Abby was down in her lab checking some of her work she was afraid that she had messed up on. Gibbs called her earlier that day and all he had said was "You have made a miscalculation, Abby," and hung up before she could say anything. He never told her what she had miscalculated, but he has been getting closer to her when he comes down to her lab. So close she could really feel him on her. She also could of sworn that she could feel his lips on the back of her neck at one point, but then she thought she was hallucinating.

The next time that Gibbs came down to her lab, she closed the door and locked it. He will have to answer her this time.

"What MISCALCULATION have I made, Gibbs?" she interrogated.

"This one," and he kissed her on her lips for a lengthy amount of time before he broke it off.

"The one where you keep assuming that I see you as my daughter"