This is a Castle/Harry Potter crossover fic. Mostly a Castle centric story set against a Harry Potter/Hogwarts backdrop. this fic is also in collaboration with my friend HermioneCastle who is writing Beckett's POV while I am writing Castle's POV.

Disclaimer: I do not own the tv show Castle or Harry Potter I'm simply having fun with the characters for a while. :)

Chapter 1: The Letter

The morning of July 26th dawned brightly through the bedroom window of 11 year old Richard Castle(or Ricky, as his mother liked to call him), who had been sleeping soundly in the apartment he lived in with his mother Martha Rogers. As it was summer vacation and there was no school he was pretty much free to do as he pleased for the day, so long as he wasn't spending all day in bed, which his mother would surely scowl at and nag him for it. This morning seemed any normal morning for him as he woke to the sun in his eyes; the book he had been up late last night reading, "Hound of the Baskervilles" by Arthur Conan Doyal, lay sloppily open on the night stand, next to the bed. Rubbing the sleep from his eyelids, and running a hand through his short brown hair he got out of bed and made his way to the kitchen to hunt down some breakfast.

On his way to the kitchen he stopped for a brief moment to peer out the window. What he spotted was not only the familiar New York skyline but also and perhaps more peculiar was a large bird. The large predatory animal turned out to be an owl and it was headed straight for the window. Rick not knowing what to do backed quickly away from the window preparing to hear the crash of the owl hitting the glass of the window but it never came. Instead, the owl landed lightly on the window ledge and strangely enough began to tap on the glass with its beak as if irritated that it was not allowed in. Rick, being the eleven year-old that he was, was intrigued by the creature's persistent tapping and slowly began to open the window. Quickly, the owl, after being permitted inside flew past Rick and on to the nearest landing which just happened to be the coffee table in the living room, and stuck out its leg to present the letter attached to it.

"Well this is certainly turning into an interesting morning", Rick said out loud though no one else was actually in the apartment. (His mother was probably out getting coffee with her friends). The animal in front of him didn't appear to be dangerous but he was apprehensive all the same. Finally, despite his rational brain telling him that this was not normal, he slowly reached out to pull on the small string attached to the bird's leg, releasing the letter, which just happened to have his name written across the front in bright green ink. He grabbed the letter in his trembling fingers, nervous about what could possibly be inside and flinched suddenly as the owl took off from its post on the table and flew back out the open window.

"What on Earth is going on?" he thought as he tore the parchment to reveal the mystery that lay inside. He unfolded the parchment with the most quizzical of expressions on his face and read:

Dear Mr. Castle,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry….

Chapter 2: An Explaination

Dear Mr. Castle,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry…


Minerva McGonagall,

Deputy Headmistress

Rick sat there on the couch, shocked out of his mind. This had to be a joke. Surely someone was playing some really weird prank on him. There was no way that he could possibly be a wizard. The letter had contained instructions for getting to some place at a train station called King's Cross; Platform 9 & ¾? That just sounded silly even to him, as Richard Castle thrived in the world of his own imagination and believed he would be a famous novelist one day. But, did he really have the ability to do magic? Sure he loved magic tricks magicians would pull off in shows but he knew deep down that there was no such thing as really magic…or so he thought.

Suddenly he heard the key turn in the lock and his mom walked through the front door. Oh no, he thought to himself, how am I supposed to explain this to Mom?

"Ricky, are you awake? I brought some of those cinnamon rolls you like."

Sure enough the smell of fresh cinnamon floated into the room and up into his sinuses and Rick was pulled back into reality as the hunger in his stomach from earlier rumbled down in the pit of his stomach. He got up and made his way to the kitchen.

Martha looked at her son with a mixture of contentment at seeing him awake so early and concern at the look on his face and the strange envelope in his hand.

"Sweetheart, what's wrong", she said scooping a cinnamon roll out the pastry box and on to a plate on the counter in front of Rick.

"Oh it's nothing," Ricky said quickly trying to hide the parchment behind his back quickly.

"No, you are hiding something from me. Now what is it? Richard, you can tell me," her eyes glaring at him as if she had caught him doing something he wasn't supposed to.

"Well, Mom, you are NOT going to believe this but…ok here it goes. '." The words spilled out of his mouth as if getting them out quickly enough would save him from embarrassment and possibly punishment.

"Wait, wait. Please slow down. I didn't get any of that," Martha said sounding a little exasperated. Instead of speaking Rick simply handed that letter to his mother and let her read it for herself. After a moment or two she looked up from the letter with a pleased expression on her face to which Rick looked rather confused.

"Honey, this is wonderful," she said wrapping her son in a hug.

Rick could only feel dumbfounded, had he heard her correctly? "What do you mean 'wonderful'? Don't you find this all just a little strange?"

Martha Rogers certainly had not raised an imbecile for a son. She finally concluded to herself that she would have to explain everything to him. She knew this day would come. She proceeded to explain to Rick about how she knew of the wizarding world because as it turns out Rick's father, Jonathan Castle was a wizard. Hogwarts was a real place and if Rick wanted to go there and train to be a wizard she would certainly give her blessing.

"Mom, why did you never say anything to me before"?

"Well, darling, I didn't want you to get your hopes up and then have it turn out that you hadn't inherited your father's 'special talents'. Of course after your father walked out I spent a lot of time hoping that I may not have to have this talk with you because I thought it would be too painful for me to talk about him. However as time went on I thought I should prepare myself for it in case the day did come that you would find out that you were really a wizard. Please don't be angry with me darling I knew when the time was right that I would eventually share the truth with you. I guess that day is today." The look on the woman's face held a slight pang of sadness as dragging up the past but also a glow of hopefulness for the future.

"I'm not angry Mom. I'm a bit shocked, but I am certainly not angry…not at you anyway. I'm angry at the man who once called me his son and then walked out of our lives before I got the chance to know him." Silent tears slowly made their way down the young boy's cheeks as he pulled his mother to him for a reassuring hug. "I love you, Mom," was all he could say after that.

"I love you too, Richard."

to be continued...

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