And the story starts...

Hermione walked out of her bedroom at Number 12 and walked down the stairs slowly trying not to make noise which would wake the others. She tried to duck the painting of Mrs Black who would no doubt start shouting abuse at her for being a 'filth Mudblood.'

Hermione had been staying at Number 12 since the end of the Battle. The house had become a hotel really; most of the order member lived at number 12 at one point of another. At the moment there were quite a few of them in the house. There was herself, Harry, Teddy who Harry was looking after, Ginny when she could get away from her over protective mother, Severus, Lucius and occasionally Neville.

Hermione's bedroom was on the top floor, it was a rather large room with a huge king sized bed; apparently it had belonged to the youngest Black daughter, Narcissa's when the Black's owned the house. Hermione's room was the only one on the top floor secluded away from anyone else. She quite liked that. The library was also on the top floor which made it quite assessable for her to use at anytime and she meant anytime. Since the end of war Hermione could be found in the Library at old times. Once she spent the whole night in the Library trying to get away from the nightmares that haunted her.

Although she loved staying at Number 12, she knew she couldn't stay here forever. This was Harry's house after all and one day she knew he wanted it to be his family home with Ginny and tiny Teddy. Harry had amazed Hermione when he stepped up and took Teddy in, yes he was his Godson but Andromeda had said she would care for the boy but Harry begged her that he would look after him and raise him because like Teddy he had grown up without parents and he knew the difficulties Teddy would face in life and he wanted to be with Teddy every step of the way.

Severus and Lucius were staying at Number 12 and had been for the last week; she didn't know why they were here, they both had houses; well Malfoy Manor was still there but was not like it once was. He also agreed to let his soon to be ex-wife stay in the Manor for the next month before she moved out. While Severus had Spinners End, it was agreed it would be safer if he stayed at Number 12 for some time due to wayward Death Eaters who might want to kill him for his betrayal and the same for Lucius.

Hermione reached the last step and went into the kitchen in search for some hot chocolate hoping it would send her back to sleep. It was three in the morning and she had woken from a nightmare and needed to get her thoughts straight before returning back to bed. As she turned on the light she screamed as she saw two shadows in the corner of her eye.

'Bloody hell!' she shouted sounding like Ron.

Severus smirked while Lucius simply nodded at Hermione. 'Good morning Ms Granger.' Severus said

'What the hell are you two doing in the kitchen at three am?' she asked as she looked at the clock on the wall.

'Drinking.' Lucius said simply as he raised a glass of red wine to his lips. 'Care for one Ms Granger or should we say Mrs Weasley?'

'It's Granger and it will never be Weasley.' She spat out at him.

Once upon a time it may have been Weasley but two days after the War, Ron had started to demand sex from her and wanted them to marry as soon as possible; that's when she knew Ron wasn't for her. She had slept with him when they were camping one night but that was only because she thought she might die a virgin and now she regretted it.

'Oh a sore point there Lucius.' Severus said as he leaned back in the chair.

'You're drunk.' Hermione said as she leant back again the counter.

Both men stared at the beautiful brunette in the kitchen. She was wearing small white shorts that showed off her long legs and a light purple tank. It was a hot June night and the heat was sweltering. She shivered when she noticed them looking at her; she turned quickly and learned up to the cupboard to grab a cup. As she reached up two arms wrapped themselves around her waist making her squeak.

'Mmm, do you make those wonderful sounds in bed?' the blonde man said as he pulled her back into his chest.

Hermione tried to wiggle out of his grasp but he held her tighter. 'Let me go.' She whispered.

'Is that what you really want Hermione?' Lucius said. She shivered when he said her first name; she had never heard him say it. 'I don't think it is.'

Hermione turned in his arms and looked up at him and into his light grey mysterious eyes. As she tried to push him away from her she was backed into another hard body. 'We know you want us.' Severus said as he moved her curls away from her neck.

Hermione's body reacted to the two men she was squished between. She looked at Lucius and then looked behind her at Severus. Both of them were drunk but were determined to have her.

'I have looked into your thoughts Hermione; we both have.' Severus said as she kissed her next sensually. 'You have some very naughty thoughts.'

Hermione gasped; had they really seen her thoughts. God she hoped not.

'We could make those dreams come true.' Lucius as she he twirled a curl on his fingers.

'Could you really?' she said trying to call their bluff. The Gryffindor courage setting in.

'We could.' Severus said as he placed another kiss to her neck. 'Let us pleasure you.'

'Like the way you dream about it.' Lucius added.

'Both of you?' she said as she leant back against Severus.

'Is that not what you want?' Severus asked as he ground his hips against Hermione's arse showing her how excited he was.

Hermione gasped again as she felt his erection on her bottom. She wiggled against him making him moan slightly. 'Maybe.'

'That's not what your mind says Hermione.' Lucius said. 'You want us, admit it, let us in, let us make you feel amazing.'

Hermione sighed and looked at the two tall men, one dark and one light. 'Yes' she whispered.

And with that single word she was swept up into the arms on her dark admirer and carried up the stairs with her other admirer following quickly behind.

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