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The girls were sat on the dock each donning their bikinis as they soaked up the summer sun. The music was blasting from the stereo system beside them as Amy tunelessly sang along much to the annoyance of her two sisters. The temperature was scorching and they could all feel the prick of the sun on their skin.

"Dance the night away grab somebody drink a little more" Amy sang loudly fist pumping the air as she leaned over and refilled her glass of vodka and coke. She also poured another two glasses for her siblings. "La la la la la la la la la la la, tonight we gonna be hit on the floor!" she continued to basically yell.

"Will you shut the hell up" Alex groaned as she sat up putting her weight on her elbows and looked at her older sister who just sent her a death glare.

"Hey do you want this drink or not?" Amy said back smarmily pulling her outstretched hand with the drink in it back. Alex just frowned back at her. "That's what I thought" she said handing her the drink. She then proceeded to pick up a ice cube and throw it onto Anna's stomach who shrieked loudly and shot bolt upright the cold snap shocking her.

"What the hell was that for?" she practically yelled still in shock at the cold. She looked at Amy who was giggling to herself. "You're such a child" she scolded her and this just made the eldest Iver chuckle a little louder.

"Here this will calm your nerves" she chortled handing the drink to the girl who took a long gulp of it. "Hey careful kiddo, we don't want that going straight to your head now do we" she said pushing her fringe off of her face.

"I'm not a kid Amy, you should know I can handle my drink just fine since you've been back here for the last year" Anna responded swiftly. Since being around her sister's a lot more she had become very street wise and wasn't half as naïve as she was the year previously.

"True but you have had your exceptions which we are not going to speak about due to their graphic nature" Alex said quickly as she got to her feet and stretched. The eldest two just chuckled once more. Anna was just the perfect target to wind up though when Amy and Anna combined against Alex they had produced some of the best memories the girls had.

"Okay I admit I've had my moments but so have you" she said pointing at Alex as she too got to her feet. Amy was just sat there leisurely watching the girls throw insults back at each other and various comments.

"Low blow" Alex said her hands on her hips as she tried to stare down her shorter sister who surprisingly had a pretty good evil stare of her own. Finally though their staring contest came to an end when for the first time ever Alex conceded and dropped her gaze.

Anna didn't hesitate to burst into celebrations. "I win, I win" she chorused as she swung her arms around in happiness though this was short lived as in a flash Alex had pounced and the two went hurtling into the water.

Amy choked on her drink and spat it out everywhere as she watched the two girls throw handfuls of water at each other as they messed around in the clear blue liquid. "Hey give us a hand please?" Anna said as she and Alex swam up to the dock. Amy got to her feet and walked over to where they were missing the evil glint in their eye.

They outstretched a hand each and she took both but just as she was about to pull them up she was yanked forward and went head first into the lake. She made her way to the surface and tugged at their legs pulling them under the water. "I hate you both" she yelled as they all got to the surface again.

"Love you to" they both said at the same time as they jumped on her pushing her under once more.

The girls were drying off in the boathouse. Amy was towel drying her hair whilst the girls sat there drying themselves off. They watched their sisters movement and couldn't help but wince every time they saw the horrifying scars on the girls abdomen.

Two large scars ran from just under her breast down to her hip as did two noticeable puncture wounds. On her face their was a medium sized scar which run down from her eyebrow over her eye and just below the lid.

Their observation however was cut across by Amy who had noticed them staring. "Okay how many times a day do I have to tell you about not looking at my scars" she tutted softly looking at the two. She wasn't self conscious about them and didn't care that they were there but she hated it when her sisters looked as it always flooded their minds from incidents from that night.

"We can't help it" Alex said her voice frank. "Just reminds me of that bitch who did this to you" she said her voice filling with venom at the thought of Rachel. "And to think that it's a year since the day all that shit happened tomorrow" she shuddered looking between her older and younger sisters.

"Please don't remind me" Anna groaned putting her head in her hands.

"Hey guys come on, we just can't think about this okay it's in the past now, so let's just move on" Amy cooed kneeling down in front of the two. She wasn't going to deny but she knew they were still traumatised by the whole thing. Hell even she was.

The two nodded knowing that they had to get on with their lives. "Yeah you're right, she isn't worth our time really! She couldn't beat us and she can't hurt us again" Anna said with a smile on her face as she realised everything that she had gained through the ordeal. She had gotten her sister back, they had avenged their mothers death successfully and now they were a real family.

Amy was about to speak again when the shrill ring of her phone cut her off. She stood to full height and picked it up answering swiftly. Her expression went from one of relaxed to one of horror. Her face had paled considerably and she nodded before responding. "Okay thank you we'll be there as soon as possible" she said before putting it down and turning to look at her sisters. "We have to go" she said as she grabbed the keys off the hooks and chucked on her top quickly.

"Amy what is it" Anna asked worriedly as she grabbed her sister's arm. She couldn't shake the nagging feeling that something had gone horribly wrong somewhere.

"It's dad" she gulped her throat going dry. "He's had an accident" she said throwing on her trousers her hands shaking slightly.

"Is he okay? What happened?" Anna and Alex said their voices nearly yelling over each others.

"I don't know anything, all I know is that we have to get to the hospital now" she said heading towards the door the two girl hot on her heels. She locked the door behind her and ran up the stairs to the driveway. "Right jump in I'm just gonna lock the door to the house" she said running over to the front of their massive house and locking the door swiftly.

She ran back over to her Audi and just as she was about to jump in she noticed something. "What the fuck?" she practically yelled as she kneeled down next to the front wheel. A visible slash mark went through it taking all of the air out of the tyre.

"What is it" Alex said popping her head out of the window. She had heard her sister's curse and instantly wondered what was wrong.

"Someone's slashed my tyres" she said kicking the deflated wheel in frustration. "Who the hell would do this?" she yelled again standing up and looking at the girls.

"What?" they asked hopping out of the car and looking at the visibly damaged tyre. "Look we'll take the jeep instead yeah, you've got a set of keys for it haven't you" Anna said looking to her disgruntled sister who nodded. The two didn't hesitate to run as fast as they could to the land rover.

Amy locked up the car still upset over the car as well as her dad. What was going on today she questioned herself as she jumped into the drivers seat of the car and quickly started the engine. She put her foot right down and they sped off towards the hospital. What had happened?.

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