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The sun had risen over the house and beams of light began to filter in as another hot summers day lurked on the horizon. Anna and Alex were in the kitchen scrubbing the blood off of the windows and placing a piece of wood over the shattered area. They had been awake for the past four hours now and finally they had managed to clean up all of the mess.

Both were still reeling from last nights events and they tried not to speak about it until they had heard from Amy who unsurprisingly was still asleep. Neither could really get over it. "Right Anna ring the hospital to see how dad is for me please, I'm going to go up and see Amy" Alex said authority filling her voice as she walked into the other room and towards the stairs.

Alex went upstairs the steaming coffee in her hands and made her way into Amy's room. She sat down on the edge of the girls bed and placed the coffee on the side board. She gently squeezed her arm and Amy rolled over and looked at her sister. "Rise and shine sleeping beauty" Alex grinned as Amy slowly sat upright shaking the grogginess off.

"I'm up" she mumbled as she rubbed her head wearily. "I feel like crap, well getting possessed that's another thing I can cross off my list of a hundred things I wanna do before I die" she chuckled to herself. Alex on the other hand didn't find her dark humour funny one bit.

"Don't joke about this Ames, you could have killed me and Anna last night as well as yourself" Alex scolded and Amy just rolled her eyes at her tone of voice.

"Don't you think I know that Al" Amy said as she took a hold of Alex's hand in her newly bandaged one. She hadn't realised that on there. "How did I do this?" she asked holding her hand up for Anna to see.

"We think when you were possessed you smashed the glass, cut your hand on it and drew on the window with your blood" Alex said with a shrug and Amy's face paled slightly. "Oh so now you're taking this seriously thank god for that" she said as she passed the girl the coffee once more.

"I'm feeling fine this morning, a little tired and my head is pounding because of that freaking golf club! But yeah I'm okay, I just can't get over it! Rachel is back!" she said spitting the last bit angrily. Oh she just had to. Then again Amy had always said even hell couldn't hold the woman and looks like she was right all along.

"I should have believed Anna when she said this was her, right from the beginning when the hospital rang about dad. She said and I just shrugged her off!" Alex said back her voice filled with hurt.

"Hey come on now no one can blame you, even I didn't at first!" Amy cooed softly as she slung a laze arm around Alex's shoulder squeezing gently. "But at least now we know the truth and it's a step forward in the right direction yeah!". The two could hear Anna heading up the stairs towards them and they turned to look at the door and within seconds she walked in phone in her hand. "How is he?" Alex asked wondering what the hospital had said to her.

"They say there has been no change in his condition, but that he should have woken up by now but he still hasn't" Anna sighed as she leaned against the doorframe. Her eyes skipped between the two on the bed. "Oh Regan there you are" Anna said a light chuckle in her voice as she tried to ease the tension and worry that was filling the room quickly.

"Ha dee freaking ha" Amy responded as she clapped her hands together loudly in mock applause. Alex just watched the exchange with amusement, though deep down she knew she should be finding all this funny. "Now enough with all the wise cracks smartass, do you guys have any information on how to get rid of her ghost or whatever the hell she is now?" Amy asked snapping straight into commander mode. She just wanted this all to be over as soon as possible.

"Well" Alex said as she knelt down and pulled the laptop out of the draw and walked over to the bed sitting down on it next to the other two. "I did some research and stuff about how she could have come back and the most probable cause was that before she died she enchanted a treasured item of her's which is currently acting as a talisman, therefore it is holding her soul on earth and until we find the item and destroy then she will forever roam the earth" Alex said as she finished reading the paragraph.

The other two looked at her sceptically. "Okay so any ideas on what this talisman could be?" Anna asked as she tried to think of Rachel's possessions. They had burnt most of her stuff a few weeks after she had died so what the hell was left was a complete mystery.

"Maybe it's Mr Chubby" Alex chuckled as she remembered her and Anna's discovery of one of Rachel's toys in the draw. Anna giggled as she remembered that as well.

"That my friend is quite a longshot" Amy smirked as she rubbed her sore head once again. "My mind has gone completely blank it's not even funny" she grumbled as she tried to think of something that could have been used.

"Right where didn't we check for her things before we burnt them?" Anna questioned as she tried to think of a possible hiding place for the item.

"The boathouse that's it" Alex said jumping to her feet. "That's the one place we didn't check for some of her stuff, didn't think we needed to because she never went down there" Alex said wondering how they had missed that in the first place.

