A Dozen or So Drabbles

Probably a lot more than a dozen drabbles about every one in the Harry Potter universe that I can possibly be bothered to write about. Basically plot bunnies that wouldn't work as real stories.

James carefully maneuvered the enormous sign that he had worked so very hard on across the air with his wand, balancing precariously on the edge of his broomstick. Just a little higher..just a littttle higher..there!

He looked proudly at the bright red flag, stretching from one Quidditch goal post to another. It read, in giant letters, a desperate plea for a certain girl to meet him in Hogsmeade.

He admired his handiwork for all of thirty seconds before tipping off the edge and falling down fifty feet.

A concussion and cracked skull later, Lily Evans would still not go out with him.

He was not impressed.