This has graphic sex between two consenting guys. Not much else.

I don't apologise for this.

And I guess this is an AU, in which Light isn't Kira and he and L are living happily together in an apartment (don't question it – just enjoy it). No drama in this story! Just smut and fluff. But mostly just smut.

Standard disclaimers apply.

I sprained my ankle a week ago, which is where this idea came from. Enjoy.

L did not mean to fall down the stairs.

When he woke up that fateful morning, he did not think to himself, Hmm. Today sounds like a good day to throw myself down a flight of stairs and sprain my ankle! After all, I love it when it looks like I'm smuggling a baseball around in my lower leg.

No, there had been no intention on his part to reach the bottom of the stairs in any manner besides the time-tested, conventional method of taking it step by step. Fate, however, had other plans, in the form of a carelessly abandoned skateboard at the top of the stairs of their apartment complex, no doubt left by that obnoxious kid in apartment 621.

After his faster-than-planned trip down the stairs, the small part of his brain that wasn't concerning itself with moaning in excruciating pain was formulating plans to permanently ban all skateboards from ever being sold – or used – again. Ever.

He was the greatest detective in the world – greatest three, actually! Surely this would be a simple matter for him.

Although, one would also probably assume the greatest three detectives in the world could not be defeated by a flimsy board on wheels – yet there he was, curled up in a ball at the bottom of a flight of stairs, the skateboard still at the top and no doubt smirking mockingly down at him as it waited for its next unwitting victim.

As soon as he could get up, that skateboard would be brought to justice; he swore it upon his honor as L.

Three minutes of groaning and ankle clutching later, L still felt no inclination to get up and probably would have stayed there indefinitely had not a certain Yagami Light strolled up, who not only was too well-raised to ignore someone who was in obvious pain and need (or rather, too devious not to recognize an excellent opportunity to earn someone's gratitude, which could be manipulated later), but who also happened to be L's boyfriend.

Possibility Light would stop and help: ninety-nine percent.

Possibility Light would make fun of him within the first two minutes: eighty-seven percent.

"Ryuzaki!" L's boyfriend exclaimed, calling the alias L preferred to use in public. "Good god, what happened?"

"Light-kun, your observational skills are slipping if you cannot deduce what happened from the way I am collapsed at the base of this stairway, with that evil, diabolical skateboard lying in wait at the top."

L couldn't help it; pain just made his natural sarcasm all the worse.

"Yeah, yeah," Light shot right back, though he had crouched next to L's huddled form and was running a concerned hand in L's hair. "You have no room to remark on my observational skills when you're the one who didn't notice a skateboard right in front of your feet. Now where does it hurt?"

"Left ankle," L groaned. "I believe it's sprained, judging from the way it twisted when I fell."

"Damn, this is looking pretty swollen already. It could very well be broken. Do you want to take it in for an x-ray?"

"No, that will not be necessary. I am L; I am perfectly capable of diagnosing and treating a sprained ankle."

"You're a stubborn bastard is what you are. Now hold on to me and I'll carry you back up the stairs."

L was soon plucked from the ground and situated onto Light's back, his injured ankle dangling awkwardly, and the two slowly began their careful ascent.

"…You know, Light-kun," L remarked, clinging to his boyfriend's neck. "I suppose this is one excellent reason to be a homosexual. I doubt there are many girls who could carry me up a flight of stairs. Even though you are somewhat smaller and shorter than I am, you are still capable of bearing my weight without significant difficulty."

"Yeah, well," Light grunted, shifting L slightly higher up his back, "I'm only shorter when you stand up all the way. And I am not smaller – we're about the same size."

L grinned. "It's merely a product of your genetics and nationality, Light-kun. It's nothing to be ashamed about. And even though it's a little small, need I remind just how much I adore your co-"

"We're not talking about that!" Light interrupted hastily as he reached the top of the stairs, flushing, though it may have been from the exertion. "We were talking about body structure, you pervert. And I'm not small, I'm average. And maybe you should shut your mouth, unless you want me to drop you."

