"Want to grab some lunch Em?" Will asked.

"Oh, alright," Emma agreed just as a wave of pain washed over her body and she grabbed her desk for support. "Just a minute. I'm not... feeling... feeling very well."

"Emma?" Will asked.

Emma's legs gave way and she crumpled to the floor. He was by her side instantly and rolled her over on to her back.

"Em?" He put his hands on her shoulders and started to shake her. "Emma, are you okay?".

Emma lay there on the floor not moving at all. Will put his face by her mouth and he could feel her weak breathing.

"Emma?" Will cried as he tapped her face but she didn't move.

Emma was totally limp and barely breathing. The skin around her mouth was starting to turn blue too.

Will grabbed his cell and pressed 911.

"911. What is your emergency?" The operator said a minute later.

Her skin was dead white and her fingernails were starting to turn blue.

"My girlfriend just collapsed. I don't know what's wrong with her. Please send someone quick! I'm at McKinley High School!"

"An ambulance is on the way," The operator added.

"How long will the ambulance take?" Will asked gently stroking Emma's face.

"They should be there in just a few minutes. I can stay on the phone with you if you like."

"That's okay. I'll be fine. Thank you for your help," Will said as he hung up the phone.

"Please, Emma wake up!" Will cried.