It was rainy night in D.C. Abby decided to spend her night with Gibbs. She was on the couch, reading a book next to the fire that Gibbs had prepared to make the stakes for dinner later. He did go down to work on his boat for a little while but found he couldn't concentrate. Once he gave up, he went back up stairs and laid on the couch, putting his head in Abby's lap. Still reading her book, she began to absentmindedly play with his sexy silver hair.

She finished reading her book late that night, they had both forgotten about dinner as neither one of them grew hungry. They stayed up and enjoyed the fire most of the night, Abby still playing with his hair.

As the fire became just a small ember did they begin to speak for the first time that night.

"Do you know what the best part of watching the fire burn was Gibbs?"

"Watching it with me?"

"How do you do that Gibbs?"

"I was thinking the same thing about you Abbs," and that is when he sat up, looked her right in the eyes.

She could see something in his eyes and she knew what it was. A combination of love and wanting.

And that is when he kissed her square on the lips and after what seemed like several minutes, she broke off the kiss to lay down next to him. He made room for her and pulled the blanket that he kept laid over the back of the couch over them. The both fell asleep quiet soon after that and slept in the next day.

That was the first time either one of them were able to get a full nights rest in a long time.