Though L calculated there was only a thirty-two percent chance of Light actually following through with the threat, he decided to keep quiet, just in case. His ankle was still in massive amounts of pain, and he really didn't fancy getting dropped on his ass.

He pressed a conciliatory kiss on Light's ear, the easiest place for him to reach in his position.

"Of course, Light-kun. It was very chivalrous of you to rescue me. I will say no more about the size of your genitals. And anyway, it is not the size that matters, but what you do with it."

"…You're lucky I like you."

"And you're lucky I like you and your sexy little cock."

L was glad that, when Light dropped him, he generously kept hold of his injured leg so as not to damage it further. He could have done without the extra bruise on his ass, however.

After three days of almost constant confinement to his bed, L was getting a little grumpy.

It was bad enough that whenever he wanted to relocate somewhere, he had to hobble around on a pair of crutches he was convinced were in league with the skateboard. He couldn't even sit in his favorite thinking pose, as his ankle made this impossible.

And worst of all, he had been without sex ever since he'd been injured. For three days! That was almost as long as the time Light had cut him off after L had accidentally let it slip to Light's father that he had fucked his son on the family sofa once when the Yagami's had gone to visit Sachiko's parents.

And the family table. And a few of the family walls, as well as Light's old bed.

It had been well worth it, though… For some reason, doing it in his parent's home had made Light twice as frisky (and as L could attest, there was no such thing as 'too frisky'). L could still picture Light lounging on the sofa, flushed and panting and moaning, one leg thrown elegantly over the back as L thrust between his legs.

And then spread out on the table, as the cake Sachiko had left as a thank-you for house-sitting was put to very good use…

As L began to lose himself in pleasant memories of past copulations, wondering if he was desperate enough to stroke himself off, the featured star himself strolled into the dimly-lit room, home from work, looking carelessly sexy in a pair of tight, causal jeans and a neatly buttoned shirt.

As their eyes met, L had to wonder if Light could somehow read his thoughts, because he had that teasing gleam in his eye that he often got before and during sex that always went directly to L's groin.

Or maybe L was just feeling particularly horny.

Light stopped at the base of the bed, climbing up to kneel on the edge and softly stroke L's legs, his fingers sneaking up and down his calves beneath his pants.

"L? How's your ankle feeling?" he asked in a low, husky voice, and L knew he either had been slipped some sort of hallucinogen or Light wanted sex just as badly as he did.

"Good," L answered, perfectly truthful but completely willing to lie anyway if it meant he'd get sex. "The swelling has gone down thirty percent."

"Has it?" Light murmured, leaning down to examine the ankle himself. While he was down there, he pulled the big toe into his mouth and began sucking lightly.

L groaned. His toes were, and always had been, his weakness.

If Light didn't give him sex after this, he'd never forgive him.

But that really didn't seem like it'd be a problem.

"Mmm…" Light hummed, grazing his teeth along L's toes. "You're right; it does look better."

Then, gracefully as a jungle cat (and probably as deadly), Light began crawling towards L, his eyes smoldering and a taunting smirk across his damnably sexy mouth. L was grateful, in that small part of his brain that hadn't suddenly been taken over by his libido, that Light was avoiding his injured ankle as he slunk up L's body; most of his brain, however, had fled to his cock, along with the majority of his blood, so right then he really wouldn't have cared if Light had decided to take a hammer to his ankle, as long as he kept looking at L with those sex-filled eyes and sensual intentions.

Light, for better or for worse, somehow seemed to consistently make L hornier than he ever had been as a teenager, and that decreased his thinking abilities more than anything else.

Slowly, Light slid L's shirt up with him, pulling it up and over L's head and arms and tossing it on the floor, L more than happy to see it go. Light pressed himself gently against L's body, meshing their hips and chests together, and L hissed as the two semi-hardening cocks met, though smothered by their boxers and jeans.

"L…" Light breathed, hovering his mouth just inches above L's and rocking his hips ever so slightly.

