Severus had noticed something that most had mistaken for puppy-dog, bootlicking enthusiasm. Yes, Miss Granger valued knowledge and schooling above all else. There was, though, something else and as the years progressed it became more prominent.

There was a fire in her that so few had. A fire that was fearless and powerful as the ocean itself. A fire that will be invaluable to the cause. Miss Granger saw what was there, underneath all the hidden layers and schemes. She could, and would, clear off all the dust and grime and see what stood before her. She also had the ability and wisdom to comprehend it all.

It didn't boil down to just a keen mind and sharp observational skills. It all stood on the solid foundation of willingness and sacrifice. To stand up and take on the burden to acknowledge and act against a force which is corrupt. That is what so few have the courage to do.

All want simple lives, to be going about their days with no doom and gloom above them like a thundercloud. Most, however, keep their heads in the sand and overly indulged in a deadly sin: willful ignorance.

Miss Granger was not that type of individual and that is what Severus knew would be their saving grace. So he would put up with her incessant know-it-all busybody, encourage her to learn all that her bushy haired head would hold. He'll strive to push her harder, to demand the best of her and to then never be satisfied. Because she was the ultimate grace to their ultimate hope and to his mind, she was all that stood in the way between the continuation of life and the collapse of freedom.

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