Perspective, that's what she needed. Hermione straightened her shoulders and went about her task of reading and re-reading books to help them in their hunt for the horcruxes.

However, despite her intentions and efforts, her troubled mind kept going back to the night that Dumbledore died. The night when Hogwarts essentially fell into the wizarding variety of Hitler.

Hermione shuddered, she remembered the books she read on that... man... and on the German resistance. She felt a spire of flame when she recalled names such as Tresckow and Stauffenberg; her vigor to their own cause renewed.

But Professor Snape. Hermione chewed on her lip, common sense demanded to acknowledge, to accept, and ultimately to believe, without question, that the boys had been right all along. That everyone had been right all along.

Her heart and intuition, however, did not demand the same. Hermione sighed, brow furrowed, before she snapped her current reading material shut. Why did her heart argue so? Why did it demand to know if Snape was more or less the equivalent of a Fromm or a Tresckow.

And most importantly, why did it believe that Snape was a Tresckow?

She growled before nearly ripping the book in half from opening it. This was all foolishness! It wasn't what was important! What was important was defeating Voldemort. To keep a maniacal dictator to say who and what deserved to live under the sun and breathe the air and who and what didn't. Besides, she's always been logical. It was her forte, her one true skill, and it never failed her. Hermione decided to chalk it all up to silly female intuition.

"Uh... Mione." came a cautious voice.
"What?" She snapped, her eyes burrowing into the text.
"Everything all right... over there?"
"Fine." her tone conveying that the conversation had ended.

Silly female intuition. She reminded herself again before finally being absorbed in her work.

Her heart vainly tried to enlighten her that it wasn't her own logical mind that condemned the man.

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