Their lips connected – a soft, tingling kiss that only lasted a moment before Light pulled back, significant despite its brevity. It was a beginning, the last moment before insanity, those final few feet before the edge of a cliff, where their eyes met and an understanding was reached.

Then they were together once more, in a hard, burning kiss that tasted of sin and passion and pleasure, and L felt himself falling all over again.

He pressed up hungrily against his lover's mouth, an almost desperate edge as he thrust his tongue in and overtook the other's. His eyes flew shut and his mind fizzled away until all that was left Light: Light's tongue, Light's hips, Light's scent, Light's taste.

He wanted, needed more; he couldn't get close enough. He wanted to sink into Light and engulf himself entirely in Light's essence, until they were more one person than two. And maybe if he kissed hard enough, he could leave his claim on Light forever.

It wasn't until he heard the ominous clink of metal that he realized he had been handcuffed to the headboard of the bed. His eyes opened slowly.

Light, with a final parting nip at L's lower lip, pulled back from the kiss and smirked at his trapped lover.

"Light-kun?" L asked, his mind still clinging to the slowly evaporating haze of lust which had surrounded it.

"You seem to enjoy handcuffs so much," Light grinned, not quite innocently, "I thought you'd enjoy this."

Metal dug into L's wrists as he pointlessly pulled against the restraints. This was not how L's handcuff fantasies usually went. Where had Light even hidden the handcuffs?

He glared sulkily up at his lover.

"I'd enjoy it much more if Light-kun were the one- aahh…" L's protest turned to a moan as Light discretely ground his hips down into L's hot, hard crotch.

"Too bad." Light leaned down to press a mocking kiss to L's mouth, though he pulled away before L could react.

"I'm…hah…injured," L managed to pant out, much too distracted by Light's slowly rolling hips and teasing tongue to form any decent sort of argument. "You're…supposed-ah…to be nice to me."

"Exactly," Light agreed smugly. "You're injured, and this is the only way I can make sure you don't do anything to hurt yourself. So just lie back and enjoy this, and don't move your leg around too much."

L might have managed to pull his mind together to further protest, had Light not sat up at that moment, knees on either side of L and thighs spread wide open, and began running his hands teasingly up his own clothed chest. At that point, protests just seemed rather unappealing when he could instead be watching the titillating show above him.

"Aahh..." Light sighed, his fingers rubbing a nipple through the thin fabric of his shirt. "Are you watching, L?"

Had there been any significant blood left in L's brain, he might have replied with an intelligent, dryly witty retort. As it was, all he managed was an eloquent, "Nnhhnn…" of affirmation.

One slender hand slid up to tousle Light's tawny hair, and his eyes fluttered shut as his other hand continued to pleasure his nipple lightly.

"Tell me what to do, L," he whispered, and any blood that may have been lingering around in other parts of L's body immediately drained directly to his cock.

Did Light really mean he could…?

If a sprained ankle meant Light turned into this steamy, erotic walking porn show, L was going to start throwing himself down stairs more often.

"Take off your shirt," he instructed, his mouth dry and his voice harsh from arousal. He was harder than he ever remembered being.

"Mmnn…" Light agreed, his long, elegant fingers already pushing apart the buttons to his shirt, revealing his lean, toned torso inch by tantalizing inch. Once all the buttons were undone, Light let the shirt slip from his shoulders and slide off his arms, tossing it to join L's somewhere on the floor.

L drank in the sight of his lover above him – the smooth skin and lithe muscles and already slightly erect nipples that called out for attention.

"Pinch your nipples," he directed, his voice barely above a whisper, swallowing hard.

Light smirked; a single hand trailed up his chest, drifting to circle around his right nipple. He pulled the circle tighter and tighter until his fingertip was rubbing lightly against the hardened nub itself. Then he pinched his thumb and finger firmly together, causing a soft gasp to escape his lips.

His other hand stole up his chest, beginning to tease and pinch and twist the other nipple as well.

L could only lie there and stare hungrily up as Light played with himself, unable to touch, his breathing harsh and his cock painfully hard as it pressed insistently against his pants. Light was going to be the death of him – in a very pleasurable, sexy way – but the death of him nonetheless.

