Chapter 1

General POV

Arizona Robbins is the top of her class. She's not popular in fact she has no friends they only see her as the geeky kid who sits in the back of the room! She's play's hockey but no one cares. He friends are Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey. The 3 of them want to be doctors when they are older. Cristina wants to be a Cardiotharastics GOD! And Meredith want to go into Nero. Arizona wants to work with the tiny humans so she is trying to be a Paediatrics surgeon!

Little did she know that one person would help her accomplish that dream!

Callie Torres is not one of the brightest in her class but still keep high 70's low 80's in her classes she wants to be an Orthopaedic surgeon. She LOVES playing goalie in hockey...she's the best in the east.

She had no clue that the one move her Parents made could actually be the best thing ever!