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It turns out that people really don't care about Glee club unless there are big trophies involved. Coming third at Sectionals resulted in a slushy to the face, but placing first at Nationals granted you a different experience entirely.
A guy from the football team who had secretly always thought singing was fun told the Glee guys that he was definitely going to audition next year. He only took part in the sport to secure himself a scholarship, and could put up with a bit of teasing.
'You guys manage to do both and survive,' he said as they got changed after practice. 'Besides, things are changing, dudes. Glee club could actually be cool.'
Finn, Sam, Artie, Puck and Blaine nodded encouragingly, keeping their cool, until the boy exited the locker room. Only after this did they high-five and cheer to their hearts' content.
Two girls who had been forced to leave the Cheerios after some 'sloppy pyramid work' asked Quinn, Santana and Brittany if they should join next year. They replied with definite yeses but warned them to be wary of Rachel. They weren't cut out for crack house visits, active or not.

'I actually can't remember the last time I was slushied,' Blaine mused as he shut his locker door, turning to Kurt and smiling.
'I can. Three weeks ago, got us both at once. You had to throw away your favourite shirt and my shoes were almost beyond repair.' Kurt replied, flicking through a textbook.
'Well, okay. But still, three weeks! Three icy-free weeks! Why aren't you as happy as I am?' He bounced up and down a little to show off said happiness. Kurt really did baffle him at times.
The boy sighed and finally looked up from the page he had previously been studying. 'Because sometimes we go through periods where the bullying lessons or even stops. But it doesn't mean that it's gone forever.'
'No, I really think that winning Nationals helped us!' His boyfriend, optimistic as ever, countered. 'One of the guys on the football team even said that he wanted to join! Joining the team was one of the best decisions I've ever made,' he grinned, jokingly putting on a smug smile.
Kurt rolled his eyes. 'My boyfriend, the jock. Does this mean that I have to go back on the Cheerios?'
'Who knows? We could be the 'it' couple,' Blaine winked. Kurt giggled, and soon they were both full-out laughing hysterically for no reason at all, other than the fact that they were happy.
The slushy that was sent flying in their direction wiped the smiles off their faces. Kurt gasped as the frozen drink hit him and Blaine full on.
Whoever had thrown them was gone by the time Kurt had scooped the ice out of his eyes and looked round. He turned back to Blaine, about to mutter a sarcastic 'what were you saying?' when he saw the expression on his face. Underneath the food dye, Blaine's lip was quivering and he was taking deep breaths – a sure sign he was holding back tears.
Kurt carefully brought his hands up to his boyfriend's face, wiping away the slush and using his sleeve to attempt to pat him dry. 'Three weeks,' he whispered, staring into Blaine's eyes. 'New record.'
Blaine smiled a little and Kurt kissed him quickly, before pulling him into the nearest bathroom to get cleaned up.

'I can't believe it,' Blaine grumbled, huffing and crossing his arms as Kurt tried to wash the slushy out of his hair.
'Blaine, stay still!' Kurt laughed. 'I need to get all of this out.'
'I am not playing in the football game next week,' he vented. 'I told them that I'd leave if they didn't cut the crap! And they didn't listen!'
'No one's forcing you to play,' Kurt agreed. 'But think about the glee guys; you'd be letting them down, too. And Coach Bieste, I know you get along with her.'
'I'm just sick of it,' Blaine pouted.
Kurt just kissed his slightly sticky forehead and said, 'why don't you think about it for a while before you make any decisions?'
Blaine hummed.

