What if its Zeke?

Chapter 1: Falling for a Skater

Ginger's POV

I was walking around outside when this brown-haired skater crashed into me. I fell on my back with a boy on me. He got up off of top of me. He reach out his hand to help me up.

"I'm sorry. I usually notice a pretty girl." He said. I grabbed his hand.

"No, I'm sorry I shouldn't stand in front of a handsome skater." I said.

"I'm Zeke Falcone." He said.

"I'm Ginger-" I said getting cut off.

"Ginger must be Spanish for little hottie." Zeke said.

"No. I'm just Ginger Waffles." I said.

"Are you related to Luther Waffles?" Zeke asked.

"That's my older brother." I said in an 'Awe great' voice.

"Why didn't he tell me that his little sister is hot!" He exclaimed.

"Why didn't he tell me his best friend was so sexy!" I said.

"I'm sexy?" He asked.

"Yeah. I'm I girlfriend worthy?" I asked.

"Only if you're my girlfriend." Zeke replied.