"Oh…oh god…"

His bare heels rocked back — forth — back again to strain harder to the surface below them.

A low, breathless moan escaped Robin's lips. "God…you're inside me," he managed, amazed.

Kid Flash released a mouthful of air, gripping the thirteen-year-old harder to keep him in place, his voice growing nervous, "…y-you need to stay with me, man. Do you got me?"

Robin made another pistol motion forward with his heels and Kid Flash had to tighten his grip on the younger to keep him from tumbling forward. Shit… he was so… flippin'… "You are like right there…"

"I'm not going to keep doing this until you let me know you are all here with me…"

"…I got ya." Beads of sweat were beginning to slowly form over Robin's upper lip. A shaky laugh. "All here. I'm—" Another moan, this time much louder, high-pitched. "Please… just go… it hurts…"

It was Kid Flash's turn to laugh shakily, as he continued his ministrations, as Robin's breathing hitched with each movement. "I thought you've done this enough times where it wouldn't hurt anymore."

It took some effort to start talking again. "—uhhn" Robin groaned, "the first time with Batman I couldn't walk for days."

"I'm not surprised that Bats is too rough when it comes to this sort of thing."

"Alfred is usually gentler…nnn—not so deep—god!"

Eyebrows lowered with honest confusion and Wally stopped, panting a little. "Who is Alfred?"

Damn it. Why did he have to have such a blabber mouth when he—

"Um…" Robin then gasped. "—Wally!"

"Got it!" Grinning smug, panting harder, Kid Flash held up the bloodied tweezers grasping the bullet.

The younger quickly wrapped a clean towel to his open and copiously bleeding injury in his thigh, applying grueling pressure and exposing and gritting his teeth. The other boy carefully disposed of the offending item and eyed his friend's leg. "Need help getting to the medical sector, Rob?"

As Robin undid the complicated strapwork of his now blood-stained gauntlets and kicked aside his already removed boots from earlier, his ashen and feverish expression (he felt like fire to the touch... he better not have a fever) eased from tension as a small smirk flourished over his lips.

"Heh… gonna carry me in like a princess if I pass out in the hallway?"

"Yep." Kid Flash replied cockily, his green eyes softening, "Just like you were Princess Peach." He waited until Robin secured himself a makeshift bandage before his fingers lightly gripped Robin's elbow to steady him on his feet. "Come on, your highness. Your royal physicians await your presence."

"After this… you wanna go troll some fangirls on that Tumblr site I found yesterday?"

"You had me at fangirls." They made their way to elevators. Kid Flash looked wistful. "…Are they hot?"

Robin shrugged. "How should I know?" he asked seriously.

"…They are probably hot."


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