'So I've been thinking a lot,' Blaine started as he sat with Kurt on the latter's bed, going through some homework. 'And I've come to a decision, but I don't know if anyone else is gunna like it.'
'You're not breaking up with me, are you?' Kurt smirked, joking.
Well. Mostly joking.
Blaine rolled his eyes. 'Ha. Funny, but no. I was actually talking about football.'
'Ah,' understanding flooded Kurt's features, his smile becoming more relaxed and natural. 'And?'
'What if I were to… threaten to quit?' Blaine asked. It was important that Kurt agreed with his decision; usually Kurt's ideas were the best and backfired a lot less frequently than Blaine's, so the shorter boy usually followed in his boyfriend's footsteps.
'But you already have threatened to quit,' Kurt frowned. 'It worked for a while, but the slushy facials we got yesterday prove that it wasn't that successful.'
'That's because there wasn't really anything behind those threats,' Blaine explained. 'I still went to practice, played in the games… but if I just stop turning up to practice, they'll know that I'm not bluffing.'
'I don't get it,' Kurt confessed. 'You're not threatening to quit if you don't show up to practice – you're actually quitting.'
Blaine shook his head. 'I talked to Coach Bieste, said I was sick of the other guys bullying the Glee club – but especially us two. I thought that things were going alright after Nationals, but, of course, us winning Nationals doesn't mean they'll stop being homophobic. I told the coach that I wanted to make them think I was going to leave if they didn't stop. I mean, I won't really – I like playing, and I wouldn't let down the rest of the team, but if they think that they can get away with all this, they're wrong. So, when I don't turn up to practice, they'll undoubtedly track me down and ask me what's going on, and I'll tell them that I won't go back to football unless they start being nice to the Glee club. And it has to carry on into next year, too – they might not like me but I am a good Kicker. Coach Bieste agreed with me, and said that she'll make sure I don't get replaced on the team.'
'And if they don't listen?' Kurt couldn't help but feel dubious.
'Then… I play the last game but don't go back next year? I don't know yet. But it's worth a try, right?'
Kurt smiled. 'Yeah, it is. I'm really proud of you for doing this.'
Blaine shrugged. 'There's only so many slushies one guy can take before something has to be done,' he mimicked cracking his knuckles threateningly.
Kurt laughed. 'You're a fool,' he said before kissing him.

Two days later, Kurt and Blaine were standing by their lockers.
'So have they confronted you yet?' Kurt asked as he fixed his hair in his mirror, trying to keep his hands busy so he wouldn't worry too much.
'Not yet,' Blaine replied. 'But I think they're about to now.'
Kurt looked up as Azimio and two of the other jerks from the team stormed up to them.
'Anderson, where the hell have you been? You've missed two practices!'
'I know,' Blaine shrugged. 'I quit.'
'What?' Azimio yelled, his face twisting with anger.
'I was sick of you treating me and Kurt like crap. You've laid off the Glee club – albeit slightly – since we won Nationals. But you're still as homophobic as ever. I'm not coming back until you change.'
Azimio was undoubtedly about to reply with some insulting slur, but one of the other guys spoke before he had the chance.
'Well what's it gunna take to get you back on the team?' The other guys scowled at him. 'What? He's a decent kicker and we need him.' He snapped.
'Basically, if you want me to come back to the team,' Blaine started calmly, 'you need to back off me, Kurt and the rest of New Directions. Permanently.'
'You'll come back,' Azimio sneered. 'Wouldn't let down your Glee friends.'
'I wouldn't count on it,' Kurt muttered under his breath.
For a second time it seemed that Azimio was about to speak up but Blaine just glared at him and put an arm around his boyfriend's waist.
'Fine!' The bully yelled. 'We'll leave you alone.' The others scoffed and rolled their eyes.
'I mean it, Azimio,' Blaine stated, his voice hard and uncharacteristically firm. 'No slushies, no slamming into lockers, no name-calling or insults… the bullying stops. And it carries through to graduation next year. I want to be Kicker again but not if you go back to your old ways, and Coach Bieste is entirely on my side.'
'We'll talk to the others, but… fine,' Azimio grunted. They all shuffled off.
Kurt squealed and hugged a rather smug looking Blaine tight, then kissed him hard.
'What the hell, right?' He said by way of explanation as they broke apart.

