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naruto and riolu were playing with pikachu and turtwig while ash and the crew were setting up the table. "naruto is sure is happy." brock said. dawn blinked "what do you mean brock?" piplup looked at them. "dad someone is coming."naruto called out as he pointed at the road. not ten seconds later a girl with a glameow walked up. "hey zoey over here." dawn called. naruto got up and ran to ash. "oh hey guys how are you?" zoey asked. she walked over and bent to naruto's level "hey naruto" she greeted.

naruto looked nervus. they sat around the table eating. "so brock what did you mean when you said naruto is happy?" dawn asked. naruto looked up at dawn. "naruto why don't you explain." ash asked. naruto nodded and said "i was never born here. i used to live in konohagakure or village hidden in the leaves. i was an orphan there and was treated badly. the leader there was called the hokage. he told me that riolu was born on the same day. i don't really like talking about it." naruto said this and walked off.

ash sighed "he was doing well." brock nodded "its a shame that our future selves had to come over to give him to you." brock added. "you see our future selves time traveled to our time. apperently they were in konoha because of something happen to naruto in the future. they appered with him when we were having a party. you see naruto is able to under stand some of what the pokemon say. my name kept poping up and i was choosen. for a while he wouldn't talk or go anywhere without me." ash said.

everyone was quiet. naruto came back with a pokeball. "dad dad i found an empty pokeball then i caught a pokemon." naruto shouted excitedly. ash smiled and picked naruto up and placed him on the lap. "well lets see." dawn said. naruto threw the pokeball and a vulpix. "vul vulpix." vulpix cried out. "wow that rare." zoey exclaimed. naruto put his face in ash's shirt. ash rubbed naruto's back. vulpix walked over to riolu. piplup and pikachu walked over to check out vulpix. naruto slid down and played with them.

the group got to hearthome city. naruto was talking to nurse joy. the pokemon was playing with a ball except vulpix. vulpix feeling left out she ran into an on coming ball. vulpix got hit and started to cry. ash ran over along with naruto to check vulpix. riolu walked over looking guilty. "ri" riolu said sadly. for a while stuff has been going on with vulpix crying and getting hurt that naruto has been getting upset. ash remember that something like this happened before was planning how to stop it.

naruto was with pikachu when he saw riolu push vulpix. vulpix saw him and started to cry. naruto was about to yell at riolu when ash came out. "vulpix that is enough. naruto loves both of you and besides riolu was there with him first. so behave or i am sending you to prof. oak. vulpix looked shocked and growled at ash. "pluse a teddiursa did this once." ash added as he left. naruto walked over to vulpix but she ran away. naruto chased after vulpix but got lost. riolu went to get ash and started to panic.

pikachu and piplup heard this and went after riolu. ash looked around and didn't find naruto or vulpix. the group looked everwhere for the two. meanwhile naruto found vulpix. "vulpix you ok." naruto asked. vulpix ran to naruto and licked his face. "vulpix i think we are lost." naruto said. a person walked up and naruto and vulpix got scared. it was james. "huh what are you doing here naruto?" james asked. naruto looked up. "james i am lost." naruto answeared. jessei and meowth appeared.

"huh the twerps kid." jessie exclaimed. james picked naruto and vulpix up. naruto got scared. "hey we may be bad but that doesn't mean you kid." meowth said. naruto nodded. team rocket walked to the pokemon center. as they enter ash was upset. "don't worry ash we will find him and vulpix." bock said. naruto and vulpix got down. naruto ran crying out. vulpix stopped half way. "dad i was so scared. vulpix ran and i found her but i was lost and team rocket found us and brought us back. i am sorry." naruto cried.

ash nodded at team rocket. vulpix turned away. as the other pokemon was seeing if naruto was ok. brock was talking to team rocket. ash saw vulpix walking away. he got up in front of vulpix. vulpix looked up and saw ash. "maybe i was alittle too hard." ash said. they both walked back to the group. from then on naruto became a better person and his past cought up and became the best trainer and breeder. he and his pokemon lived happily ever after