The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants


Notes: Yes, it's a Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants next gen. I'll try not to make it too hokey!

My friends and I were always told by our mother's a great tale of friends and their struggle to keep their friendship and lives intact all the while sharing a pair of pants. We all thought it was ridiculous. People used phones nowaday's, what would we need to use mail for? We were often yelled at for our outlook on the story, our mother's deeply trying to tell us the moral behind the story and we wouldn't listen. They would tell us we were descendants from the girls who shared the said pants but we didn't care. It was nothing to us. A silly old tradition before our time.

It's funny. It wasn't a pair of pants that saved us all in the end but it was something similar, something that we used to keep us close and apart at the same time. Something to show that we'd always be there with each other, even if we couldn't physically see them. We finally got the point, all of us, that it wasn't just the simplicity of the story, it was the emotions and love behind it.

This is our story, our struggle and our summer which changed our lives and more than likely made our ancestor's proud.

Chapter 1 coming soon!