapon?" he asked. Axel smiled

"Eh I just don't let things bother me. But hey I have a weapon!" he remarked holding up the somewhat dented trash can lid. Saix rolled his eyes

"Yeah and look where that got you! Nearly eaten that's what!" Saix snapped. Looking at his ammo stock Saix growled when he noticed he was almost out. He wasted a lot saving Axel's butt.

After an hour or so Saix walked over to the doorway that would lead into the building. Opening the door he didn't even look at Axel when he spoke "I don't care what you do but I am NOT saving you sorry ass again!" he told Axel then left. Axel was quick to follow Saix at a distance. As they quickly moved down floor by floor Axel noted that several bloody hand prints were on the wall. Some of the blood formed words like Beware or Turn Back. Axel watched as the writing began more and more panicked Go back! And PLEASE SOMEONE PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY! Or various tips on fighting zombies. Saix loaded his gun more but noticed a smell, it smelled like rotten meat "Crap. This was a trap!" he muttered under his breath. Axel watched as a particularly large zombie dragged it's way up the stairs, it panted. It briefly looked up then charged at the two men "RUN!" he screamed. Taking back towards the roof Axel slid behind Saix "What are you doing?" Saix cried. Axel grinned at the male

"Returning a favor by making sure you get out alive!" he called back. Running with his shield in hand Axel attempted to swing at the zombie but it dodged the attack and slammed Axel into the closest wall. Saix watched in horror for a while as Axel tried to fend off the beast with the trash can lid which was promptly destroyed (How badly was it destroy? Go outside and take a gun of some sort of can and shoot the can, see how the metal bends were you shot it? Think that expect it being about twenty times bigger!), in a last minute attempt to help Axel, Saix raised the gun and shot at the thing. The first two shots missed but the third hit its shoulder. The zombie looked at Saix and ran at him after roaring one hell of a fierce roar. Saix's knees shook as the thing came at him like a semi truck ready to kill him. Shutting his eyes Saix hoped this wouldn't hurt too much.

End of Simulation_

Saix's eyes burst open and he quickly looked around, the wire attached to his forehead were pulled off. Looking at a few scientists they made a motion for him to sit up. Slowly getting up Saix could see Axel lying on a table nearby "Alright that's the end of the simulation." They told him. Axel sat up yawning, he stretched his arms out

"Well that was fun." Turning he looked at Saix "Well hey there hottie!" he called. Saix's face flushed pink then he shook his head "You must have started before I did!" he told the man as he walked over still wearing the surgery gown the both of them were wearing. Saix nodded. The scientists made a few notes then signaled for the men to be brought back to their rooms. As the two had their tracking anklets put back on the two males were sent back to their rooms, as the two began to part ways Saix glanced out the one window that led to the outside world. The city was on fire, smoke filled the air, people were still screaming, a few zombies ran towards the building they were in but the never made it pass the invisible fence.

Saix sighed running his fingers over the x shaped scar on his face, what did this have to do with him being a carrier? Axel grinned at him; looking at the red head Saix still didn't understand what the tear drops had to do with him being a carrier either. Axel's grin grew wider "Hey you remember anything new this time?" he asked hopefully. Saix shook his head

"No. Same as always. Meeting you, saving your sorry ass then fighting that huge zombie." He told the man. Axel's grin faded instead replaced by a slight frown

"Nothing? Damn at least I remembered a little of my home." He told the blue haired man. Saix sighed, maybe one day this would all make sense. Saix headed for his room, Axel grabbed Saix's wrist lightly "Hey…you'll remember soon enough." He whispered. Saix turned to look at the man

"How do you know? You still had most your memories intact. Mine are gone…" he muttered. Axel smiled and lightly kissed Saix's cheek

"Just a feeling." He told him before letting go of his hand and walking off. Saix lightly touched where Axel had just kissed him blinking then headed for his room

"Still care free as ever." He muttered.

Patient File Case 007

Name: Saix

Age: Around 21

Blood Type: B+ (Infected)

History: Discovered injured with an x shaped scar on his face. Subject was brought in on the twenty of January. His blood was tested and confirmed to be infected. However he still hasn't turned. He was deemed a carrier and is under observation.

Symptoms: Subject has an x shape scar in between his eyes and this appears to be the sight of infection. The symptoms of infection are only seen by his slight irritability and his preference of medium rare meat.

