Reba moaned, wriggling and moving faster and faster, matching Narvel's pace. His handsome head moved downward, kissing the valley between her breasts, pausing to suck and kiss each one. Reba pulled at Narvel's hair, gasping with every movement. Continuing his journey south, he placed soft kisses on her belly, pausing to stare into her eyes. "I love you red. I always have." Gazing at her lovingly, he kissed the inside of her thighs, then began to move deeper and deeper, Reba's senses heightened with each thrust. Turning to stare at Narvel, Reba let out a moan from deep in her throat, and kissed him fiercely. panted, breathing heavily. The couple embraced, and Reba cried out, her climax shattering waves of pleasure throughout her body. He called out her name, his voice suddenly gruff and hard. "Reba...Reba!" Reba shook her head, not understanding the sudden roughness in her husband's voice. Comprehension soon dawned on her, piercing through her dreamlike state. "Reba!" she heard again, and realized her eyes were closed, and someone was shaking her awake.

Reba jolted up, noting she lay in a pool of sweat. Opening her eyes quickly, she turned and stared into the hardened face of her husband. He leaned close and Reba drew back, his name low in her throat. Climbing out of bed, she pulled her robe on, and quietly spoke." I can't do this anymore. "I'm leaving you Charlie." Reba knew she wanted Narvel...craved him...needed him. Charlie was mean, and hard-edged, and made decisions that embarrassed her. What's more, lately she had begun to suspect he had other women on the side. So, taking a deep breath she raced out of the bedroom, and went straight to her best friend. Narvel Blackstock, her tour manager. A few days earlier he had told her he had feelings for her, but she hadn't known how to respond. Thankfully the band had walked in at that moment, and she was given a reprieve. But now...after that dream...she knew. She knew Narvel was the one. The man she was destined to be with for the rest of her life. She rapidly searched the entirety of her tour bus, looking for him. Finally, she found him, surrounded by her entire band, in the lounge of the bus. Frantically, she tried to gain his attention, but he only waved for her to sit down. Staring straight into his eyes, she spoke. "Narvel, I need to speak with you. Immediately...please." Sensing the urgency in her tone, he followed her out, surprised when she led him to his room. Pushing him inside, she closed and locked the door. "Reba?" he began. "What is it? What's wro-..." Reba cut him off, silencing him with a fierce kiss. Stunned, Narvel stood there for a second before returning her kiss with intense passion. Their lips locked, and fireworks flew, Reba's lips felt like they were on fire. He felt so…right. So perfect. His soft lips massaged hers, his tongue begging for entrance, which she immediately granted. Breathing heavily, Narvel drew back, staring into Reba's eyes. "What is this? What are we doing here?" He gently stroked her hair, tucking it behind her ear. Reba bit her lip, and then gave him a half moon smile. "It's you Narvel. I thought about what you said….and I want to be with you too. There's a connection…a need inside me to be with you. I know in my heart its right. I'm going to divorce him Narvel. I'm leaving Charlie. I should have done that a long time ago…but I was scared. I'm not scared anymore. You gave me the courage to believe I could do it, deal with anything and anyone that I need to. I'm a strong woman, and I haven't been acting like one. I'm reclaiming myself. And, with that in mind….I need you Narvel. If you'll have me. I want to date you…to find out what we could be. That is…if you still want to be with me. She looked up at him, hope shining in her eyes. Narvel cupped her cheeks and fervently kissed her lips. "I'd love that." I've wanted this for a long time. I've been waiting for us. Reba smiled, happier than she'd been in a long time. "Narvel…you were right….we are just "so good together".

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