"Harder," he croaked out. "Pinch them harder, Light-kun."

"Mmm, god, L," Light moaned, pressing closer into his hands as his fingers, almost against their own will, began pinching and rolling his nipples even harder. Prickles of sharp arousal shot down to his groin as he teased himself, L's dark eyes locked on his every movement.

Light's head hung down as the pleasure intensified, and he panted and gasped though his fingers never slowed.

"Hah…hah…hah…mng-ah, L… Ah! Is this…good, L?" He could hear L's heavy breathing beneath him, and it only turned him on more.

"Mmn… you're incredibly sexy, Light-kun."

Light raised his head and grinned down at him, cheeks slightly flushed and eyes bright, still unceasingly teasing and rubbing his own nipples, which by this point were looking very tender and abused. L desperately wanted to touch, to reach out and run his hands all over that beautiful body, but the stubborn handcuffs stopped him every time.

His arousal was also getting quite uncomfortable against the confines of his jeans.

"Pants, Light-kun…" he murmured. "Painful…"

Light laughed softly at L's obvious frustration, and his hands slipped from his peaked nipples, down, down, rubbing along his own denim-covered thighs. They slipped off his legs and onto the bed, and he smoothly pushed himself downwards until his face was hovering just above the blatant bulge in L's pants.

"Is this what's bothering you?" he breathed, running the tip of his nose up along the line of the zipper. His hands grasped the sides of L's torso, his fingers spreading wide as he ran his palms up and down L's body.

"Light-kun…" L moaned in what might have sounded like a whine but most certainly was not.

Light shifted up slightly and ran his tongue along the skin just above L's pants. His hands crept downwards to L's hips, his thumbs rubbing gentle circles. Nimbly, he pushed the top button of the jeans through the slit with his tongue, while his teeth pulled the pants open. Then his teeth caught the zipper and he slowly, slowly dragged it down.

L's breath was getting more and more erratic at this point; all he could think about was how close Light's breathtaking face was to his cock and how much he wished the handcuffs were gone so he could grasp that beautiful brown hair and fuck Light's mouth over and over.

He groaned in impatience as Light began licking at the exposed, tented boxers, already damp from pre-cum.

Light smirked up at him. The fingers at his hips curled down into his pants, and Light leisurely began tugging off L's pants, taking the boxers with them.

L sighed in relief as his cock was pulled free from his clothes, barely noticing as Light very, very gingerly slipped his swollen ankle free of the leg hole and tossed the pants onto the floor. He did, however, notice as Light began crawling up his naked body, never touching, but tormenting him by letting his hot breath trace over his skin – up his uninjured leg, teasing his throbbing cock, dancing across his chest and just brushing his nipples, until it finally stopped right above his mouth, as Light hovered on all fours above L.

Light leaned closer and closer, L panted harder and harder, and as their lips brushed Light whispered, "Should I take my pants off?"

"Oh fuck, please do…" L gasped, as Light had chosen that moment to reach down and run one finger teasingly along the side of L's cock.

Light chuckled and rose to his knees, still straddling L. His pants were very tight in the front, where his arousal was pressing against them in protest. Light's graceful fingers began rubbing gently at the bulge, kneading and playing as he rocked his hips into his touch, and L's own fingers twitched in longing from where they were captured above his head.

God, how he wanted to touch Light, to be the one to make him pant and gasp and moan in delight. While it was utterly arousing watching the younger man touch himself, it only made L crave him more.

Deliberately, Light began undoing the fastening of his pants, his lazily aroused eyes never leaving L. He pushed both his pants and his boxers off his hips, baring his own arousal as his clothes fell to his knees and onto L's chest. His right leg lifted and slipped out of the pants, soon followed by the left, and then the pants were on the floor and Light was pressing down to kiss L with renewed vigor.