"Right so let's take a look yes?" Anna said hopping off the bed the other two following her swiftly. They needed answers and they needed them now.

"What about the pearls, did we get rid of them, I mean they were her prized possessions right?" Amy questioned as they rummaged around the boathouse. The two girls nodded in agreement. She had a point.

"I'm sure we did" Alex pondered as her mind wandered to the neck wear that Rachel usually had on her. "Yeah we did remember, we snapped the pearls up into loads of little pieces and threw them on the fire remember?" she said to them both and finally it clicked and they nodded in agreement.

"Well what the hell could it be then?" Amy said as she turned over the sofa and checked the underneath of it finding nothing. She stopped and wiped the sweat off of her head and shook the sudden wave of dizziness away. That was weird she said inwardly as she stood to full height and another wave of nausea hit.

Anna and Alex were completely oblivious to their sisters sudden turn and carried on with their searching. Her head throbbed and she was blinking away the double vision that was hitting her.

"This is really doing my head in now" Anna said as she sighed and gave up searching. It was hopeless. She looked at her two sisters who had also stopped their searching. Amy was leaning against one of the draws and Alex… Well she had their back to the both of them and was stood perfectly still. "Alex?" Anna asked as she walked over to her sisters still form and put a hand on her shoulder. As she did this though Alex spun around and grabbed her wrist. Anna gasped as she took on the girls appearances. Her eyes were a jet black. "Amy, Rachel's possessed her" Anna practically shouted over to her sister who was very slow to react.

Amy looked up through her dizziness as she heard Anna's terrifying shout. "Shit" she said simply as she pushed herself off the drawers and staggered over her adrenaline overtaking her nausea. Before she could get there though with one hand Alex threw Anna hard and high and the youngster flew through the glass, through the wooden gate and dropped about fifteen feet to the water below.

"Anna" Amy screamed as she watched her sister disappear from view. She went to run out the door to help her but it slammed by itself. Next thing she knew she was hurtling towards the wall behind her. She hit it with a sickening thud and could hear as the wood splintered loudly but nevertheless she got back up shaking the pain off. As she stood there gathering herself she grabbed a hold of the iron poker and just as 'Alex' lunged at her once again she took one firm swing and hit the girl straight across the head. 'Alex' flew backwards and hit the floor hard and lay there unmoving.

Without thinking Amy ran out of the room and without hesitation threw herself off of the side of the boathouse and into the water below. She hit the cold water and quickly opened her eyes searching for her sibling. Finally she found her and pushing off of the rocks behind her she pushed herself deeper and grabbed a hold of one of her hands and started to tug her to the surface. But her efforts were thwarted as she discovered the girl was caught in something. She pushed herself down deeper again and with her current ailments this was causing great difficulty as the pressure hurt her head even more than it was.

But she carried on and eventually she got down to where the girls feet were and unhooked the reeds that had clung onto her. Finally she began to get closer to the surface and in less than twenty seconds they had broken through. Amy sucked in lungfulls of air as she towed Anna as quickly as possible towards the dock. Eventually they got there and with the last of her strength she heaved Anna up onto the hard wood and slid out herself. As soon as she was out she rolled the girl onto her side and watched gratefully as she coughed up a load of water finally clearing her lungs. "That's it sweetheart, get it all up" she cooed as she rubbed soothing circles on her back. Once all the water was up Anna slowly and shakily sat upright.

"Where's Alex?" she gulped as she shivered involuntarily as she remembered who it was who threw her out of the boathouse. Her back was stinging and she could feel the contrast of the hot liquid that was seeping through her shirt. Amy noticed this and quickly went around the back of her and made quick work of pulling out the pieces of glass that were lodged in her back. Anna winced and hissed in pain as she did this and put her hand onto her head and she wasn't surprised that when she pulled her hand back there was blood on her fingers.

"I don't know, when she threw you off she threw me across the boathouse and slammed me into the wall and when she went for me again I hit her over the head and ran out into the water to get you, but more than likely she's still in there, I hit her pretty hard" she spoke as another bout of nausea hit her. She didn't know where this feeling was coming from.

"We better go and have a look then" Anna gulped as she slowly got to her feet clutching onto Amy's shoulder for support. But when she did this she could also feel Amy putting some of her weight onto her and why she did not know, she didn't seem hurt or anything.

"Come on then" Amy said as the two made their way up to the boathouse. Neither what to expect when they got there but both knew that it wouldn't be good.


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