This was an English assignment of mine a few years ago in which we were to pick a girl from the crucible and write a journal from her point of view after each act. This is Abigail's view after the first act. Any weird grammar is probably intentional and an effort to copy the speech patterns from the play. Any that isn't is probably just temporary idiocy on my part but we'll all agree to pretend it was intentional.

I thought at first this talk of witching were a curse but it were more a blessing. The whole village is chasing after our words like seeds scattered to the wind and Reverend Hale is as easy to mold to my thought as clay. It were good though that Betty joined in with her names when she did or it might have been proven a falsehood. This will be a village full of poppets in my control and those who choose to strive against me will feel the lash of my power.

John Proctor claims he will not have me and that he loves his wife. I know that he does not love her. No more could he bear soft feelings for her than could the noble lion love the flea that gnaws his ear. He loves me yet. It were many times his cheeks bloomed roses when I passed him in church. Let his wife believe it were in shame. Soon she will convey her thoughts only from Hell. She be a cold and heartless woman, placing herself on a pedestal to judge me and all of Salem. Let you enjoy your lofty seat for now Goody Proctor for a rope will soon see you raised above Salem. It is harvest time in Salem and all the rotten stalks must be scythed down.