The football game was on the last day of term, and the Friday before Blaine and Kurt were – yet again – standing by their lockers. There had been no more instances of bullying, and Blaine was definitely ready for the game.
He was, of course, extremely happy, but for some reason his boyfriend had been annoyed all morning.
'Hey, Wes said that some of the guys from Dalton are coming down to watch the game next week,' Blaine announced as he rifled through his textbooks.
'Hmm,' Kurt replied shortly.
'So I guess that means that we'll see Wes, David, Nick, Jeff and maybe –' he broke off when he saw Kurt was barely paying attention, yet looked even more irritated. 'Are you okay?'
'Did you see what Rachel was wearing today?' The boy fired at Blaine, folding his arms.
So this was about one of Rachel's horrible outfits? 'Uh, does it include plaid?' He attempted.
'A letterman jacket, Blaine!' Kurt snapped. 'Finn's letterman jacket. They're on and off more times than her stupid knee-high socks, but she gets to wear her boyfriend's jacket.'
The poor boy couldn't help the confused expression that flickered onto his face. 'And you're upset about this?'
'… But why? It's better than the other stuff she wears.'
Kurt slammed his locker shut. 'It's not about Rachel, Blaine.'
'It's not?' He was really floundering now.
He watched in apprehension as his boyfriend took a deep breath. 'When you figure out why I'm upset, come find me. Okay?'
'I, uh… might not be seeing you for a little while, then?' Kurt glared at him and Blaine almost flinched. 'You know I'm oblivious to all of this… stuff.'
'You mean feelings?' Kurt asked, eyebrow raised.
Kurt sighed. 'I'll see you later.' He kissed Blaine's cheek before he left, though, so he couldn't have been that mad. Not like that one time Blaine spilt juice over his brand new Marc Jacobs scarf and Kurt couldn't even look at him all day. He winced at the memory.
Luckily Rachel herself walked by at that minute, so Blaine took the opportunity to seek help.
'Hey, Rachel,' he waved her over.
'Oh, hi Blaine!' She was, indeed, in Finn's jacket. It was huge on her in a cute way, and she snuggled into it proudly.
'Why are you wearing Finn's jacket?'
'Well, wearing this jacket lets everybody know that I'm with Finn and that he's proud to show me off. It was also a gift, so it shows that he cares about me and wants to make me happy. Plus I know for a fact that I look good in it, so I decided to wear it,' she answered matter-of-factly. 'Why do you ask?'
Blaine sighed. 'Because Kurt's annoyed at me and I think it has something to do with the fact that you're wearing the jacket. Even though he said it wasn't about you.' He rubbed his face with his hands tiredly. 'I don't know, I'm just really confused.' It annoyed him how puzzled he was – normally he wasn't the most on-form when it came to issues in their relationship, but he liked to think he wasn't completely oblivious.
'Blaine, do you have a letterman jacket?' Rachel asked pointedly.
'Well, yeah,' Blaine answered with a slight frown. 'Everyone on the team gets one, but I don't… oh! Oh! Kurt wants my jacket!'
'Seems that way,' Rachel replied with a smug smile.
'Well then why didn't he just ask for it?'
The girl sighed in exasperation. 'Because he couldn't just ask for it! He wanted you to want him to wear it!'
'Oh. So I should probably track him down and give him it?' He asked excitedly. Now that he thought about it, he really did want Kurt to wear it, even if there was only a week left of the school year.
Well, he could wear it in the summer too if he wanted, but Blaine had a hard time believing that Kurt would let the jacket become a staple in his fabulous wardrobe.
'Just… don't just give the jacket to Kurt. Tell him why you want him to wear it and ask him if he will. Don't skimp on the romantic side,' Rachel warned him.
'Yeah, okay. Thanks, Rachel,' Blaine grinned. He slammed his locker shut before heading to where he kept his jacket – in his locker in the changing room.

Kurt was sat on the piano bench in the choir room, tinkering with the keys sadly. He had a free period and should have been spending it studying with Blaine, but he'd messed things up.
Who even cares if Blaine doesn't want to give me his stupid jacket? He vented to himself. He gave me a promise ring, and that's way better.
He was just about to get up and find Blaine to apologise when his boyfriend hurtled into the room. He straightened up, looking breathless.
'Hi Kurt,' he said between long gasps of air. 'I've been looking all over for you.'
'Oh.' Suddenly he felt extremely embarrassed for the way he'd acted and couldn't think of anything to say.
'I'm sorry I'm such a clueless jerk all the time. But I talked to Rachel and she helped me figure out why you were sad. I, uh, I have something for you.' He'd been hiding something behind his back and when he brought his arms back round to the front Kurt realised that it was his letterman jacket.
'I want you to wear this, because then people will know it's a gift and I'll be proud of… ugh!' He couldn't get his words out, clearly, and smacked himself on the head with the palm of his hand in frustration.
'Blaine,' Kurt giggled. 'Do you want me to wear the jacket?'
Blaine nodded – seemingly all he could do.
'Because you want people to know we're together and want to show me off?' The brunette prompted hopefully.
Blaine nodded again, more enthusiastically this time.
Kurt grinned. 'Okay.'
Blaine smiled in relief and surged forward, kissing Kurt passionately. The jacket fell to the floor as he twined his arms around Kurt's neck. Kurt pressed himself up against his boyfriend, darting his tongue out to enter Blaine's mouth. His boyfriend groaned, making Kurt snap out of his kiss-induced trance. 'Not here,' he mumbled as they broke apart. Blaine grinned and picked up the jacket, holding it out for Kurt to put on.
'Perfect,' Blaine noted as his boyfriend modelled the jacket, strutting around the room and laughing.

Also, ages back the wonderful writer I've-Gotta-Be-Me wrote a smut fic called Call Me Irresponsible to go along with this story. It's set when the Glee club's at Nationals and it's amazing. So go read it!