The night was dark. As black as a bottomless abyss. No moon or stars to guide those below.

Dom stood in the middle of the dusty, deserted road that twisted its way through the hills and down towards the city gleaming off in the distance. Motionless, he waited. Waited for something to come.

It wasn't long before it did. The sound of roaring engines and screeching tires came piercing out of the darkness. Dom turned just as two speeding cars whipped around the corner at the end of the road. They raced towards him: a grey 70 Plymouth and a green Ford Torino. The Plymouth was in the lead, fighting to stay ahead, but the Torino was faster. It accelerated and T-boned the other car directly in its side.

The effect was instantaneous. The car launched almost ten feet in the air before crashing down on its roof. As Dom watched, it continued to roll, flipping again and again as glass and bits of metal flew everywhere. The Torino skidded to a halt as the Plymouth finally came to a stop upside down several feet from where Dom stood.

He looked on as Fenix Calderon, Arturo Braga's right hand man, got out of the Torino. Large and menacing, the thug approached the wreck of the Plymouth. He was halfway towards it when the driver's door slowly pushed opened.

Letty fell onto the pavement with a hard thud, gasping in pain. Her head, shoulder and arm were badly cut and fresh blood dripped onto the ground as she attempted to squirm away from the wrecked car. Fenix closed in on his prey, pulling the handgun from his waistband. Sweating, Letty attempted to move faster, but she soon cried out in agony and clutched her injured side.

Dom felt like his heart was slowly being crushed by an invisible vice, like it had on the day his dad died. He struggled to move, to run to her, to hold her in his arms and tell her how much he loved her and that he would never leave her again. But, his efforts were futile. No matter how hard he struggled, he was frozen to the spot.

Fenix stopped several feet from Letty and cocked the gun. She turned and looked up as he raised it, pointing it directly at her heart. She stopped struggling. She didn't cry or beg. She just stared definitely at the man who was about to kill her. He hesitated, unnerved by her lack of fear.

But, Letty was no longer looking at Fenix or his gun. Her gaze drifted over to where Dom stood. Dom ceased his own struggling and looked down at her. As if she sensed his presence, she gently smiled and a single tear slid down her cheek. "Dom," she whispered just as Fenix pulled the trigger and the following gunshot shattered the once silent night.