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Title: Removing the Mask
Summary: AU. Three-part fic. Sequel to 'Don't Push Me'. Blaine tells Kurt why he transfered to Dalton. Slash. Klaine.
Genre: Drama/Romance
Rating: T for to be safe.
Spoilers: 2x06 Never Been Kissed, 2x16 Original Song

Author's Note: Another one? This is like the only good thing about the hiatus - I keep getting inspired to do one-shots and mini-fics like this. wow.

Author's Note #2: I was going to keep this as a one-shot. Then I realized there was too much I needed to include, so it became three parts. I hope you all enjoy. This is based largely off of my theory that what Blaine went through at his old school was a lot worse than what Kurt had to contend with. I can't explain it, it's just a feeling...

Part 1:

Even three months after the shoving incident, Kurt can tell there's a change occuring with Blaine. His boyfriend doesn't call as often, and when he does, their conversations usually turn into arguments. They end up not talking for an entire weekend, and Kurt decides to take action - by calling Wes. His old team mate agrees to meet him along with David the next day at the Lima Bean.

"How's Blaine?" Kurt asks after a rather uncomfortable silence.

"Not good." replies David. "He's not sleeping or eating right...and having nightmares."

"How d'you know that?" Kurt asks.

"I talked to his brother and sister last weekend. They're worried about him." David is quiet for a moment. "They think it has something to do with the fact that he nearly got into a fight with that jock."

Kurt bites his lip.

"I've never seen him so angry before," he admits. "It scared the hell out of me."

"Did you tell him that?" asks Wes.

The counter-tenor shakes his head.

"I couldn't - he was in shock...after we made it to my car he said he still had issues...from before he transfered. I wanted to ask him about it, but -"

"You didn't want to push him." David nods and takes a sip of his coffee. Kurt's iresistably reminded of their first meeting, all those months ago...and of something Blaine told him:

"I was bullied at my old school, and it really...pissed me off. I even complained to the faculty, and they were sympathetic, but it was just like no one really cared. It was like, 'Hey, if you're gay, your life's just gonna be miserable. Sorry, there's nothing we can do.' So I left, and I came here. Simple as that."

"Yeah." Kurt stares moodily at his cup of coffee. "Did he ever tell the two of you why - why he transfered?"

Wes and David exchange a look, and just by that Kurt knows that they're keeping something from him.

"Yes," says Wes slowly, "but he didn't tell us outright - we figured it out ourselves."

"When we confronted him he made us swear not to tell anyone." adds David.

"Oh." The fact that Kurt is disappointed is not lost on either Warbler.

Wes leans over and smiles reassuringly.

"Try calling him." he suggests. "I know he misses you as much as you miss him."

"Wes we're fighting at the moment. I just can't call him out of the blue -"

Wes snorts and David rolls his eyes.

"You know I thought when they finally got together we'd have some peace of mind," David complains.

"Look Kurt, it's not going to kill you to ask him what happened." says Wes.

Kurt sighs. Maybe they're right.

He resolves to call Blaine later that night.

He's just finishing up his French homework when his dad yells up to him,

"Kurt, Blaine's here!"

He bites his lip and in surprise, and closes his text book before venturing downstairs. His father is talking with a dark haired girl in her early twenties, who's wearing an Ohio State hoodie (the sports thing must run in the family) dark jeans and plain white sneakers. Blaine stands quietly behind her, hands shoved deep in the pockets of his dark jacket.

The girl turns and smiles at him.

"You must be Kurt," she says, and extends a hand toward him. "I'm Andrea, Blaine's big sister."

He smiles and takes her hand.

"Nice to meet you," he says softly.

It's then he notices the duffel bag at Blaine's feet. Andrea looks at her brother.

"I'll be back around nine tomorrow, B." she says, hugging him gently.

He nods and hugs her back.

"Thanks, And." he says quietly.

Andrea smiles at Kurt one more time and thanks Burt before leaving.

"Alright," Burt clears his throat, "Blaine you can stay in the guest room."

"Thanks Mr. Hummel."

"No problem, kid."

"Come on," says Kurt, nodding at his boyfriend.

"I'm sorry."

The two say it simultaneously, breaking the awkward silence that's been with them since Kurt first came downstairs.

"I shouldn't have gotten so mad at you," says Blaine in a rush, "It's my fault for being so stupid -"

Kurt smiles weakly.

"It's okay. You have nothing to be sorry for - I shouldn't have pried to begin with." he says, and pulls Blaine in for a hug. "What's wrong - you caught me by surprise, I wasn't expecting you tonight."

Blaine is silent.

"I guess Andrea talked to David and Wes." he says finally. "She decided to play 'big sister' and told your dad my parents were fighting again - which is of course true -"

"How bad was the fight?"

Blaine avoids Kurt's eyes and picks at the comforter on the bed.

"My dad threw a chair at the wall." he mumbles. "I've never seen him that angry before. Scared the shit out Andrea - so she asked if I had anywhere I could stay the night. Your house was the first I thought of." he smiles apologetically.

Kurt wants to tell his boyfriend he doesn't mind, that Blaine is welcome anytime in the Hummel-Hudson house, but he stays silent because he can tell there's more Blaine wants to say.

"My sister also said it was time I let someone in." he says, exhaling audibly. "because I'm hurting myself, and scaring her and Brandon."


"My brother, he's two years younger than me." Blaine perches on the mattress of the bed, and Kurt sits next to him. "Anyway, I guess it's time I stopped trying to forget everything. I don't need another repeat of what happened with Karofsky."

Kurt silently reaches for Blaine's hand and holds it tightly.

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to." he says gently.

"No, it's better this way...it's me choosing to remove that mask I keep on all the time" Blaine closes his eyes for a moment. "Just promise me something."

Kurt nods.

"No interruptions - I know you'll want to, but once I start, I'm not going to stop til I get to the end."

Kurt hesitates, then nods again.

"I promise." he says, leaning over and kissing Blaine's cheek.

Blaine takes several deep breaths before speaking again.

"You told about Karofsky threatening you, got him expelled, and that that being overturned was what forced you to leave McKinley." he says finally. "My situation - a death threat was made, but the whole thing ended a whole lot differently than what happened to you." Blaine fights back tears as the memories come rushing back.

Kurt's vaguely unaware that he's holding his breath, waiting for the boy next to him to continue.

"The people who threatened my life," he says softly, "They tried to make good on that."

He almost lets go of Kurt's hand, but then decides not to and holds onto it like it's his lifeline.

It's now or never.

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