Patient File Case 008

Name: Axel

Age: Nineteen to perhaps twenty

Blood Type: B+ (Infected)

History: . Subject was brought in on the twenty of January, the teardrop tattoos are the sight of infection. He has not turned and was deemed a carrier. He is now under observation.

Symptoms: Subject's tear drop tattoos appear to be the area where the infection hit the bloodstream, he does not show obvious signs of infection. The only thing that could possibly be a sign of infection is his attitude.

Both patients carry a special gene only found in eleven other subjects through out the area. They appear to be no connection between any of the subjects. They are not related and have never even met the others until this happened. Perhaps it has something to do with their heart? Hard to say at this point. The only similar thing between all subjects is that none of the subjects can recall the moment they received the infection. They can remember bits and pieces of the time before they were infected but none can fully remember their story.

It is highly possible that the infection has caused massive memory lost. All thirteen subjects have been locked into complete solitaire from the other subjects, the only time they have any acknowledgement of the other subjects is when under going simulations of what memories the subject has.

Experiment File X

Log 1

The military is attempting to develop a disease that when the subject is infected with will cause them to lose all memories and feelings to make them the perfect war machine. Tests have begun.

Log 2

Slight progress has been made. A test virus will be used on first subject in the morning.

Log 3

Test virus has failed. No change as happened in the subject.

Log 4

Test virus is now deemed some what working. Subject has begun to show signs of memory loss. Still has emotions.

Log 5

Test subject is now deemed dead. Possible heart attack is cause of death.

Log 6

Warning to all scientists involved in project X! The test virus will kill a subject then the subject is revived with only one thing on their mind. Kill whoever is around. Subject was found wandering the halls of the laboratory and killed three doctors. All doctors were later found dead but came back to life with similar symptoms to those of the original test subject. The more of these monsters were created the faster the virus began to spread! Subjects have been rounded up into a confine area and are under observation.

Log 7

A subject has escaped and the virus is spreading like wild fire! More and more reports of people becoming infected are being reported. People are doing everything they can to stop the infection from spread but it seems useless. Perhaps the apocalypse has come…

Log 8

There is possible hope for human kind. Several people have been discovered to have the virus in their blood stream but are not infected nor have become part of the mob of man eating creatures that plague our world. They are now under observation.

Log 9

Tests have shown a particular string of DNA in their genes might have something to do with how they are not turning. More test must be done.

Log 10

A string of DNA for moment being referred to as the 'Hope' gene is present in all subjects. But where the string comes from is still undetermined.

Log 11

Some signs of the string having to deal with something in the heart have been discovered. Unfortunately one subject (Subject 001, called Xemnas by the other subjects) was found dead this morning. What the cause of death was is currently unknown. However to prevent any more infected in the labs the body was chopped up and burned on sight. Room was also decontaminated along with areas around the room and any subject that had recent contact with subject.

Log 12

Another subject died of unknown causes (Subject 012, referred to as Larxene). Possible cause of death could have been the fact that subject was born with a heart disease. More tests are needed.

Log 13

A test cure has been formed with the blood of the remaining subjects. Two fully infected subjects along with one of the carriers had the cure placed in their blood stream. There have been no changes as of yet…

The End

A Moment from the Author's Life:

Stretching for a moment before hitting save, KRKCxForever grinned at the final project. For a first try at a AxelxSaix story it turned out okay. Sure she could have had a slightly different ending and had more of a relationship between the two for this kind of story but it was pretty good. Standing up and taking out a few things from her bag KRKCxForever was just about to head out the door for class when a portal opened in her room "What Axel?" she asked. Axel approached her looking somewhat confused

"What's with the random story with me and Saix as a semi couple?" he asked. KRKCxForever smiled

"I ran a short contest of my story called Gifted. Magester Ludi won and requested a AkuxSai story. So this was the story." She explained. Axel was about to remark something but watched the girl slip on her black Velcro shoes before swinging on a rather large black backpack "Now if you excuse me I must be leaving. I have class today and the story will be posted later." She told the red hair and left. Axel leaned back and out of curiosity walked over to the girl's laptop.

Doing some clicking Axel was surprised to find a very small amount of people writing about him and his long time friend Saix being a couple. Shrugging Axel opened a portal "Oh well guess it isn't that popular." He remarked and walked through the portal.

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