L kissed back just as enthusiastically, licking and biting and swallowing Light's delicious moans. Their noses kept bumping as their mouths moved desperately against each other, and the handcuffs kept clinking as L strained against them, knowing it was useless but unable to suppress the urge to move and touch and grasp and feel.

Light began pressing panting, spine-tingling kisses along his jaw, scraping his teeth on the skin but never actually biting, working back to L's ear where he began nibbling and licking while L groaned in pleasure.

"Light-kun…" he panted, needing something but his mind unable to figure out what exactly.

"Tell me what to do, L," Light repeated, whispering hotly right in L's ear, his hands tugging and playing with L's hair, sweeping around to stroke the at the back of L's neck. "Do you want me to touch you?" he murmured slowly. "Suck you off…?" He began sucking hard on that weak spot of L's that was hidden right behind his ears, that weak spot that fundamentally turned him into a panting and desperate mess of hormones and lust. "…Do you want to watch me fuck myself with my own fingers?"

"Oh god, yes," L managed to groan, thrusting his hips uselessly into the empty air as he was overcome by images of Light – his long, toned legs spread completely open, flushed and breathless as he thrust his slim fingers over and over into his own red, abused hole, his hips rolling down to meet them, his voice crying out as he looked at L with burning, desperate eyes.

Light couldn't help smirking as he pulled back and watched lascivious desire almost completely glaze over L's pitch-colored eyes, the detective's passion so intense Light felt sure he could drown in it.

"Wait right here," he said, swinging himself off of L to lean over and dig into the nightstand drawer, grabbing their half-used bottle of lube.

L was too foggy from lust to point out that he was incapable of going anywhere else, even if wanted to (and he most certainly didn't), thanks to that frustrating pair of handcuffs locking his hands away above his head.

Then Light was back, straddling L on all fours once more. This time, however, he was turned around, presenting L with a teasing view of the smooth backs of his legs and his firm, perfect ass.

The handcuffs clinked as L's hands once again forgot their own confinement.

Light ducked his head, hot breath ghosting over L's cock, which had been ignored for far too long. L felt something soft brush the side, and he realized Light had rubbed his cheek against the length. Small, soft kisses with just a hint of teasing tongue were pressed on L's hips and thighs, close the base of his cock but not nearly close enough to satisfy.

L shivered and writhed beneath Light's mouth, which was sucking on his rounded, protruding hipbone, and Light pressed a warning hand against the quad of L's injured leg, reminding him to hold still.

Then the tip of a warm, smooth tongue was tracing up the length of L's cock, swirling and teasing and dipping and stroking, before his cock was suddenly plunged deep into Light's mouth.


Light just sucked harder in reply, working the cock deeper until the head bumped into the back of his throat. He kept his hand on L's thigh, monitoring any potentially damaging movement that could jar the sprain, while his other hand, already smeared with lube, crept backwards towards his exposed ass.

L was lost in the bliss of Light's mouth and tongue languidly worshiping every inch of his cock when he noticed Light's hand reaching back, a single slender finger lightly tracing his tiny hole.

"Oh god, yes," L groaned, the head of his cock getting ever harder as Light gently raked his teeth over the tip. "Do it…hah, ahhh… Fuck yourself, ngh…let me watch you swallow your fingers up."

Light moaned against L's cock, completely turned on as usual by L's dirty talk – a weakness of which L was well aware. So, while firmly sucking L's engorged head and rubbing smooth circles into his inner thigh, he sank his finger all the way into his own ass.

L watched breathlessly as Light began slowly finger-fucking himself; he was stretched to his limit between the erotic sight before him and the delicious brushes and licks and sucks on his cock. Light was rocking slightly into his own hand, teasing his insides over and over with his slim digit as L's brain quickly turned to complete mush.

The hand on L's thigh slid slowly higher up his body, cupping his scrotum, rubbing and teasing and fondling his tightened balls. L was now trembling and moaning, fighting to keep his injured leg still and his hands desperately clutching at the chain restraining them while he watched Light slip his finger in and out of himself, moving faster now, mouth sucking even harder as his finger prepared himself.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god," L panted, helpless to do anything as pleasure built within him, delicious pressure pooling in his belly and his arms jerking against their captors. "Another one, Light-kun, put another finger in."

