Muscular arms, tan body, dark mysterious physique, full round lips that…. "Reba, stop it!" she mentally chastised herself. He was your steel guitarist, now your tour manager, you have to stop thinking of him like this!

It hadn't always been like this. In the beginning, Reba had thought of Narvel Blackstock as a "city boy", and he felt she was just a "country hick". But lately,… oh lately she had begun to think of him as a man….and what a man he was too…..

Reba!, Narvel called, "I need you to go over the set list for tomorrow's concert with me". Walking over to him, she quickly sat down. They made fast pace of the list, having always worked well together. "I think we should put this song second, leaving "Can't Even Get the Blues" as your opener. What do you think?" Reba leaned forward to see his song selection, absentmindedly sniffing his cologne as she did so. "You smell great!", she thought to herself. "Uh, thanks, glad you think so darlin!", Narvel said. Quickly covering her mouth, she realized she had spoken aloud, and quickly blushed. "RebaNeller, you alright there? Your face is as red as your hair! I was just messin w/ya! Reba chucked nervously, telling him "I'm wonderful, just fine…" She trailed off, looking deep into his eyes, then hastily tearing herself away ."Uh, yeah, that song should be fine! I'm gonna go practice for tomorrow's show. She quickly left the room, not noticing the admiring gaze following her as she walked away.