The Land Before Time: A Love of Two Friends

This is a Ali x Littlefoot Tale of romance and how their relationship evolves from friendship to love (and if I'm up to it maybe to the point of mentioning whether they get married, their kids, and/or to the very end of their lives together). I may use a little bit of the dialogue from the movie in where they met.

Disclaimer: Any/all of the original Land Before Time characters belong to Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved. Any other characters mentioned in this story were of my creation. PLEASE

DON'T USE THEM WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. I Reserve All Rights to my own characters.

(I might use bits of the 4th movie in the 1st 4 chapters.)

Chapter 1: A New Friendship is Born

It was a beautiful day, the bright circle was looking down on a very peaceful, scenic paradise full dinosaurs (except no Sharpteeth)living together in harmony with one another. Among these dinosaurs

were five young ones: Littlefoot the brown-skinned ''Longneck'', Cera the peach-skinned ''Three-horn'', Ducky the green-skinned ''Swimmer'', Petrie the brown-skinned ''Flyer'', and Spike the ''Spiketail''.

These kids have had many adventures together, most were to stop bad things from happening. During these adventures they encountered many dangers, made new friends, and on occasion met up

with old ones. Their newest adventure was about to begin right in their very own home, The Great Valley.

Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike were out playing, but they noticed that Littlefoot wasn't present so they decided to look for him. Meanwhile, Littlefoot was chasing a bug that ended up almost taking him

down off a cliff into the Mysterious Beyond. After giving up the chase he was halfway turned around ready to return when he noticed a herd of longnecks who were making their way into The Great

Valley. "I wonder who they are?" he said asked himself out loud. "Wonder who is who, Littlefoot?" came a voice(it was Cera's) from behind him. He saw Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike approaching him

from behind. "Them Cera", Littlefoot said giving a head gesture toward the group of longnecks approaching The Great Valley. Then Ducky spoke up and said "they seem to be longnecks like you, but

with lighter skin they do they do."

Meanwhile, all The Great Valley residents gathered to meet their visitors who weren't as well behaved as expected. The residents finished welcoming their now unwanted guests (mostly due to their

guests rudeness). The kids went back to playing fun games, this time it was hide-and-go-seek only Cera was the only one hiding. It was during this game that Ali and Littlefoot met. Littlefoot saw

something in the bushes giggling and thought it was Cera so he decided to follow the giggles. Ali was looking down on him from a hollow log (the bark was 'rotten') suddenly she heard the wood crack.

The next thing she knew the wood broke and she and Littlefoot were (momentarily) looking at each other in the face before she fell to the ground. Littlefoot gave a brief laugh at her clumsiness and

looked down at stunning, purple-skinned longneck. As if on cue he noticed this, the female longneck got up and introduced herself "I'm Ali, what's your name?" he said "Littlefoot". She asked him if he

wanted to play with her, he said yes. "Great not it your it!" she declared. "Maybe but not for long!" Littlefoot yelled as he started chasing her.

Bear with me people just using a little movie dialogue to illustrate the start of their relationship!