Light complied and then there was a second finger, curling in and pressing and thrusting with the other, Light's hole stretching farther to accommodate, wrapping tightly around the fingers.

A few playful nips at L's head had him moaning even louder in maddened bliss, his thighs trembling with suppressed emotion.


Light was only doing marginally better. His cock was incredibly stiff between his legs and longed to be touched, but he continued finger-fucking himself, knowing the sight was pushing L to his limit. And that just turned him on all the more.

They made a good pair, the two of them: L the voyeur and Light the exhibitionist.

L was gasping, shaking, moaning, twisting up into Light's mouth, his balls drawing higher as he was forced ever closer towards helpless orgasm, but right as he felt himself teetering on the brink, Light pulled his mouth off with a slight pop, and before L knew what was happening, Light's hungry lips were on his – his body somehow turned around and pressed against L, grinding and desperate and driving L completely mad.

"Oh god, L, you turn me on so much," Light moaned into his mouth. "I want you inside me."

L was too lost in the pleasure of Light's rolling hips to properly respond, but he felt confident Light apprehended his sentiments on the matter.

"Mnn…ah…hah…hah! Ah!" he panted, just in case there was any confusion.

Light apparently understood, because suddenly the lips on L's were gone and a hand was wrapped around his cock, positioning him beneath the hovering body kneeling above him.

Light couldn't keep a moan from his lips as L's cock slowly pushed inside him, sliding smoothly from the lube and filling him to the brink. It pulsed within him, stretching painfully but with a sliver of pleasure as it pressed against his sensitive prostate. His thighs trembled; his arms quivered. And beneath him, L moaned in impatient ecstasy.

Gradually, Light began rolling his hips up and down, his lover's cock never quite leaving him all the way before he slammed himself back down. He impaled himself over and over, unable to stop the gasps and moans that escaped as L's cock split him open.

"Ah! Oh god! Ahh…mmng…ah…hah! L!" One hand was pressed to L's stomach, steadying himself as his other stroked his own neglected cock.

L was rushing towards the edge of rapture once more as he drank in the sight of his young lover's lean body fluidly riding him, all slim, toned muscles and his head thrown back in abandon. He was beautiful; a wild, exotic young god drenched in carnal delight and depraved sensuality, and he was all L's.

Again and again their bodies merged, connected in the most intimate way possible as they pushed ever closer to physical delight, L gasping and trembling and clutching his restraints, Light moaning and whimpering and never slowing his rolling hips, until the pulsing cock within him brushed against his abused prostate one too many times and he was overcome by his explosive climax.

"A-ah! Oh god, L!"

It was the sight of him consumed in wanton ecstasy that pushed L over the edge.

The pressure in his gut erupted, shooting his hot seed into his lover's trembling body as Light's spilled all over them both. Flashes of pleasure coursed over him and he was helpless in their grip, unaware of anything but the blinding waves of passion.

When it was over and they were both left weak and pleasantly drained, Light fetched a towel to clean the semen from their bodies, taking care as he wiped L's sated form. A satisfied smirk was on his lips as he leaned in to drop a peck of a kiss on L's mouth, who accepted it with a lazy smile of his own.

Thoroughly exhausted and feeling the siren call of sleep tugging on his mind, Light slipped into bed and curled up against his lover, covering them both with the sheets.

L moved to wrap his arms around him, but found they were still captured in the handcuff's unrelenting hold.

"Light-kun…" he whispered gently, too satisfied to be annoyed. "You forgot to take off the handcuffs."

"Hmm?" Light mumbled, already slipping into sleep. "Oh…key's on the dresser…"

"That may be so, but I can hardly reach the dresser in my current state, Light-kun."

No sound but slow, steady breathing.

"…Light-kun? Are you asleep?"

No answer.

"…Damn it."

AN: I have plans for another chapter, in which L gets his revenge. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks for reading!